Being a leading video and image hosting platform, OnlyFans has gained popularity because of its adult content. From social media models and influencers to sex workers and porn stars, different adult content creators have provided image posting, video hosting, personal chatting, etc, services using OnlyFans platforms. 

As OnlyFans is a paid subscription-based service, content creators charge for their service, and users have to pay the content owner's specified amount to access their account and service. So, to ensure the privacy and security of the creators and their content, OnlyFans has taken strict security measures so that the content cannot be misused and creators won't be deprived of their earnings. 

 Sites Like OnlyFinder

So, it's quite challenging to locate any OnlyFans account owner in the OnlyFans platform unless you know the service account link of the creator. Here, the OnlyFinder website has come into play to get your desired onlyfans creator to account through its smart search engine service. So let's see how Onlyfinder works and what other sites like Onlyfinder.

What is OnlyFinder All About?

OnlyFinder is a search engine like Google dedicated to search OnlyFans accounts and creators using location, genre and keywords. To locate any onlyfans creator, onlyfinder uses not only onlyfans data but also uses data related to Fansly, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media sites. Apart from keywords, you can also search using gender, age, and other parameters. 

This tool-based website aims to make your onlyfans profile-searching experience flexible and safe even though OnlyFinder is not affiliated with the onlyfans website. While respecting the security and safety policy of the onlyfans account holders, onlyfinder get you only that information made public by the content creator.

Can You Download OnlyFans Videos?

Unfortunately, OnlyFans doesn't allow you to download streaming video from OnlyFans for offline watch to ensure the creators' earnings and protect their exclusive ownership of the content. Every time you want to see any OnlyFans video of any paid account, you must pay for your views. 

So, there is no way you can download OnlyFans videos using the OnlyFans app. However, it doesn't mean that you can't download them ever. Using the smart downloading technology of StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader, you can easily save any OnlyFans video on your Windows or Mac computer within a few clicks. 

How to Download OnlyFans Videos? - StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader

You will be relieved to know that with StreamFab OnlyFans downloader, you would not only download any onlyfans video but can also save them permanently on your system for your internet and subscription charge for the free offline watch. After downloading the onlyfans video, you can share it with anyone on any device with Mp4/MKV format support. So, it's time to try more customization with this program to your favorite OnlyFans downloads.

not leak onlyfans after download onlyfans

StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader

With this OnlyFans downloader, you can effortlessly download videos from OnlyFans Messages, Collections, Search Resluts, and Explore.
  • Save OnlyFans videos without ads
  • Choose video resolution from 480p to 1080p
  • Get seductive sound satisfaction with AAC 2.0 audio track
  • Enjoy OnlyFans downloads on any device with Mp4/MKV format
  • Upcoming scheduled onlyfans videos of your favorite onlyfans account will be saved automatically
  • Multiple videos be saved simultaneously with batch processing 
After opening the StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader on your computer, go to the left side panel to select the "adult service" option.
From the opened website list, you must find and select the OnlyFans website and log into your subscription OnlyFans account.
Select the OnlyFans video you desire to save, and using the built-in browsing option, the StreamFab software will automatically analyze it.
Start customizing the videos from the popped-up window with quality, format, etc. Go for "Download now" for instant download, or add the video to the "Download queue" for later downloading.

How to Download OnlyFans Videos Using StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader

The Top 5 OnlyFinder Alternatives with Attractive Attributes

Sometimes you can't find your desired OnlyFans creator using the OnlyFinder website. Or else, sometimes only doesn't work correctly, and users can't use this platform to do their search. In that case, you can try the top 5 onlyfinder alternatives with their similar service and best attraction.

1. OnlySearch 

Onlysearch is one of the most popular alternatives to This is the simplest tool to locate onlyfans profiles using key phrases. The main purpose of this website is to help onlyfans creators to grow to their full potential.

  • Shows creator's public info such as bio, profile pic, name, location, etc
  • From where the search information has been taken in the creator bio will be shown on the Onlysearch page
  • In the search result, you will get the most relevant onlyfans profile.
  • The search results are directly linked to the onlyfans account. 

2. FansMetrics

FansMetrics is a very authentic and attractive alternative to Onlyfinder. It offers a similar service of searching your desired onlyfans account using its 20+ million onlyfans account database.

  • Search using filters like location, gender, category, etc
  • Using a location or country filter gets you onlyfans account near your location or available in your country
  • You can also search for the "Free Trial" account

3. Reddit

Reddit is one of the most commonly used platforms by onlyfans and content creators. So, using this platform as an onlyfinder alternative is a smart choice to locate your desired onlyfans profile or creator.

  • Onlyfans creators use Reddit to promote their content as long as they are leveled as NSFW.
  • Among lots of NSFW communities on Reddit, you can search "Onlyfans" to get your desired result. 
  • You will get search results related to "OnlyFans Amateurs"/ "OnlyFans 101," etc.
  • There are hundreds of onlyfans communities filled with onlyfans creators' post

4. Spokeo

Spoke is a very well-advanced alternative to only finder websites. While finding Onlyfans accounts or creators, this website will help you find anyone in this world using its extensive database. 

  • You can use any search keyword, including name, phone, email, address, etc
  • It uses billions & millions of records such as property, historical, consumer, business, court, 120+social networking, etc
  • It offers reports including multiple data like contact info, social media account, criminal history, wealth data, etc
  • This tool makes your search widened to find & reach any onlyfans profile

5. TikTok

As Onlyfans creators use the TikTok platform to promote their accounts, you can easily use this platform to search your preferred Onlyfans profile. Even though TikTok has banned onlyfans content and account, the creators can't use their account link directly to the TikTok platform. Instead, to bypass this problem, the creators use the "Linktree" tool in their bio.

  • Link tree hides the creator's authentic onlyfans account link in the multiple links of the Linktree tool.
  • You should search with # “accountantsoftiktok” which implies # "onlyfans"
  • You can also try searching with #"onlyfansgirl" as some only fans creators use this 
  • Hassle-free & smart way to find onlyfans account 


Can you find any onlyfans account without using the username?

Yes, instead of the account owner's username, you can use location, name, gender, etc, different keywords to find any onlyfans profile using third-party software.

How can I search for any account on the OnlyFans website?

Without knowing the creators' users name or authentic onlyfans account link, you can't find any profile on the onlyfans platform. Onlyfans doesn't let you search any profile using location, name, gender, etc. However, you can use third-party websites like Onlyfinder, Onlysearch, etc.

Can Onlyfans keep subscribers' data anonymous?

Yes, the content creators can't see the subscribers' email addresses. OnlyFans maintains a very strict privacy policy to protect its user's data from being misused.


If you want an option to locate your desired Onlyfans account anonymously, OnlyFinder is the best option. However, you must not limit your search to only one website. Instead, try the top 5 OnlyFinder Alternatives for your smooth onlyfans profile searching experience. You can also enjoy offline streaming of your favorite onlyfans videos as long as your want with the safest downloading support of the professional OnlyFans Downloader