When I use the Netflix app to watch videos offline, I have encountered numerous Netflix download limits, especially in terms of time. Typically, after 48 hours of starting the offline viewing, the downloaded films will expire.

Therefore, I am endeavoring to find a feasible method to seamlessly rip Netflix movies in high quality to my local device for offline viewing. The methods recommended in this article are based on personal user experiences and provide authentic, effective, and verifiable content.

rip movies from netflix

Tips about 'rip movies from Netflix' in this post are for personal or home entertainment ONLY. 

1. Rip Lossless Netflix Movies with StreamFab Netflix Downloader

As Netflix is always evolving its service depending on users' requirements and experience, it has introduced the option to rip content from the library to watch Netflix offline. So, if you take any ads-free Netflix subscription plans, you can rip Netflix for your repetitive and relaxing later watch. 

However, you will face many limitations to ripping movies from the Netflix app:

❌What We Dislike
  • Can't rip content permanentlyRipped content expired after a certain time
  • You cannot rip Netflix on Mac.
  • You can't rip Netflix from an ad-supported plan
  • Ripped Netflix videos are not shareable on multiple devices
  • Due to region or device restrictions, all Netflix content is not available for ripping.
  • Once you leave the service, the ripped content will be removed from your device.

Therefore, we do not particularly recommend the official Rip method. To easily bypass these restrictions, you can try a third-party download program called StreamFab Netflix Downloader. It allows you to effortlessly transcribe Netflix in native 1080P resolution without loss in MP4/MKV format, while also preserving HDR and Dolby sound effects.

rip from netflix

Effortlessly rip movies and episodes from Netflix to MP4/MKV format for flexible playback on any device or platform. While selecting formats, you can also choose quality, language, etc, to customize your offline streaming.

Key Features
  • Rip ad-free Netflix videos for an unlimited period even if you are ad-supported plan.
  • Rip movies and shows from Netflix with 1080p HDR & EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track.
  • Rip Netflix videos with H.264 or H.265 codecs to save space.
  • Rip Netflix to MP4 or rip Netflix to MKV format saving for flexible access on any device.
  • Get ripped Netflix videos with your best-suited subtitles & metadata.
  • Scheduled newly released videos from Netflix will be automatically ripped.

Here is how to utilize the StreamFab Netflix Downloader to rip movies from Netflix:

To rip Netflix, open the StreamFab software on your Windows or Mac system and reach the VIP service option from the left side panel.

how to rip movies from netflix

Once you locate the Netflix website, log into your Netflix account and select & play the Netflix title you want to rip for offline streaming.

How to Rip From Netflix

Using the built-in browsing option, the software will analyze your selected video automatically, and you will get a pop-up window to start the video customization with quality, languages, etc.

How to Rip From Netflix 

At the end, click "Download" for instant downloading or try "Download queue" for a later ripping option.

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2. Rip Netflix Clips with a Screen Recorder

In addition to ripping Netflix videos through StreamFab Netflix Video Downloader, it is also advisable to rip videos from Netflix via screen recording. For this method of rip, we recommend using Audials.

It should be noted that screen recording Netflix is very time-consuming, the ripping process is very lengthy, and the quality of the resulting video files is also relatively low, possibly resulting in synchronization issues between audio and video.

Therefore, if you only wish to extract a few minutes of a Netflix video clip, this method is acceptable. However, if you intend to rip an entire Netflix movie or series, this method is highly inefficient. We recommend using a Netflix video downloader instead.

How to Rip From Netflix

Here is the process for ripping Netflix movies using Audials:

Firsy, open your Netflix account settings, go to "Playback settings", and choose automatic playback controls and data usage according to your needs.

How to Rip From Netflix 

Initiate the Audials One application on your device. Select "Video streaming" and choose "Netflix". Ensure that you are logged into your Netflix account.
Before commencing the recording, it is imperative to tailor the recording settings according to your preferences. Audials grants you the liberty to opt for the resolution and speed at which video, audio, and subtitles are recorded.

How to Rip From Netflix 

After customization, you may now commence the recording.
*Please be advised that exiting the recording window prematurely will result in the termination of the Netflix recording process.

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1. How to Rip Netflix Videos to MP4?

By employing the aforementioned Netflix downloader or screen recording software, you can rip Netflix videos into mp4 format, allowing for versatile playback and indefinite preservation.

2. Can I Rip Netflix 4K Movies?

Netflix videos are protected by Widevine, which offers various levels of protection, with level 3 being used for non-4K content, making it easy to download with StreamFab Netflix Downloader. For higher resolutions such as 4K, they utilize level 1. Currently, there is no downloader available on the market that can bypass the technical challenges of level 1. Therefore, the highest resolution of Netflix video that can currently be ripped is 1080P, not 4K.

3. Is It Legal to Rip Movies from Netflix? Will My Account be Banned?

For personal use or home entertainment, it will not be considered illegal. What's more, StreamFab Netflix Video Downloader can be seen as a browser, allowing for the downloading of Netflix videos after logging into the official Netflix account. The interface you are accessing is the official website, and you have the authorization to view the Netflix video content, therefore, there is no need to worry about the risk of account suspension.


In this article, we will introduce to you two methods for ripping videos from Netflix. With these two methods, you can effortlessly rip various Netflix videos, even those not officially available for download. Furthermore, you can access them offline anytime after your Netflix subscription expires, as these ripped Netflix videos are in MP4 or MKV format.