Digital entertainment has changed its dimensions with the evolution of diversified online streaming services. When subscription-based streaming service providers create neck-to-neck competition while providing high-quality content, the demand for free ad-supported video-on-demand service is also rapidly increasing. Since free service always appeals more than paid subscription-based services, the AVOD platforms are giving tough competition to SVOD platforms. So, let's see why Tver Japan, an AVOD service provider, is highly in demand.


What is Tver?

It is an ad-supported free video-on-demand streaming service in Japan. This AVOD platform provides the widest library of Japanese digital content, including Japanese TV shows, Talk shows, Game shows, Cooking, Anime, Sports, Drama, documentaries, and News. It is operated by five major commercial broadcasters: TBS, Nippon TV, Fuji Television, TV Asahi, and TV Tokyo. This free streaming service earns revenue through advertisements; users can't skip the ads while watching on this platform.

What are the attractive features of Tver Japan?

With 1.33 million downloads, the application has made its successful mark in the Japanese online entertainment world. So, to acquire one of the top positions in the online recreation industry as a popular AVOD service provider, it has come up with some unique options and features to make the online watching experience flexible and convenient for its users. So, let's have a quick look at these distinct features.

Striking Features

  • You can catch up on your missed TV shows on this platform, where all the shows are available for one week after their original release.
  • Sports lovers can enjoy live sports events on this platform.
  • It supports Smart TVs, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Smartphones (Android/iOS), and Computers ( Windows/Mac).
  • This platform is exclusively available in Japan only.
  • You can enjoy this free site anytime, anywhere, without a sign-up obligation.
  • Few contents are available with subtitles.
  • While searching for content, you can use the "With Subtitles" option, or you can go for the filter option.

Why is TVer Not Available Outside of Japan?

Even though TVer Japan offers exclusive content with some attractive features in its free online streaming service, unfortunately, this platform is available only in Japan. So, it is a geo-restricted service that prevents the rest of the world from easily accessing this platform. So, the simple reason behind this geo-restriction lies in licensing agreement of the content.

Since five major commercial companies provide their content, they have different licensing agreements with content creators. So, to make the most of the content, the creator only allows the distributors to show the content in Japan. To broadcast content to another part of the world, the content distributors need different licensing agreements. However, now, this platform is only limited to Japanese audiences.

How to get a TVer outside Japan?

Even though it is only available in Japan, you can still access it in any other country. A good quality VPN is the best option to access it in any country. However, starting with the method to use a VPN for watching this platform, you just know a few things about how to select the most effective VPN to enjoy it smoothly in your region.

Tips for selecting the right VPN App

  • Select the VPN that supports both the Mobile and Computer.
  • It must have its server in Japan.
  • It must provide high-speed and buffering-free connectivity while accessing this platform.
  • Choose one that comes with a no-log policy to ensure your privacy.
  • It must have a military-grade encryption auto-kill switch to protect your online watching safety.

How to use VPN to access TVer Abroad?

Once you select the most appropriate VPN app for your watching, it just needs a few steps to access it through a VPN in your country. So, let's see how to do that.

TVer watching steps with VPN

  • Download the latest version of your selected VPN app or its browser extension on your device.
  • Ensure you clear all the browser cookies to abolish your past IP address.
  • Connect the VPN server in Japan.
  • After opening the app, you can stream your favorite content.

Is there any limitation?

While enjoying your favorite shows or series on TVer, you may need to realize any limitations of this platform. Still, while exploring the option to enjoy your favorite platform without any dependency or restriction, you will feel free to access this platform. So, let's see what limitations you have faced while accessing it in Japan or other countries using a VPN.

  • Get disturbed by the compulsive ads since you can't skip them.
  • You can't access it while traveling to other cities.
  • Contents are available on this platform only for one week.
  • There is no downloading option.
  • You need consistent internet support on multiple devices to watch its content.
  • Your personal data can be misused while using a free VPN.

So, if you want to eliminate these obstacles while enjoying your favorite video, you must take the online dependency-free offline watching option with the advanced flexibility of StreamFab M3U8 downloader. With this video downloader, you can enjoy your ads-free, internet-free high-quality downloads anytime, anywhere on any device.

How to Download TVer Content with the StreamFab M3U8 downloader

When downloading content has become a compulsive requirement to enjoy online content freely in your offline world, the M3U8 downloader has come into play to meet all your downloading specifications. To customize your offline watch, StreamFab downloader provides the most effective and useful features of audio-video quality selection, formation preference, etc. So, let's see what exclusive feature of this software makes your offline watching desirable.

download tver content using streamfab m3u8 downloader


  • Save content without any advertisement.
  • Save subtitles and metadata as per your requirement.
  • Auto-save your upcoming scheduled episodes.
  • Select video quality from 720p or 1080p resolution.
  • Enjoy theatrical sound effects with EAC3 5.1/AAC2.0/AC3 5.1 audio quality.
  • Enjoy batch downloads of multiple videos in Mp4 format to share them with all devices.
  • Identify video inside the StreamFab downloader through built-in browsing options.

Downloading Steps

Step 1: Software on System

To start the downloading process with the StreamFab downloader on your Windows/Mac PC, you have to launch it in your system.

tver:Downloading Steps

Step 2: Visit the Home page

While heading to the Home page, you must copy the video URL to download

Step 3: Paste the link

Paste the link in the search bar, and the customization box will open

tver:Downloading Steps

Step 4: Customize the video

You can select audio-video quality and subtitle language.

Step 4: Download the Complete

After you have finished your user video customization, you can select the "Download" option to come to the end of the downloading process.


How many investors TVer have?

This platform has eight investors, such as TV Asahi & MBA Media Holdings.

What are the TVer alternatives?

  • Marietta Japan
  • RIST
  • Newn

What is the latest funding round of TVer?

Corporate Minority is the latest funding round.

Last Word

If you want to explore the unique and quality content of TVer Japan in your living location where it is unavailable but need help figuring out where to start, this article has undoubtedly sorted out your problem. Otherwise, if you want to keep consistent with its programming, you must take the systematic downloading support of StreamFab M3U8 downloader for your long-term offline enjoyment.