With the emergence of digital media, Netflix is the most famous OTT platform amongst its users for providing the best content and entertainment. That's why it has a million subscribers around the globe. With the exclusive and varied content collection and streaming quality, it's one of the leading streaming hubs.

Netflix has very rigid policies, and it blocks accounts of VPN users if detected. But what if you access Netflix content in all regions without VPN?

netflix vpn:Introduction:

Recently Netflix banned VPN, but this hasn't lessened its users. Users often unblock foreign Netflix libraries to extend the content choices by establishing a secure connection to the server of Netflix VPN. It appeals to Netflix over streaming options like HBO Max, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Videos, and Hulu.

Even if your Netflix VPN not working, you can still watch your favorite content on Netflix without a VPN with the help of one of the highly used Netflix video downloader. Read this article to discover the exciting features of this fantastic software.

What does the term 'Netflix VPN ban' mean?

The Netflix library differs from one region to another. As users look forward to accessing the available content on Netflix libraries of different countries, they must get through the geographical location barrier since the Netflix VPN ban targets residential too.

Netflix appeals to its respective users to enjoy the available content in their location and try identifying VPN servers and proxies. The anti-VPN tool of Netflix is quite advanced, and the VPN server is regularly being identified. This approach is regarded as a Netflix VPN ban. So don't opt out of your Netflix subscription since we have a simple solution to solve your issue.

Why did Netflix ban VPN?

Netflix bans VPN because it doesn't have streaming content in a few regions. However, when users try to watch inaccessible content in their area, they violate the copyright agreement. To prevent this violation, streaming companies take charge.

Over the years, Netflix has had the reputation of running a fair streaming service. Unfortunately, it doesn't tolerate any violation of its copyright terms or lawsuits. That's why you would find Netflix banning VPN.

How does Netflix proceed with the VPN ban?

As mentioned earlier, the Netflix anti-VPN software is quite advanced. The IP address of users shows their location, primarily used to identify if the user is using a proxy service.

If many users try to use Netflix from the same IP address, it's not unlikely they reside in the same home. Instead, it is where the role of anti-VPN software comes in, and as a result, it leads to a Netflix VPN ban.

How does Netflix detect if you are using a VPN server?

Netflix is a security system that detects multiple users logging from a similar IP address. As a result, it indicates particular traffic originated from the VPN server. So, for example, if your Netflix with VPN stops working suddenly, it shows Netflix blocking VPN and your IP address.

What happens if you use Netflix with VPN?

Netflix warns the users that they will ban their account if Netflix detected VPN or using a proxy service. However, there isn't a single report on this case, making it difficult for users to stream their desired content. Instead, it shows error code M7111-5059 and Netflix not working with VPN, which alerts users to disconnect from their VPN server.

Can a VPN server deceive Netflix?

Every VPN server cannot deceive Netflix. However, the premium VPN service has many servers operating in various countries and can cheat Netflix. Even if Netflix blocks a server, VPN providers can replace that server with another, ensuring users have a good streaming experience.

The main job of a VPN includes hiding the actual IP address. So, for example, suppose you are currently in the US and are willing to watch "Vikings on Netflix US," which is available in South Korea. Since your IP address reveals that you reside in the US, your Netflix won't stream this show.

Once you start connecting to the US servers of your VPN servers, the IP address will automatically change to a US IP address. However, some users are confused if VPN works on Netflix against its terms and conditions.

Is it possible to watch Netflix videos without VPN?

Yes, streaming your favorite content on Netflix without VPN is possible. However, it can be done with the assistance of one of the popular software in the market, StreamFab Netflix downloader.

How can StreamFab Netflix downloader stream Netflix content without VPN?

netflix vpn:How can StreamFab Netflix downloader stream Netflix content without VPN?

StreamFab Netflix downloader is a user-friendly and feature-rich software exclusively designed to download your desired Netflix series and TV shows on premium quality ranging up to 1080p video files and audio tracks up to EAC3 5.1. It's one of the best software for users to get rid of the VPN Netflix ban.

This tool lets you download your favorite Netflix videos without any geo-restriction barrier. You can also watch the content even when you don't have access to an active web connection. Even if your Netflix premium expires, your downloaded files are permanent.

This Netflix video downloader gives access to Netflix content from different regional sites. If you have ever craved to watch a popular TV series or movie but couldn't due to your location, this downloader is the one-stop solution for you. It allows streaming content from countries like France, the US, the UK, Japan, Germany, etc.

Exceptional Highlights:

  • Allows pre-selection of subtitles as well as audio as per the UI language.
  • Saves all the content in MP4 files.
  • Download all Netflix video content with the finest quality up to 1080p and 5.1 sound channels.
  • Support meta information like storyline, name, genre, and cast.
  • Download content from 3x speed. Supports bulk downloading for new releases and episodes.
  • Saves subtitles in the form of SRT files or remixes them into the video format.
  • Download movies, videos & TV shows during playback in the background.
  • Feasible to download from every Netflix regional site to view content offline.

Subscription Fee: The month-to-month subscription to StreamFab Netflix downloader is just $39.99 with a free update service for one month. The lifetime membership costs $89.99 with lifetime free updates.

What is the process for downloading Netflix videos from the StreamFab Netflix downloader?

To download your desired content from this software, follow the below step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Search and open the Netflix website

netflix vpn:What is the process for downloading Netflix videos from the StreamFab Netflix downloader?

After starting the software, head to the VIP services section on the left and access the Netflix website on the right from its supported services.

Step 2: Sign in to the Netflix account

netflix vpn:What is the process for downloading Netflix videos from the StreamFab Netflix downloader?

Finish with the signup process to the Netflix account, and then proceed to play your desired video to download.

Step 3: Put the video on download

netflix vpn:What is the process for downloading Netflix videos from the StreamFab Netflix downloader?

Tap on the 'download now' icon on your prompt window to immediately begin the download procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is there a way to track my location on Netflix?

A: One of the simple ways to change the Netflix region is using a VPN or Virtual Private Network. A VPN helps to tunnel the internet traffic via an intermediate server in your desired country. It can easily hide the actual IP address by replacing it with the chosen nation, hence hiding your current location.

Q2. What is the secret menu on Netflix?

A: At your home screen's top on Netflix, you would see a brand new icon – Browse All- next to your list. Tap on the search manually or scroll through the available subgenres. Then, apply the code 5475, and you'll unveil exclusive content of romantic comedies on Netflix.

Q3. When did Netflix ban VPN?

A: Since the August '21 Netflix VPN ban, Netflix immediately blocks IP addresses from all the data centers. Users can enjoy Netflix if their IP address happens to appear from an ISP. If you have connected to a VPN having a data center IP address, Netflix will immediately block you.

Q4. Why is my VPN unable to change my Netflix location?

A: Turn off any proxies, VPNs, or any other software that might make your web connection seem like from a different country. Consult the ISP or internet service provider, or network administrator to inspect for the IP address matching your current region.

Q5. Which country is known to have the best Netflix content?

A: As per the latest reports, Netflix in the US has the maximum titles, around 5,879 shows, and movies. On the other hand, Canada features the most versatile catalog of movies, with approximately 4,043 films.


Netflix being the global demanding streaming platform, has rigorous policies against the users who try to violate its copyright terms. Although Netflix bans VPN, it needs superior technologies since the current strategies are not that suitable.

Until Netflix takes strict steps against VPN users, feel free to enjoy global Netflix content. If you want to eliminate this Netflix VPN hassle, then you must try StreamFab Downloader. This software allows you to stream your desired content on Netflix without VPN.