Discovery Plus is a top-rated streaming platform today with a plethora of content. The official streaming service of Discovery, Discovery Plus offers a host of popular movies, TV shows, documentaries, and an array of on-demand channels. Apart from hundreds of entertaining programs and original content, it is also easy to stream, as the channel is compatible with various devices. Discovery Plus is compatible with the majority of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Android TV, Amazon Firestick, Roku, and many others. You are enabled to download Discovery Plus on your device for offline watching. Iif you are a TV user wishing to activate Discovery Plus on your TV, we have a handy guide that can assist you. Let's have a look at it quickly.

how do i get discovery plus on my tv:Introduction

How to get Discovery Plus on TV: Samsung Smart TV

Want to watch a nature documentary or learn new cooking techniques from a cookery program but can't seem to locate something suitable? Stop watching channels and launch the discovery+ app on your Samsung smart TV. You'll have an infinite amount of entertainment with this streaming service, from thrilling jungle excursions to daily enjoyment like cooking or DIY crafts. Discovery+ is available on Samsung Smart TVs manufactured after 2017, as well as other streaming devices!

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: First of all, subscribe to Discovery Plus through its official website. As soon as you tap on 'Start Free Trial', you must go through the sign-up procedure, choose a subscription plan, create an account, and enter your billing details. Then, go back to your Samsung TV.

how do i get discovery plus on my tv:Step-by-step guide

Step 2: Next, go to the Home Screen on your TV (Smart Hub) and navigate to 'Apps.' Now look for Discovery Plus through the search field and open further details by clicking on the app's icon.

Step 3: Tap on 'Add to Home' to add this app to your TV. Wait for a few moments, after which the app will be downloaded and installed on your TV.

Step 4: Finally, Open Discovery Plus on your smart TV and enter your log-in details as you get the prompts on the screen.

How to watch Discovery Plus on TV: Sony Smart TV

If you are wondering how do you get Discovery Plus on your TV, notably a Sony Smart TV, you can do so if you have version 5.0 or later. You also need access to Google's Play Store to get started. Here's how to sign up for, download, and install Discovery+ on your Sony Smart TV. Discover how to make the most of your Sony Smart TV while using discovery+.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Once you get your Discovery Plus Subscription, you can install the app on your smart TV. With the link's help, you can access the streaming platform's website and select 'Start free trial' to sign up. Select your subscription, make an account, pay for it, and return it to your Sony TV.

how do i get discovery plus on my tv:Step-by-step guide

Step 2: Select the icon for Google Play Store. At the top of the screen, use the search bar to look for Discovery Plus. Once the app's icon shows up in the list of search results, click on it to open the app.

Step 3: Select Install or Get.

Step 4: Open the app once installed and log in by following the on-screen instructions.

How do I get Discovery Plus on my smart TV: Toshiba & Insignia (Fire OS) TVs

If you have an Amazon Fire OS-powered Toshiba or Insignia TV and wish to learn how to get Discovery plus on a smart TV, here is how to do it.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: You must first subscribe to Discovery Plus from the streaming platform's website. Click on Start Free Trial, get your subscription by following the prompts, and return to your Toshiba or Insignia' Fire TV Edition' TV.

Step 2: Go to the Home screen and then navigate to the screen's top left-hand side. Here you will find a magnifying glass icon that allows you to search for apps. Click on the app.

Step 3: Look for Discovery Plus from among the search results and tap on Get to select the app and its overview.

Step 4: The app is now ready for use. You can open it and log in by following the instructions you will see on the screen.

Can I get Discovery Plus on my TV: TCL and Hisense TVs (Roku TV-Powered Models)

Are you thinking about how to stream Discovery Plus on TV if you have a TCL or Hisense TVs are powered by Roku TV? Several TVs give you access to many Roku channels, and you can find Discovery Plus among those. Here is what you have to do.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: First, subscribe to Discovery Plus from the official website of the streaming platform and then click on Start Free Trial. Next, sign up with the help of the on-screen prompts and then return to your TCL or Hisense Roku TV-powered TV.

Step 2: Tap the Home button on your remote and select 'Streaming Channels' on the left-hand side. Then, go down till you come across Search Channels and choose this option.

Step 3: Look for Discovery Plus using the input field you will find on your screen. Click on the channel name when you spot it, and then download and install it on your Roku TV using the 'Add Channel' button.

Step 4: As the final step, go back to your Roku TV home screen and launch Discovery Plus. Log in by going through the prompts on the screen.

Watch Discovery Plus Offline on PC and Mobile: Your One-Station solution

Discovery Plus offers only a seven-day free trial, after which you must sign up for a paid subscription. It will cost you about $4.99 per month to watch with commercials and $6.99 per month if you wish to upgrade to an ad-free package. However, there is also a more convenient and cheaper way to watch all your favorite Discovery Plus content and store it on your devices to view offline anytime.

StreamFab Discovery Plus Downloader is an effective tool with which you can watch your favorite Discovery Plus videos and real-life TV shows as offline MP4 videos with AAC 2.0 audios. The software is prevalent worldwide and boasts over a hundred million downloads by more than 80 million users across the planet and more than 50 updates in a year.

how do i get discovery plus on my tv:Watch Discovery Plus Offline on PC and Mobile: Your One-Station solution

StreamFab offers users a comprehensive way of holding on to movies, series, and TV shows to watch at leisure. Like various streaming platforms, Discovery Plus videos come and go with licensing agreements and other factors. Besides, you no longer need to depend on an active internet connection or worry about bandwidth usage, as you can download streaming video and watch them offline anytime and anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Allows downloading content from all regional websites of Discovery Plus such as US, UK, Italy, etc.
  • Downloads in 1080p Full HD quality, along with AAC 2.0 audio.
  • All downloaded files are saved in MP4/MKV format, letting you play without hassle on any device, including your smartphone, tablet, computer, gaming consoles, etc.
  • All downloaded videos are ad-free.
  • Features batch-downloading mode.
  • Downloads all metadata to help manage the media library easily.

How do I operate to watch Discovery+ offline?

Step 1: Launch StreamFab Discovery Plus downloader, and open the website through its in-built browser

how do i get discovery plus on my tv:How do I operate to watch Discovery+ offline?

Start StreamFab by double-clicking its desktop icon. Then go to the VIP Service on the left, and open the Discovery Plus website that you will find on the right-hand side.

Step 2: Play the movie/episode you want to download:

how do i get discovery plus on my tv:How do I operate to watch Discovery+ offline?

Enter your account credentials to log in to Discovery Plus. Then play the video that you want to see offline.

Step 3: Start downloading:

how do i get discovery plus on my tv:How do I operate to watch Discovery+ offline?

You will see a pop-up window after the video starts playing. Select the Download Now option. Then the video will be downloaded on HDD to your computer's local storage.

Fortunately, Android phones and gadgets provide more mobility and a more pleasant experience for on-the-go entertainment. StreamFab has released an Android version to stay up with the times. StreamFab for Android is a robust MP3 or MP4 downloader that provides a comprehensive playlist downloading option in a fast mode.

Along with the download, the device-friendly downloader offers a number of benefits. You may get high-quality music that will put you in a good mood and calm your mind. It provides clients with several advantages. The phases of operation are essentially identical to those of the PC version. You may use StreamFab for Android to download Instagram videos to your phone. Simply scan the QR code below to begin your free ins excursion right away:

how do i get discovery plus on my tv:How do I operate to watch Discovery+ offline?


What are the TV platforms that support Discovery Plus?

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Fire TV Cube
  • Fire TV
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Fire TV Edition
  • Android TV
  • Android TV 5.0 or higher
  • Apple TV (tvOS 12.0 or higher)
  • iPadOS (iOS 12.0 or higher)
  • Roku
  • Samsung Smart TVs (2017 or newer models)
  • Xbox One, Series X & Series S

How can I sign up for Discovery Plus?

What you should know about obtaining Discovery+ If you wish to subscribe, go to or download the app for your phone, tablet, or smart TV. You may either watch advertisements for free or pay $4.99 per month to have them removed.

How to add Discovery Plus to my TV, especially if there is 4K on my smart TV?

At the moment, Discovery Plus offers 4K content only on Fire TV and Apple TV. So if you have a Fire TV Edition TV and are wondering if it is possible to stream Discovery Plus on TV in 4K, it is. However, this option is not available on other smart TVs right now. S

Where can I find a free trial of Discovery Plus?

elect TimesPrime from Flipkart, then the Discovery+ banner to receive a coupon code for a free three-month trial. If you create an account, you may go to Discovery Plus by selecting "Take me there."

How do you get Discovery Plus on your TV if you have a non-smart TV?

If you have been thinking about how do I stream Discovery plus on my TV, you can do so using a dedicated media streaming device if it is a non-smart TV. You can also use a Fire TV stick, as Discovery Plus offers a native app for Fire TV devices to access without hassle.

How to activate Discovery plus on TV through Chromecast and AirPlay?

If you are wondering how to watch Discovery plus on smart TV through Chromecast and AirPlay, you can do so, provided you have a compatible TV. You can then cast Discovery Plus content from your smartphone or tablet to your large-screen TV.


You can watch all your favorite shows, movies, and documentaries on Discovery Plus TV. If you have been thinking, can I watch Discovery Plus on my TV, the answer is yes. So whether you have a Samsung smart TV, a Sony smart TV, a Toshiba and Insignia TV that run on Fire OS, or Roku TV-Powered Models of TCL and Hisense TV, you must follow a few simple guidelines and learn how to activate Discovery plus on TV.