Are you looking for a way to download or record online (streaming) videos? Well, there are quite a lot of ways to do that. Apparently, you must have known that it is possible to download videos from various streaming platforms. More so, when you don’t have a reliable online video downloader, you can use a screen recording software to record the streaming video and save it to your computer or device.

This article clearly lists the best apps and software tools that help you to download or record online movies. These applications are safe to use, and they download the videos legally.

Part One: How to Download Streaming Videos

These software applications allow you to download streaming movies on your PC. They typically support many streaming platforms; thus providing you with one tool to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, HBO Max. And many other streaming sites.

1. StreamFab Downloader

The StreamFab Downloader software is an advanced online video downloader with support for over 1000 streaming platforms. It allows to download videos from both free and premium streaming websites; the free sites include YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and the rest, while the premium ones include Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, U-Next, and many more.

download streaming videos

download streaming videos

With this software, you cannot record streaming videos, but you can download them in MP4 format into your PC- in lossless quality and with their media info. StreamFab Downloader is available for Windows OS and macOS and it has a super-intuitive interface. More interestingly, this software can download streaming videos in 4K quality; thanks to the hardware engine, it is about 2X faster than other video downloaders.

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How to Download Streaming Videos Using StreamFab Downloader

  1. Download and install the application on your PC
  2. Launch StreamFab Downloader click on “Streaming Services” at the left pane
  3. Choose the platform you want to download content from

download streaming videos

  1. Find the TV show or movie and start playing it
  2. The download button will appear and you can choose the download option
  3. Click "OK" to save your option and your video starts downloading immediately.

2. Freemake Video Downloader

One of the reasons to choose this video downloader software is because it is entirely free to use. The Freemake Video Downloader software supports over 10,000 sites and platforms; you'll be able to download videos from virtually any streaming site out there. However, this software does not support some premium streaming platforms such as HBO Max and Amazon Prime.

record streaming videos

The interface of Freemake Video Downloader is simply intuitive and you can easily navigate to access any tool it has to offer. It goes on to support various media formats, including MP4, M4A, AVI, and many more. This software app is available for both Windows and Mac - it is free for both OSes.

Part Two: How to Record Streaming Video

These software apps listed below will help you to record streaming videos as they play. They support high-resolution quality with decent frames per second speed; hence, you can use these apps to record streaming videos and they'd appear vividly clear and smooth when you play them back.

3. AceThinker Screen Grabber

The AceThinker Screen Grabber tool works perfectly for recording what's happening on your PC/MacBook screen, and that includes playing streaming videos. With this software tool, it becomes very possible to record Amazon Prime Video streams, Netflix streams, HBO streams, and streams from many other streaming platforms.

record streaming videos

AceThinker Screen Grabber is actually a premium tool, which implies that you will have to pay for the premium version before you can record your screen while streaming on a platform. The tool features a lot of configurable parameters and adjustable settings to personalize the screen recording function.

More so, this tool has a web-based version that launches directly from your browser - but you need to install the launcher first. The online screen recording tool also lets you capture streaming videos in decent quality.

4. Movavi Screen Recorder

Asides from recording streaming videos, the Movavi Screen Recorder tool also allows you to record online calls and webinars. It is a professionals screen recording software for Windows and macOS computers - packed with a bunch of useful features that really help to simplify the job of recording your PC screen at any time.

record streaming videos

This tool is pretty intuitive to use, the interface can be easily understood by anyone. More interestingly, the recording controls are well arranged, which makes the entire process smooth and seamless. With Movavi Screen Recorder, apparently, you won't have issues grabbing videos from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Roku, and many other streaming services.

However, this is a paid software, you need to activate the premium version to enjoy all the streaming recording features it has to offer. But generally, it is one of the best screen recorders to use on PC. It even comes with a simple, built-in video editor.

5. ScreenCapture

As the name implies, this is an online tool that lets you capture streaming videos as they play on your screen. Screen Capture is a product of Movavi, it is free to use, and supports all popular web browsers. Using this free tool, you can capture streaming video online without downloading any software app to your PC or MacBook. The app launches from your browsers and you can choose the tools you need for the recording.

record streaming videos

However, the free version of Screen Capture attaches a watermark to your recorded videos. If you need the watermark to be removed, you will need to upgrade to the paid version or use the desktop software. This online app is fast and supports HD recording of streaming videos online.

6. ScreenRec

ScreenRec is yet another impressive software that lets you record streaming videos at ease. It is a professional, yet free-to-use application that captures both audio and video. This app has a Windows and a Mac version' hence, irrespective of your computer operating system, you can enjoy recording streaming videos at ease.

record streaming videos

More interestingly, this app supports up to 1080p resolution and it’s intuitive to use. There are several advanced settings available on this tool; a built-in video player, and a recording history (to access all your recordings). With ScreenRec, you can record YouTube live videos, Netflix movies, and other visuals you may want to grab from a streaming platform.

How to Record Streaming Video Using ScreenRec

  1. Download and install the software on your PC
  2. Ensure your PC’s display is set to 1080p resolution, which is 1366 x 768 (Recommended).
  3. Now launch ScreenRec
  4. Start playing the streaming video in full screen (recording streaming video in full screen deliver better results).
  5. Press Alt + S to set the recording area
  6. Click the “Audio” icon to record the audio of the playing video
  7. When the video is done playing, press Alt + S again to stop recording.

7. Cloud App

The CloudApp screen recording is a tool that lets you record streaming videos online. It runs across platforms (Windows, macOS, Chrome, and Linux), and supports a bunch of useful features. This screen recording tool can also be used for business purposes - and not just as a streaming videos recorder tool.

record streaming videos

To use this screen recorder, download and install the free app on your compatible system and select "Record Your Screen" from the dropdown menu; the short keys to activate this function are cmd + shift + 6 on Mac OR alt + shift + 6 on Windows. It is simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

8. Snagit

Snagit is a tool by TechSmith, it is a powerful screen recording tool with lots of good features. This tool also lets you capture screenshots while the recording is ongoing It is equipped with more exciting features than Camtasia. More interestingly, with Snagit, you can save the recorded videos directly on your PC or send it to your Cloud storage; supports cloud storage services are Google Drive and Box.

record streaming videos

Features of Snagit include microphone recording, PiP video, audio editing, and many more. It is simply one of the best you can use if you wish to record streaming videos instead of downloading them.

However, Snagit is not a free app, you need to upgrade to the paid version when your free-trial window expires. It doesn't matter the streaming platform you're watching from, Snagit will allow you to record content from all of them.


There are basically two ways to grab streaming videos and have them saved on your local storage; either on your PC HDD or mobile device. The two ways are "Downloading" and "Recording." You can either download the video using a video downloader software that supports the streaming service or records the streaming video (using a screen recorder) while it plays on your screen.

Either way, you will grab the video in HD quality if the tool you use supports high resolution. As which is the best one for you to download streaming video in 4K quality, StreamFab Downloader is the best-recommended software. You can make a choice for a screen recording from the recommended options above.

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