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Why do you need StreamFab?
  • On-demand videos come and go on streaming services

    Most on-demand videos on a streaming service, including Netflix, Prime Video, Max, and many others, come and go due to the licensing agreements between the streaming service and the studios that produce them.

    The movies, TV shows, and other videos will be removed if the licensing agreement is due and not renewed. What’s more, if a title is gone, no one knows for sure whether or not it will come back in the future. It could be gone forever.
    On-demand videos come and go on streaming services
  • Offline saving the downloaded video forever

    Although streaming services allow you to download videos to watch offline, that feature comes with many limitations.

    - The downloaded videos expire after a certain period, usually 30 days.
    - Once start, you have to finish watching a video within 48 hours.
    - Not all videos are downloadable and some are only available on mobiles, and cannot be transferred to other devices.
    FYI: Offline viewing limitations of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu.

    With StreamFab, however, all of these terms and rules are gone, you can keep the downloaded videos permanently, and transfer them to any device you have to watch anytime and anywhere.
    Offline saving the downloaded video forever
What can StreamFab do?
  • Built-in browser allows you to select videos in a better way

    Most downloader products download streaming videos by pasting the URL for the video’s website. However, the StreamFab video downloader are designed with a built-in browser.

    What does this mean? This means that you can browse videos using our product instead of a video website, and then can easily select and download videos you like.
    download streaming videos
  • Download videos from Amazon, Netflix, Disney Plus, and more

    Are you finding it hard to download videos available for streaming from Amazon, Netflix, or other streaming services to your device for offline watching? Well, no more!

    The StreamFab products offer the most complete downloading solution available to help you download any video from popular streaming services, such as Amazon, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and more.
    download online videos for offline viewing
  • Download streaming video in 1080p and EAC3 5.1 audio tracks

    With regards to downloading videos, the StreamFab products allow you to download videos in HD 720p or Full HD 1080p quality. The choice is yours.

    Additionally, you also have the option to download videos with either EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 sound channels.
    professional video downloader
  • Download videos in MP4 format

    There is no need to worry about the playing issue. With the StreamFab products, you can download and save videos as MP4 files, a format that is compatible with almost all devices.

    Play and share your downloaded videos on numerous media players without concern.
    best stream video downloader
  • Remove ads during the downloading process

    Some streaming services have pop-up ads while you are watching videos. In order to improve your viewing experience, the StreamFab products remove ads on videos downloaded from Amazon IMDB TV, Hulu Basic Plan, Paramount Plus Limited Commercials, YouTube, and more.

    With our downloader products, you can now enjoy your favorite videos without being interrupted by ads.
    download streaming videos
  • Select an audio and subtitle language according to your UI language

    Since most movies and TV shows contain more than one audio track and subtitles of different languages, our downloader products are able to pre-select the audio and subtitle language so that it is consistent to the UI language you have set.

    But if needed, you can also choose another language yourself.
    streaming video downloader
  • Download subtitles as SRT files or remux them into the video

    Besides selecting audio and subtitle language, the StreamFab products also give you a choice on how to process the subtitles, according to your specific needs.

    You can decide to save them as external SRT files or remux them directly into the MP4 file.
    download streaming videos fast
  • Auto-download newly released episodes at scheduled time

    Fans of TV shows all know that new episodes are always aired at a scheduled time, periodically. It would be nice if you can download the future episodes as soon as they are released.

    With this downloader software, you can have that. Just add all your favorite TV shows to the Scheduled queue, it will download all the new episodes automatically, based on your schedules, weekly, or daily.
    Auto-download newly released episodes at scheduled time
  • Batch download and fast speed

    Our downloader products will never disappoint those who are concerned about the downloading performance. Designed with a batch download mode, the StreamFab products allow you to choose multiple episodes, or even an entire season to download.

    On top of that, the fast download speed is another impressive feature of our downloader products. This makes downloading a movie in just 10-20 minutes possible.
    professional video downloader
  • Discover trending movies & TV shows

    What are the top 10 movies and shows on Netflix? StreamFab All-In-One makes it easier for you to find. The newly added discover function enables you to find the most popular videos. This one-stop exclusive service intends to meet all demands from selecting videos to downloading videos.
    Discover trending movies & TV shows
  • Automatically login streaming service in StreamFab

    If you have been bothered by repeated login requests from downloaders and streaming websites, StreamFab All-In-One will prevent you from this kind of trouble. When you have already logged in to the streaming platforms on desktop browsers such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox, StreamFab All-In-One will auto-detect and acquire your login status.

    Wonderful and smooth viewing experience won't be interrupted by trivia.
    download online videos
  • Across-the-board Aggregated Search Engine

    Where to watch the latest movie? Here are answers in this Aggregated Search Engine (coming soon), which supports search for wanted movies and TV series from various streaming platforms, enabling you to completely get rid of the hassle of redundant searches.
    Across-the-board Aggregated Search Engine
  • Choose suitable video and audio quality

    Our search result will show all the available download video and audio qualities on different platforms, enabling you to compare and choose the suitable one prior to download.
    Choose suitable video and audio quality
  • Save metadata that is compatible with your media server

    Managing all your videos and TV shows is not an easy task unless you have downloaded and saved all the metadata info that is compatible with your media servers.

    The StreamFab products can save the metadata info for your movies and TV shows, such as movie title, cast, season, episode title, so that you can build your own library using media servers like PlayerFab, Plex, Kodi, and more.

    Videos downloaded by StreamFab will automatically be imported into Player 6 so that they can be organized and kept in your own media library.
    download streaming videos
  • Download videos from YouTube, Facebook and other websites

    You can now download online videos from YouTube, Facebook and 1000 other websites with a fast speed and high quality of up to 4K or 8K as well as in MP4 and MP3 formats.
    download online videos
  • Download YouTube playlist

    Choose to download an entire video playlist instead of choosing only one at a time.

  • Download 8K video

    Download YouTube videos with a quality of up to 8K.

  • Download audio in 320 Kbps

    Download and save YouTube videos to MP3 in 320 kbps.

  • Multi-task download

    Download up to 5 videos with a fast speed at the same time.

  • Auto download from YouTube channels

    Videos from YouTube channels you subscribe to can be automatically downloaded.

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System Requirements

  • ★ Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit)
  • ★ Intel i3 or above
  • ★ 4GB of RAM or above
  • ★ 40GB of free hard disk space or above
  • ★ Live Internet connection required