Freevee is the latest addition to Amazon's ever-expanding repertoire of streaming services. This innovative platform offers a cost-free streaming experience without subscription or monthly fees. Accessible to anyone with an Amazon account, Freevee grants users across the globe the opportunity to explore a vast library housing thousands of freevee movies, freevee shows, and captivating content. With an extensive selection of genres ranging from action to comedy, romance to sci-fi, viewers are guaranteed to discover fascinating content tailored to their interests. However, it is essential to note that content availability may be subject to geographical restrictions.

Unlock a World of Free Entertainment With Freevee Movies

Steps To Stream Freevee Movies on Amazon Prime

Freevee, akin to its streaming counterparts, operates through a familiar modus operandi. Are you wondering how to stream freevee movies on amazon prime? Keep reading to know more about the steps involved:

Step 1: Access your Amazon Account

Begin by accessing your Amazon account. If you don't have one yet, you can create a new account at no cost on the Amazon website.

Step 2: Find "Freevee" 

Locate the Freevee streaming service by searching for "Freevee" using the Amazon search bar. Alternatively, you can directly visit the Freevee page by following this link:

Step 3: Explore and Enjoy Content

Upon reaching the Freevee page, you can effortlessly explore the content by genre or search for a specific title. Once you find something you'd like to watch, click the "Watch Now" button to start streaming.

Step 4: Install the Freevee App

Those who prefer streaming on mobile devices or Smart TVs can download the Freevee app on their preferred device. The Freevee app is compatible with Android, iOS, Firestick, Roku, and other platforms.

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Freevee


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • A wide range of international award-winning movies and shows, including Amazon Originals, offering opportunities to discover new content.
  • Multiple genres to choose from and explore.


  • Limited availability of new-release movies and shows.
  • The selection of live-streaming channels is lacking.
  • Unskippable advertisements interrupt the viewing experience.
  • Mandatory requirement of an Amazon account.
  • The content library undergoes frequent shuffling, leading to a lack of consistency in finding your preferred shows and movies.

Binge-Worthy Bliss: The Hottest Freevee Shows of 2023 Revealed

Amazon Freevee presents an extensive assortment of top-tier films and TV series, including enthralling Originals, all readily available at any given moment and completely free of charge. Allow us to guide you through the crème de la crème of shows to indulge in on Amazon Freevee this year.

Jury Duty 

Freevee Movies: Jury Duty

For ardent fans of The Office, this mockumentary-style courtroom comedy offers a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of a jury trial through the eyes of one juror: Ronald Gladden, a solar contractor from the vibrant city of San Diego. However, here's the twist – every aspect of the trial is fabricated, and an exceptional cast of comedic actors skillfully portrays the remaining jurors. 

Bosch: Legacy 

Freevee Movies: Bosch: Legacy

The indomitable Titus Welliver returns as the iconic Harry Bosch in this gripping series, inspired by the acclaimed novels penned by Michael Connelly and the Amazon Original hit Bosch. Delving into the life of a retired homicide detective turned private investigator; Harry Bosch teams up with attorney Honey Money Chandler to pursue the one thing they unequivocally agree upon: the pursuit of justice. Just stream this series via prime video downloader

High School

Freevee Movies: High School

Based on the best-selling memoir by indie-pop sensations Tegan and Sara, this enthralling coming-of-age series offers an intimate portrayal of the twin sisters' voyage of self-discovery as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of a new high school in the suburban landscapes of Calgary. Against the backdrop of the 90s grunge and rave culture, this series is a captivating choice for those yearning for nostalgic reminiscences of their 90s adolescence.


Freevee Movies: Neighbours

Reconnect with the endearing residents of Ramsay Street as Neighbours undergoes a revitalization following its gripping finale last year. Stefan Dennis reprises his role as the indomitable Paul Robinson, alongside Alan Fletcher as the beloved Karl Kennedy, Ryan Moloney as the affable Toadie Rebecchi, Jackie Woodburne as the resolute Susan Kennedy, Annie Jones as the spirited Jane Harris, and Rebekah Elmaloglou as the tenacious Terese Willis, all of whom resume their roles as the series regulars.

Judy Justice

Freevee Movies: Judy Justice

The illustrious and beloved Judge Judy Sheindlin returns to the bench, presiding over riveting real-life small claims disputes in her enthralling new series, Judy Justice. With a maximum award of up to $10,000, Sheindlin brings her unparalleled expertise and engaging demeanor to deliver justice with unwavering conviction. 

Offline Streaming Freevee Movies with StreamFab Amazon Downloader

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Steps To Download Freevee Movies With StreamFab Amazon Downloader
Step 1: Download and install StreamFab

Begin by downloading and installing StreamFab Amazon Downloader on your device. Launch the application once the installation is complete.

StreamFab Amazon Downloader step.

Step 2: Select Amazon and Choose a Title

Copy and paste the URL of the Amazon show you want to download into StreamFab. Alternatively, you can find Amazon on the application's dashboard list of supported video sites. Before selecting the desired title, enter your Amazon login credentials.

StreamFab Amazon Downloader step.

Step 3: Customize Download Settings

At this stage, you can make various customizations according to your preferences. Choose the video resolution, video codec, bitrate adaptation, and audio output, and decide whether you want subtitles to be included with the video.

StreamFab Amazon Downloader step.

Step 4: Start the Download

Initiate the download process. You can either download the videos immediately or add them to the download queue for sequential downloading.



Is freevee free with Amazon Prime?

If you have an Amazon account, you can enjoy Freevee movies and Freevee shows without incurring any extra cost. 


Does Freevee have parental controls?

When accessing Freevee through the Amazon Prime Video "channel" on your PC web browser, Fire tablet, or Fire TV device, you gain access to the identical parental control features offered by Amazon Prime Video. However, please note that these features are unavailable on mobile apps and any smart TV or game console apps.


Can you get rid of ads on Freevee?

Amazon Freevee exemplifies the growing trend of ad-supported streaming services, where advertisements are displayed before and periodically during the content. In the case of Amazon Freevee, there is no option to eliminate or bypass these ads. The streaming service emphasizes that the ads played during content enable them to offer a "premium selection of movies and TV shows for free."



Freevee represents Amazon's foray into the flourishing realm of streaming services that eschew monthly subscription fees. While Freevee's content library may not rival the vastness of paid services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it possesses a captivating blend of timeless classics and modern blockbusters designed to keep audiences thoroughly entertained. Just stream Freevee movies anytime and anywhere via StreamFab.