Any book lover here? Amazon Kindle books give you a great opportunity to read, store, and carry your own books in your pocket. We will cover the beneficial aspects of Amazon Kindle books in the article. The top-notch featured app is an integral part of any reader, be it a book, magazine, or wiki information.

In 2007, Amazon revolutionized a change in our daily life by introducing Amazon Kindle books. It was then a device that e-link with more than 1,500 books inside the device. You could access all varieties of books available online that link to the Kindle store. Gradually Kindle got popular, and it became a familiar name among the readers.

amazon kindle books

You can almost read everything on the Amazon Prime Kindle books app now. You can download it and access it offline on your smartphone, tablet, iOS devices, or PC and start reading free Amazon Kindle books. Yes, the app is completely free to read anything on digital media: news, weather reports, traffic, and WiKi information free of charge.

Amazon books Kindle bring a drastic change in our daily reading life. You can download these Amazon Kindle books free of cost on your phone or tablet for offline reading and carry them wherever possible. If you prefer offline reading, download the book or any topic you want to read and start reading while you are on the train, bus, or sitting in a restaurant and want to kill the time. Free Kindle books Amazon provides one of the largest ebooks stores where all the genres and renowned authors publish their content.

Amazon Kindle unlimited books access option is beneficial for students, even those who are into higher studies. They can access their required books once they download the Amazon Prime Kindle books app and start surfing its massive book library. Amazon Kindle free books offer you to create your own library of your favorite authors and preferable genres on your device. The vast book collections will help you choose your favorite authors and their timeless creations. Including all the major computing systems, Amazon Kindle books now integrated all the powerful operating software and can be downloaded on any device you prefer. The application is so popular that now more than 8 million ebooks are available for USA readers.

Amazon Prime Kindle Books: The Features

Introduce New Interface

In the early app interface, you would see a kid reading a book sitting under a tree. But now, the interface is modified. If you download the app and open it, you will not find the tree, only the kid sitting and reading a book.

Theme Selection

Free Kindle books Amazon prime app allows its users to select the background theme to make reading easy and comfortable. You can select dark and light themes as per your preferences.

One-tap Navigation Access

One-tap navigation access gives you the flexibility to quickly return to your reading pages. If you search Dictionary or wiki info with one-tap navigation, you will immediately return to the reading page.

Search Bar Option

If you maintain your own library on Amazon Kindle Book, you will easily find out which book you want to read with the search bar option.

Word Wise Reading

Newly added Word Wise feature allows you to read challenging books with unknown and non-conventional words and phrases. It will come up with the word-to-word meaning of those difficult words and phrases to understand better. You can go on or off the feature anytime while reading Kindle.

Check out the Meaning in the Dictionary

Dictionary will show you the word's meaning and help you better understand the subject line of the book or magazine or any document you are reading.

About Your Book

The newly launched feature About Your Book expresses a brief description of the book you select for writing. The feature also helps you to get the necessary info about the author and the book so that you can decide whether you wish to continue reading the book or not.

Integrating Goodreads

Goodreads with the integration is for iOS device users. It's a community tab that helps you know similar interests and tastes of reading with other community members.

Font Adjustment

Amazon Kindle books allow you to adjust the Font as per your eye-sight and screen size of the device.

Check the Reading Pages

While reading, you can track how many pages are left and how much percentage is still left to complete the book.

Mark the Notes

While reading the pages, you can make your own notes and bookmark, and highlight the important lines you need later.

The features are extremely useful for a reader. You can read anywhere, sitting or lying on the bed, to enjoy the words.


  • Collections of millions of free books
  • Ebooks are less expensive than the market price


  • The longtime reading is not eye-friendly
  • Classic books are expensive

How to Download the Amazon Book Kindle App?

To create your own book library, you have to install the Kindle app on your phone. The download is free and has simple steps. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, use the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the Google Play Store

amazon prime kindle books

Step 2: Type Kindle on the search bar

Step 3: You will see the Kindle app along with the Download button

amazon kindle books

Step 4: Click on the Download icon and let the app install on your device.

Step 5: Visit the settings section, select the theme and font size. Select the book, and start reading it.

To create the account, you have to enter the same Amazon account login credential you use for shopping from Amazon estore. From both sides, you can access both services, Amazon estore, and Amazon Kindle Books.

Amazon Kindle Books App is Not Working: The Troubleshoot

Applications are subjected to create a mess at any certain point in time. And if you use it regularly, then take special care to run without making further trouble. But there is no warranty or assurance. So be prepared to fix the issue if it becomes a barrier. Check below.

  • If the app is not opening, first check the network connectivity. If it's perfectly right, then move to the next solution.
  • Go to the settings of your device and remove the app cache and then try login again.
  • Visit the Play Store and upgrade the app if it's 6 months or above time old.
  • Check whether your device missed the recent update; if yes, then start the process.
  • Verify you are using the same login credentials of Amazon estore. If you are multi id users, go to the settings and deregister other ids.
  • Lastly, uninstall the app and reinstall it again to resume its service if it's still not working.

If you are a new reader, adopt a new reading habit, and want to know more about Amazon Kindle books, ask us. With the information, you can start your journey with free Amazon Kindle books.

FAQs: A Quick Informative Session

The process is extremely simple. Try it:

  • Open your Kindle app.
  • Click on the library.

If you access it from PC, double-click on the book cover; if you try from mobile, click on the book cover to download. You will get the notification once the download is done. Now enjoy the reading!

Yes. Amazon Kindle books app allows you to access millions of books in several genres. 

The books available on Amazon Kindle are free and do not charge a buck. But few exclusive books are there which will charge less than the market price to access the content.

Yes, you can. There are several genres you can download books on the Amazon Kindle app. Based on your preferences, you can arrange the books and create your own library. A search bar is there to quickly access the book you want to read among the collection of books.

Can I download movies from Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, you can download directly from the Amazon Prime Video app or use an Amazon Downloader.

Final Thoughts

There is a drastic turn in digital platforms, and Amazon Kindle books fuel up the concept of reading on digital platforms using any device with you. People change their habits and acquire new things to accommodate technical development. Free Amazon Kindle books provide a space in the reader's life where they can choose the comfort zone to read the book or magazine of their choice. Now readers can select the background theme, add footnotes while reading, and iOS users can exchange their thoughts in their community, all the benefits under a single banner, Amazon. When you're reading a book, music is an essential part of your entertainment. Let's have a look at Amazon Prime Music.