Instagram is one of the most lucrative social media sites for sharing photos and videos. It lets users communicate privately by leaving comments, likes, and messages on their profiles. Despite being a frequently used tool, not everyone has an Instagram account.

Not to worry. Using Storiesdown, you can download Instagram stories without having an account. It makes anonymous surfing possible. This style provides a lot more features. We will go into great detail about this tool in this guide, covering its safety, usage, shortcomings, and how to get around those shortcomings with the aid of best Storiesdown alternatives.


What is StoriesDown?

You can watch and save IG Stories on the digital platform StoriesDown without downloading them. Their group demonstrated a free, anonymous way to access and view Instagram stories. One of this app's best features is how easy it is to download and view Instagram stories covertly. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible with Instagram. The app store has this available.

Another great feature of the service is its complete inability to use Instagram. This translates to being able to view other people's Instagram stories without having your account.

Exclusive Highlights

  • Any hardware and software, including Windows, iOS, and Android, can use it.
  • You can view and download news, pictures, and videos at no cost.
  • For StoriesDown to work, you do not need to register.
  • You can quickly search for a profile on Instagram.
  • StoriesDown is free for everyone. It has no fees of any kind.
  • The images and articles that are downloaded retain their high quality.
  • Stories down is easy to use and find.

How can you view Instagram stories using Storiesdown?

As already mentioned, the StoriesDown website is easy to use and doesn't require registration. Instead, the ways to watch and download Instagram stories using it are described below.

Step 1: To view an Instagram account's stories, you must first copy its username.

Step 2: Launch a web browser of your choice and go to the StoriesDown website. You can use any well-known browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and others. Make sure Javascript is turned on for it to function.

Step 3: Type the Instagram account username into the input field and click "search."

how to use storiesdown to view instagram stories

Step 4: Before displaying the stories to you, the application will gather and organize all of the stories. The default tab will be "stories." You can choose that tab if you want to view and download posts.

Step 5: Each story that is presented will have a "download" link next to it. To start the downloading process, just click the link. That's how easy it is to use this app to download Instagram stories. You can download pictures and videos using the same process.

StoriesDown Review: Shall I Use it?

This part is the crucial aspect while conducting in-depth research on Storiesdown. To make sure our readers make the best decision possible. We have pointed out the significant cons of it below. So you can decide whether to overlook the drawbacks or shift to alternatives.


  • The main one is that you cannot use it to access stories, images, or videos from private profiles. If a profile is private, another approach or tool will be required to access it.
  • Additionally, since several comparable services have closed down or been blocked by Instagram, there is no assurance that this technology will be around in the long run.

Suppose the above cons have changed your mind about using Storiesdown. Don't worry. We have found the best Storiesdown alternative to offer you the best service. Explore the best alternative websites below.

Best Alternatives of Storiesdown

We have introduced the top Storiesdown alternatives. All the included websites are safe and easy to use. This chart will help you to choose the right tool among all.


Known For



Qoob Stories

Bulk download feature

Windows, Mac

Personal Plan - $7 pm

Professional Plan - $25 pm


Optimized web spyware

Android devices

$159.99 yearly


Monitoring Instagram activity

Android, iOS

$47.99 pm


Viewing Instagram stories anonymously

Windows, Mac, Android & iOS



Downloading & viewing Instagram Story

Windows, Mac, Android & iOS


1. Qoob Stories

qoob stories

It is a powerful Instagram Story viewer and can download many contents from social media sites. It makes it easier to download almost all Instagram posts. This covers narratives, images, and videos. It is possible to do so from both public and personal Instagram accounts. To download your instagram stories with ease, imaginn is also a good tool that is advised to use.

You can instantly watch people's stories anonymously on Qoob Stories by simply entering the username you want to access. Additionally, it is simple to download high-quality images and videos from Instagram accounts that include metadata.

Official Website link:


  • The download of Instagram profile content automatically.
  • Saving captions for posts.
  • Options for advanced download and sorting.


  • Additional premium features, such as access to 10 Instagram profiles and limitless content downloads, require payment.

2. Glassagram


The profiles set to private mode will be completely accessible to you. The user can choose from many features, including the ability to read direct messages, discover all follower reactions, and watch someone else's stories in a hidden mode.

Users of the Glassagram spying tool can view the content the targeted person enjoys the most frequently. Thanks to the frequent screenshot updates, no crucial information will be missed. This spyware can be a handy tool for locating Instagram accounts.

Official Website link:


  • Watching stories in hidden mode.
  • A message is reading directly (the erased ones too).
  • Tracking of interactions with other content.


  • Since the app only supports Android devices, your iPhone cannot use it. To view the profile of the Instagram account you are trying to track, your Android device must be version 4 or later.

3. eyeZy


With eyeZy, you get a full-featured remote cell phone monitoring app that excels at Instagram eavesdropping. EyeZy will enable you to secretly view all stories and media posts, and direct messages from your target Instagram account. EyeZy is the ideal tool for remotely monitoring an Instagram account, thanks to features like Keylogger and Screen Recorder.

You will get notified of what messages were sent or received, who sent and received them, when the conversations occurred, and so forth.

Official Website link:


  • Instagram Chat Viewer
  • Location finder
  • Geofencing Alert


  • Expensive than other tools in the market.

4. Instalkr


It offers a unique online service. You can use the service to quickly access any public Instagram account without having an account yourself. For example, you can browse an Instagram account anonymously with Instalkr and view their stories, subscriptions, likes, and comments without being seen.

Even stories or posts that the account has deleted will be displayed to you by the tool. Additionally, you can download videos and photos from any Instagram account in addition to just viewing their stories.

Official Website link:


  • The ability to access deleted stories, videos, and photos
  • Save images and videos.
  • Use is free


  • Although Instalkr services are free, some users may find their features too simplistic.

5. InstaDP


Before they vanish, it gives users a straightforward way to view and download the stories of their friends and favorite celebrities. It employs the tried-and-true method of pasting a username, which, when completed, enables you to browse through desired profiles anonymously and download content without the account owner's knowledge.

This website-based service offers more than just stories. Additionally, you are permitted to download reels, videos, and images in their original quality. The software also boasts a user interface (UI) that follows the well-liked minimalism principle.

Official Website link:


  • User-friendly UI
  • Anonymously watch videos
  • Instantly download reels, videos, and pictures.


  • You cannot access private Instagram profiles using it.



Is Storiesdown anonymous?

Storiesdown is 100 percent anonymous, yes. You don't need to sign into your Instagram account to use this app. Storiesdown can be a good resource if you want to view and download someone else's stories anonymously.


Why storiesdown not working?

If you are bothered about 'Why storiesdown not working?' then it may indicate bug or server issues. You can wait for some time till the site restarts working.


Is there a risk while using Storiesdown?

It is against Instagram's rules to use Storiesdown to save Instagram stories privately, but you might be penalized due to specific geographical restrictions.



That's a wrap discussing the reliability of Storiesdown, an anonymous Instagram story viewer. If it falls short of your expectations, there are many other apps you can use in its place. Besides, if you also want to download videos from other websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, a thrid-party youtube video downloader may be your savior.

To sum up, Storiesdown is a reliable Instagram story downloader that enables you to save stories quickly, for free, and anonymously. However, considering the dangers, we advise you to try alternatives.