There are hardly a few options where you can watch only women-dedicated content. Instead, in every entertainment channel or streaming platform, you will find content mainly based on men, including movies, sports, shows, etc. However, BET Her, the American cable Television network, has launched its power-packed back, women-based content library to target African-American women. 
So, one of the best options to enjoy this BETHer content without cable and device dependency is to download your favorite BET Her movies or other BET Her schedule programming for your flexible offline watch. Now, here you get the detail of watching BET Her TV schedule shows or movies and download videos from BET Her with stream video downloader.

What Is Bet Her All About?

Being an American cable tv network, BETHer is owned by Paramount Media Network. This platform is a spin-off from BET to target the black women audience in America. Initially, BETHer was known as BET on Jazz, and after that, it has been renamed several times with the name BET Jazz, BET J, and Centric. In 2017 this platform was again rebranded and got its new name, BET Her. 
Under its different brand name, this platform offers entertainment content related to music programming, lifestyle, African-American adult content, original programming, reality series, third-party network programming, etc. So, it's time to know the highlight of the best BET Her schedule show and best BET Her Movies.

Top 3 Bet Her Schedule Shows & Movies With Content Highlights

BET Her has been developed while keeping the specific entertainment requirement of black women while covering the widest range of creative content, including social issues, drama, comedy, documentary, etc. So, here you would get the top trending BET Her TV schedule shows and movies with their short sights.

BET Her Presents: The Lifeline 

This original short film has been presented as a series to raise awareness about the most contemporary issues of suicide, struggling with past traumas. It tells a story about two women living completely different lives while sharing the same thoughts of suicide.

BET Her Presents: The Lifeline 

BET Her Presents: The Couch Season 3

This series is based on the most relatable content of mental health, social stigma, myths, etc. This series has three seasons. In the latest season 3, two women shared their mental challenges when one of them went through her weight loss journey due to body-shaming for her parent's 40th wedding anniversary. In another story, the woman struggled with her dream camera-facing job and real self.

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Urban Beauty TV

This is an unscripted talk show where the host Midori Amae invites different beauty experts and professionals to share their experiences and knowledge about hair care, skin care, dental health, regular beauty routine, effective products, beauty hacks, and the regime of pop celebrities. The purpose of this show is to bring out the best look of yours.

Urban Beauty TV

Imani (2023)

You will get action, thriller, and suspense under one roof. The main protagonist Faith who was living her simple life as a mother and wife, suddenly came to know that she was an Army lieutenant with secret information. Watching this BET Her movie will be a breathtaking experience for you.

Imani (2023)

I Got Problemz (2023)

If you are in the mood to have a chilled and fun time, this BET Her movie will be hilarious. You will experience stomach-aching laughter when you see a jobless genius fall in love with a drug dealer's ex-girlfriend. 

I Got Problemz (2023)

Running Out Of Time (2018)

When you love to dig down secrets in suspense thriller movies, this is one of the most talked about BET Her movies for your movie entertainment. After her husband's death, a widow and her family became hostages due to her husband's past incidents. It will be a thrilling experience to uncover the truth about her dead husband.

Running Out Of Time (2018)

What Is the Bet Her TV Scheduled Programming in July 2023?

If you want to catch up with the trending shows, series, and movies of BET Her, here you go with the upcoming BETHer programming list in July 2023.

Name Category July Time
Secrets Film 7th 1.00 AM
BET Her Playlist Series 7th 4.00 AM
Never & Again Film 8th 12.00 PM
First Wives Club Series 8th 11.30 AM
Stomp The Yard Film 9th 3.00 PM & 9.00 PM
Tyler Perry's House of Payne (2022) Series 9th 8.30 AM
The Brothers Film 10th 12.00 AM
Morning Glow Series 10th 9.00 AM

How to Download Bet Her Schedule Content 

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Steps to Download Bet Her Library

Step 1: Once you have launched the StreamFab Video downloader on your Mac/Windows PC, you must move to the left side panel to select the VIP Service option.

steps to download bet her library
Step 2: Locate the Hulu streaming service from the right-side website list and log into your Hulu account. Find, select, and play the BET Her video for downloading.
Step 3: Afterward, select the quality, format, language, etc., to customize the output profile from the opened pop-up window.

step to download bet her library
Step 4: To complete the downloading option, you must select the "download now" option. The video will be downloaded automatically while you are enjoying the playback.

steps to download bet her library


What is BET Her Original Series?

  • The Afterparty
  • Only Murders in the Building
  • Twisted Metal
  • Good Omens.
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty
  • The Bachelorette.
  • Claim to Fame

Is There Any Separate BET App?

Yes, BET Now is an app for mobile users. You can stream the entire BET library, including movies, shows, series, etc., on your mobile device with internet support.

What Are the Bet Awards?

  • BET Awards Nomination Special
  • Soul Train Music Awards
  • BET Awards
  • Black Girls Rock!
  • BET Hip Hop Awards


Since BET Her is the first platform that provides dedicated content based on Black women, you can't afford to miss this service's special and unique approach to your entertainment. From creative content to social issues, BET Her has widened its periphery in its black women's content library. So, to save this platform's unique and innovative content, you must stay hooked to the StreamFab Hulu Downloader.