Introduction: Audials Can Record Netflix Videos

Audials One includes 4 modules: Audials Movies, Audials Music, Aduials Radio, and Audials Vision. Recording Netflix videos is a featured function of Audials Mvoie for offline viewing. This means you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Whether you’re on a long flight, traveling to a remote location, or simply want to watch without using up your data plan, Audials One has got you covered.

audials one work with netflix

Features: Not only does Audials One allow you to record Netflix videos, but it also automatically removes any ads or commercials during the recording process. Additionally, Audials One ensures that the recorded videos are recorded in MP4/MKV format for any device you choose to play them on. 

How to Record Netflix with Audials

Are you tired of missing out on your favorite Netflix shows and movies when they disappear from the streaming platform? Well, worry no more! With Audials One, you can now record your favorite Netflix content and enjoy it whenever you want. Here’s how:

Step 1

Set your Netflix account to allow playback

Open your Netflix Account settings, find the 'Playback Settings', to choose the autoplay control and Data usage based on your needs. 

audials one netflix: how to record

Step 2

Install and launch Audials One, Select 'Netflix' for recording

Launch Audials One on your device. Choose 'Video Streaming' and select 'Netflix'. Make sure that you have logged into your Netflix account.

audials one netflix: how to record

Step 3

Customize the recording quality

Before you start recording, it’s essential to adjust the recording settings according to your preference. Audials One allows you to choose the resolution of the recorded video, audio, subtitles, and speed.

audials one netflix: how to record

Step 4

Click the record button and wait

After customization, you can start recording now. *Note: Don't exit the recording windows, otherwise, the Netflix recording procedures will shut down. 

After the recording is complete, you can access the recorded content within Audials One. It organizes your recordings in a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and play back your favorite Netflix shows and movies. You can also play the recorded video with other tools like VLC player. 

Troubleshooting: Audials One Netflix Not Working

However, sometimes, we may encounter issues while trying to record our favorite shows and movies on Netflix using Audials One due to software bugs & crashes, and new updates of streaming service. Don’t worry, we will walk you through some common problems users face with Audials One Netflix recording and how to fix them.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first step in troubleshooting any streaming issue is to ensure that your internet connection is stable. A weak or intermittent connection can cause buffering problems, playback errors, and overall frustration.

2. Update or Degrade Audials One Netflix

It is crucial to keep both Audials One and Netflix up to date to avoid any potential conflicts. Check for updates regularly and install them promptly to ensure smooth streaming sessions. In general, Audials One will upgrade every week for once. 

audials one netflix not working: troubleshooting

While sometimes, there might be bugs when Audials one new version is released, which results in Netflix recording not working issues. Upgrading and Degrading Audials One are both feasible solution to fix Netflix recording failure issues. 

3. Disable VPN or Proxy

While using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy can provide security and access to geo-restricted content, it can also interfere with your Netflix streaming on Audials One. Some VPNs may not be able to bypass Netflix’s restrictions, resulting in errors. Try disabling your VPN or proxy and restart Audials One to see if it resolves the problem.

4. Clear Audials One Cache

Sometimes, accumulated cache files can hinder the proper functioning of Audials One and affect its ability to stream Netflix smoothly. Clearing the cache can help resolve any temporary glitches. Navigate to the settings or preferences menu in Audials One and look for an option to clear cache or temporary files. 

audials one netflix not working: Clear Audials One Cache

5. Contact Audials One Customer Support

If you have tried the above troubleshooting steps and still encounter issues with Audials One Netflix, it is advisable to reach out to Audials One customer support. They have the expertise to assist you further and provide specific solutions based on your situation.

[Recommend] Download Netflix Videos with StreamFab

If you get some annoying not-working issues with Audials One Netflix recording, or if you are unsatisfied with the output quality of Audials One Netflix, try StreamFab Netflix Downloader for free as an alternative!

audials one netflix alternative: streamfab netflix downloader

With advanced technology, StreamFab Netflix Downloader retains the original quality of the Netflix content, downloading Netflix videos in an impressive 1080P HDR effect to maximize your offline experience.

Key features
  • Provide free full-function access for new users. When you meet Audials One Netflix not working issues, you can turn to StreamFab as a supplement or alternative.
  • Like Audials One, StreamFab Netflix Downloader can also skip ads automatically and offer MP4/MKV output format options.
  • Schedule mode to download new episodes automatically, which is not supported by Audials One Netflix recording. 
  • Download Netflix videos in up to 1080p with HDR effect (not supported by Audials One Netflix)
  • Download Netflix videos with multi-languagae subtitles and audio
  • Batch mode to download multiple Netflix videos simultaneously (not supported by Audials One Netflix)

Operation Steps

Step 1

Download the video downloader

Install StreamFab Netflix Downloader on your device and open the interface.

audials one netflix alternative: streamfab netflix downloader

Step 2

Find the video and customize it

Play the Netflix video you want to download, and StreamFab will analyze it automatically and ask you to customize the resolution, format, audio, subtitle, etc. 

audials one netflix alternative: streamfab netflix downloader

Step 3

Click the download button

After customization, you can download it right now or add it to the queue.

Unlike Audials One, StreamFab Netflix Downloader provide more flexibility and better quality. If you are tired of the long waiting time when using Audials One Netflix, use StreamFab Netflix Downloader as a supplementary!


With Audials One, you can effortlessly record your favorite movies, series, and documentaries from Netflix. Whether you want to catch up on missed episodes, save content offline for later viewing, or curate a personalized collection of your top picks, Audials One will help you.

However, due to Netflix DRM update, Audials One might be unable to record for a long time and there are increasingly frequent crashes and bugs reported. Choosing one way is not the best solution. Prepare another solution in case of not working issues when using Audials One Netflix is recommend.