Would you like an APK ripper to watch Netflix on mobile?How to download Netflix TV shows and movies? How to watch Netflix offline? Netflix, YouTube, Disney +, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO Max are good choices. If you want to download videos from any of the streaming websites, ask StreamFab Netflix Downloader for help. Now, let's take Netflix download as an example. Where can I install the Netflix app to watch Netflix offline or online? There is the best answer to Netflix-supported devices.

  • Chromebox models or Chromebook
  • At least iOS 9.0: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • At least version 1607: Windows 10 computers and tablets
  • At least Fire OS 4.0: Amazon Fire tablets
  • At least Android 4.4.2: Samsung, Huawei, and other Android phones or tablets

Download the Netflix app on any of the devices and sign in with your Netflix account. Then you will see all the movies available on Netflix.

Download Netfllix app

1. What to watch on Netflix?

No matter you choose to watch Netflix online or watch Netflix offline, such movies I am going to recommend worth your attention most. On the main interface of Netflix, you will see 19 categories of Netflix movies, including Previews, Continue Watching for 2, Trending Now, Asian Movies & TV, US TV Shows, Anime, Top 10 in Hong Kong Today, Kid's TV, Netflix Originals, Top Picks for 2, Young Adult Movies & Shows, Casual Viewing, Popular on Netflix, Chinese Movies & TV, K-dramas, Bingeworthy TV Shows, New Releases, Comedies, TV Sci-Fi & Horror. In order to help you make a decision on the best on Netflix offline or online, I have made a list for your reference.

Best Netflix movies for you to watch offline

  • Top 10 Previews: The Uncanny Counter, Crash landing on You, Sweet Home, Queen’s Gambit, Lupin, Alice, Friends, Prison Break, Haikyu!!, Bridgerton
  • Top 10 Korean TV Shows: Start Up, Reply 1998, Guardian, Signal, Doctor Stranger, Moon Embracing Sun, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, My Love from the Star, Buste
  • Top 10 Trending Now: Money Heist, Paw Patrol, Cobra Kai, Crown, CoComelon, Stranger Things, Lucifer, Emily in Paris, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy
  • Top 10 US TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Bang, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, How I Met Your Mother, Flash, Suits, Designated Survivor, Narcos, The Witcher
  • Top 10 Japanese Movies & TV: Doctor-X, Hunter, My Hero Academia, Dr.Stone, Kuroko’s Basketball, Saikik, One Punch Man, Classroom, Re: ZERO, Midnight Diner.
  • Top 10 in Hong Kong Today: History of Swear Words, Love Island Australia, The Uncanny Counter, Lupin, Sweet Home, Alice, Bridgerton, Crash landing on You, Queen’s Gambit, Start Up
  • Continue Watching for 2: Lupin, Christmas
  • Top 10 Netflix Originals: Kingdom, Love, and Redemption, Dr. Stone, Sabrina, Boss Baby, Your Name, Extraction, John Wick, Call, Sherlock
  • Top 10 Children & Family TV: Bare, Lost in Space, Victorious, Anne With An E, Pororo, Larva Island, Sarah & Duck, Sam Cat, Crizzy, Tayo
  • Top 10 TV Action & Adventure: Vikings, Pick and Morty, Supergirl, The Umbrella Academy, Kingdom, The untamed, The 100, Arrow, Shooter, Vagabond
  • New Releases: Food wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, Itaewon Class, Attack on Titan, How to Get Away with Murder, Hospital Playlist, The King, Ozark, Billions, Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons, Find Yourself
  • K-dramas: W- Two Worlds Apart, Dr. Romantic, Inheritors, Secret Garden, Touch Your Heart, The Master Sun, The Legend of The Blue Sea, Misaeng, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Pinocchio
  • Young Adult Movies & Shows: Sex Education, Community, Titanic, Matrix, Spider-Man, Elite, Family Guy, 13 Reasons Why, Love Alarm, Shadow Hunters

Which is your favorite among such top movies on Netflix? search it online or download Netflix offline for free viewing. StreamFab Netflix Downloader is the best choice to get Netflix movies for free.

Feel good movies on Netflix

2. Watch Netflix: Offline or Online?

If given an opportunity to watch Netflix, offline or online do you prefer? Don't hurry to make a decision. Let's make an analysis of watching Netflix online and watching Netflix offline.

Watch Netflix online - The possible problems you may encounter in comparison to watching Netflix offline:

  • The Netflix account expires

You have to pay another time when this happens. Sometimes for an outdated Netflix offline movie, it seems not worthwhile to spend that money another time.

  • There is a limit on Netflix download time

How long can you watch Netflix offline? This is for those who are downloading movies on the Netflix app. Without a third-party Netflix downloader, it is said that your access to downloaded Netflix movies is limited. It means you have limited times to download a movie, and some downloaded Netflix movies can only be watched offline for a limited time. Then the viable solution is to delete some downloaded Netflix movies when you finish watching them offline. But the question is: what if I want to watch download Netflix offline and watch them anytime? Ask a third-party Netflix downloader for help.

  • Netflix slow

You have to wait for some time due to unstable and slow Netflix streaming. In order to fix this problem, do as follows: Make sure that your network supports streaming; Check your connection speed; Restart your device like Android, Tablet, etc.; Try a different Internet connection; Improve your Wi-Fi signal; Connect a TV with your modem directly if you are a Netflix TV user; Try to connect VPN if it is allowed in your region. Try any of such solutions.

Best Netflix movie

Watch Netflix offline - The obvious advantages over watching Netflix online

  • Make your money worth

Now that you have been a Netflix subscriber, why not make use of this account and download as many TV shows and Netflix movies as possible?

  • Watch Netflix offline anywhere and anytime

How to watch Netflix offline, on a plane, or in a remote area? Just download Netflix movies to computer and smartphones. Then you will be able to watch Netflix without the Internet and beyond the limits of time and space.

  • Get a smooth and fast watching experience

After Netflix download, you will get a pleasant watching experience of Netflix offline.

In the face of expired content or paid Netflix movies with limited watching time, you’d better save them to your hard drive or other devices to watch later. Can I download Netflix movies for offline viewing? Yes, I can. And I am here to show you how to download Netflix for offline watching. Continue to read and find the best answer to Netflix download.

Can I download Netflix movies for offline viewing

Affected by the coronavirus, most people stay home and watch Netflix online to kill time. So in order to avoid Netflix slow and watch Netflix without Internet, “download Netflix movies to computer” is the best way to watch Netflix offline. Subsequently, I will show you how to download Netflix movies on laptop for free and fast.

3. Netflix Download Windows

Before downloading your favorite movies to watch Netflix offline on Windows operating system, you need to find a free Netflix video downloader that can download Netflix movies on computer. Here, StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader is highly recommended which is the best Windows Netflix downloader you are looking for. Next, let me show you how to use it to watch Netflix offline.

 i  Free Download   

StreamFab Netflix Downloader

Steps on how to download Netflix videos on laptop - Windows

(1) Free download and install StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader
With the help of this streaming video downloader, you can watch Netflix offline without the Internet no matter a movie is from Netflix, Disney+, or Hulu. In a near future, Amazon movies download will be included as well. So StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader is huge potential to help you download streaming videos anywhere and besides watching Netflix offline.

How to download videos from Disney+

(2) Select Streaming Services option after launching this Netflix downloader
On the left navigational column, there are many options available. Here, you need to click Streaming Services and select one of the supported websites - Netflix. Go ahead for Netflix offline watching.  

Netflix offline watching

(3) Sign in with your Netflix account
Almost every video lover in the United States has a Netflix account which is very convenient to watch Netflix online. With this account and Netflix Downloader, you can also watch Netflix offline easily.

(4) Pick a Netflix movie to play
There are many videos streamed on Netflix. Choose your favorite movie and click the button of Play.

Can you watch Netflix offline

(5) Download Netflix for offline watching automatically
After you choose a Netflix to play, StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader will download the movie automatically. Wait for a short time and you will be able to watch Netflix offline. The exported file can reach 1080p in MP4 format with a 5.1 audio track and subtitles.

Start to download Netflix on laptop - Windows

How easy it is to download Netflix on laptop! If you have many movies to download, StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader also supports batch download. In order to help you make a decision on Netflix offline watching with StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader, let’s check the main features of this Netflix downloader once again.

Features of StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader:

  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7
  • Download videos from Netflix
  • Export files with 5.1 audio tracks up to 1080p for Netflix offline watching lovers
  • Download subtitle and meta information, together with a video
  • Support batch download and new release auto-download
  • Work fast and export videos in MP4 format
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use

4. Netflix Download Mac

Apart from downloading movies from Netflix, there must be users in pursuit of Netflix download Mac. Are you a member of that group and want to watch Netflix offline on Mac? If so, there is indirect access to make it. Follow me to explore how to do that with StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader.

Compared with StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader, this Netflix downloader doesn’t support Netflix and Disney+ video streaming websites directly. But most shows you find on Netflix can also be tracked on YouTube, Facebook, etc., right? So StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader capitalizes on this feature to help you watch Netflix offline. Now, let’s see how to download movies from Netflix on YouTube or other 1000+ websites StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader supports.

Steps on how to download Netflix on Macbook

(1) Free Download StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader Mac
This Netflix downloader is available on both Windows or Mac which is stronger in compatibility than StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader. But they are equally easy-to-use and powerful in function. You can enjoy a 30-day free trial to watch Netflix offline after installing this free downloader.

 i  Free Download     i  Free Download   

(2) Search your preferred Netflix show(s)
Enter the name of a Netflix show, select a video from the searching results and you will see the download button highlighted below.

Download Netflix videos on Mac

Alternatively, remember the URL of your favorite Netflix episodes and click the button of Paste URL. The second way enables you to download movies in batches for Netflix offline watching.

Search your favorite Netflix videos

(3) Set video quality
Set the format as Video and select the best video quality up to 8K to watch Netflix offline with a better effect.

(4) Start to download Netflix movies on computer
Click the button of Download and track the downloading process if you want. At last, click Settings > Video Directory to watch Netflix offline.

Start to download Netflix offline

This is the easiest way to learn how to download Netflix movies on Mac. Considering most Netflix movies are also streamed on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other famous websites, StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader is equally powerful to help you with Netflix download offline.

Features of StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader:

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android
  • Download videos free from 1000+ websites besides YouTube
  • Support batch download and playlist download
  • Output video files up to 8K without quality loss
  • Work 10x times faster than the normal speed

5. Netflix APK Download

After mentioning how to download Netflix movies on Windows and Mac, it is necessary to satisfy those mobile users who also expect Netflix offline watching. Here, music to your ears. StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader can be installed to Android, allowing you to watch Netflix offline more easily. Follow the same method to search your Netflix shows on YouTube or other 1000+ websites StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader supports. Now, let’s see how to use this Netflix downloader on APK.

   Download Now  

Steps on how to download shows on Netflix:

  • Get StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader launched on Android
  • Open the Netflix APK downloader and search your video
  • Click the button of Download > Video
  • Set output video quality
  • Start to download Netflix shows in HD format or higher

How to watch Netflix offline on APK

Why can’t I watch downloaded Netflix offline?

Where have you downloaded your movie, PC, iPhone, Android, Xbox One, or some other mobile devices? When you find download Netflix movies unable to be played back, try to find whether there is.a format error. Sometimes, if your download Netflix is in MKV format, while your device only supports MP4 video format, then you will fail to watch downloaded Netflix offline. But don’t worry, you can fix it with a video converter. DVDFab Video Converter is capable to convert a video from one format to another and it is free to use.

6. Conclusion

Want to watch Netflix offline? Can you download Netflix movies? How to download Netflix movies on laptop or mobile device? StreamFab Netflix Downloader is the best solution to Netflix download Windows, and StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader provides alternatives for Netflix to download videos on Mac and APK. Follow your heart and make the vocation worthwhile.


(1) How to increase video resolution after Netflix download

If you want to watch Netflix offline in HD format or even higher video quality, upscale your video to 4K automatically with DVDFab Video Enhancer AI.

Download from Netflix

(2) How Can I get a free account on Netflix?

It is possible to watch Netflix offline for free with the following methods.

  • Focus on Netflix News. Sometimes, Netflix gives free access to some movies as it did on 5 December 2020 with a view to free people from the bad influence of COVID-19.
  • Enjoy Cashback services and cards with cashback
  • Amex Blue Cash Card: 6% back on your card
    • S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card: 5% back
    • Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card: exchange dollars with points (minimum: 2500 points)
  • Search Netflix giveaway to find Netflix gift card
  • Use a card never used on Netflix to get Netflix free trial
  • Turn to the telecommunication company for free Netflix deals (Verizon, T-mobile)

What to watch on Netflix

(3) How much is Netflix?

It is legal and possible for everyone to subscribe to Netflix movies, series and TV shows. These are the features of each version of Netflix. Make a decision to watch Netflix offline more easily.





Monthly price




Video quality








Screen watch number




Device use number




Watch Netflix shows ad-free on laptop, TV, phone, and tablet. Change or cancel your plan anytime.

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