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UniFab Deinterlace AI

Use AI technology to deinterlace videos, transform interlaced footage, remove motion artifacts, and remove edge blur.

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UniFab Deinterlace AI
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Why Deinterlace Matters?

Why Deinterlace Matters?

On outdated players, videos are often displayed via interlaced scanning due to technical constraints. This approach reduces the requirements on the display device for video signals but might lead to decreased video quality and visual flickering.

However, through a process known as “deinterlace video”, these interlaced scanning video signals can be converted into progressive scanning, which helps to enhance your video quality.
  • Remove Motion Artifacts
    Remove Motion Artifacts

    Remove Motion Artifacts
    Trails or blurring effects might occur in high-speed motion scenarios. UniFab Deinterlace AI accurately eliminates these motion artifacts, rendering motion in videos smoother and clearer. More importantly, UniFab Deinterlace AI retains the scenario details and the texture while removing these motion artifacts.
  • Remove Edge Blur
    Remove Edge Blur

    Remove Edge Blur
    Edge blur, a phenomenon engendered in the process of video signal transmission or processing, results in clouded, indistinct outlines in the video. The algorithm of UniFab Deinterlace AI adeptly detects and addresses this issue accurately, rejuvenating the sharpness of margins, to amplify the video's clarity and nuanced representation.
Upscale video to Dolby Vision to maximize video quality

Simple and Easy to Operate

Some ai video enhancer require basic AI knowledge to operate, which can be quite inconvenient and complicated. UniFab Deinterlace AI saves you out and circumvents the necessity for intricate parameter configurations. This Deinterlace AI will automatically handle everything for you, making it user-friendly and straightforward.
Expedient and Streamlined Trimming Function

Expedient and Streamlined Trimming Function

Effective video trimming is crucial in capturing your viewer’s attention swiftly. For assured excellence in this area, rely on UniFab Deinterlace AI, delivering cutting-edge video trimming solutions tailored to your professional needs.

Support Video Editing

Crop and trim are available in UniFab editor module to meet your personalized demand.

crop video

Crop the size you want

Crop off unwanted outer parts of your video clip to customize your desired dimensions.
video customization

Custom sound effect

Customize the sound effect and remove background noise.
Simple and efficient video trimming function

Get 50x faster speed with GPU acceleration

Are you seeking to promptly complete multiple tasks? UniFab Deinterlace AI values your time and offers rapid video conversion and editing speed utilizing its hardware acceleration technology.

This software incorporates advanced GPU hardware acceleration technologies, including NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, and Intel Quick Sync. Experience video editing speeds up to 50 times faster than standard practices, facilitating more task completion within any given timeframe. Increase productivity and efficiency with UniFab Deinterlace AI, where speed meets precision.

Test Example for Processing Speed

UniFab Deinterlace AI utilizes advanced AI algorithms that require corresponding high-performance hardware support. Therefore, it takes a certain amount of time to complete an entire task. Depending on the input and output video resolutions as well as device processing capabilities, there may be variations in conversion speed. The following are our test results for your reference only.

Quality enhancement (without resolution upscaling)Enlarge to 1080pEnlarge to 4K
GTX 16604 times the length of the original video5 times5 times
RTX 30702 times2 times3 times
RTX 40802 times2 times2 times

Using AMD or Intel graphics chips to deinterlace, it shows a similar speed as NVIDIA graphics cards of similar level

Deinterlace your video with ease immediately!

What They Say About UniFab Deinterlace AI?

  • Jacob Brando

    Using the Unifab Deinterlace AI has been a game-changer for my video-editing work. The removal of motion artifacts in videos is very precise and seamless. Having dealt with blurred, interlaced videos for so long, it’s refreshing to see edges that are crisp and clear. As someone with a keen eye for video quality, I can affirm that this software enhances it significantly. The output is consistently impressive and has undoubtedly improved my workflow

  • Jessie Wong

    As an videographer, I often have to deal with low-light, fast-paced scenes with a lot of motion. Unifab Deinterlace AI has helped me in post-production to remove these motion artifacts and enhance the overall video quality. Now, I can deliver a final product that exceeds client expectations in terms of clarity and sharpness.

  • Gavin Clark

    The Unifab Deinterlace has proven to be a powerful tool for restoring old video footage. It removes the annoying jitter and delivers sharp and steady videos that look modern and clear. Its user-friendly nature stands out, as I found it easy to use, even as a layman. The enhanced video quality adds value, making this an excellent software for video restoration.

How to use UniFab Deinterlace AI?


Step1:Launch UniFab and choose the mode you need

Double-click UniFab and choose the 'Deinterlacer' mode.

Launch UniFab and choose the mode you need

Step 2: Load the source file to deinterlace the video

Add the video you want to deinterlace, choose the output format, quality, resolution, audio, etc.

Load the source and edit the output video

Step 3: Start to deinterlace video

Click the start button to initiate the video deinterlacing procedure. UniFab will complete the task with GPU acceleration.

Start to deinterlace video

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 10 (64 bit only)

Required RAM:


To process image in CPU mode:

MinimumIntel CPU from 2015 onwards(4th generation)AMD CPU from 2016 onwards
RecommendedIntel i7 (7th generation) or greater(4GHz and above)Ryzen 7 or greater (4GHz and above)

To process image in GPU mode:

MinimumNvidia 750Ti (GPU Compute 3.5) or above at least 2GB of VRAMGCN 1.0, such as HD 7750
RecommendedNvidia RTX series or above with 6GB or more of VRAMRX 500 Series, such as RX 560, RX 570

Make sure your graphics card is up to date with the latest driver
Download the latest driver for Nvidia, AMD and Intel.

Supported Graphics Cards


  • AMD

  • Intel

  • RTX 40 Series, such as RTX 4090, RTX 4080, RTX 4070 Ti, RTX 4070, RTX 4060 Ti, RTX 4060
    RTX 30 Series, such as RTX 3090, RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3070, RTX 3060, RTX 3050
    RTX 20 Series, such as RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080 SUPER, RTX 2080, RTX 2070 SUPER, RTX 2070, RTX 2060 SUPER, RTX 2060
    GTX 16 Series, such as GTX 1660 Ti, GTX 1660, GTX 1650 SUPER, GTX 1650
    GTX 10 Series, such as GTX 1080 Ti, GTX 1080, GTX 1070 Ti, GTX 1070, GTX 1060, GTX 1050 Ti

    Check the computing capability of your graphics card here.

    Install the latest driver here.