While clicking any picture, you try to capture the emotion or essence of the moments. Whether it is pure natural wildlife photography, any adventurous shot, street or wedding photography, or any random click, you always try to capture passing moments close to your heart to cherish them forever. So, even though you can't change any imperfection of any moment in your life while going back to that particular moment, you can easily make it perfect in your memories with the simple 3 methods of how to fix blurry pictures on multiple devices.

3 Methods to Fix Blurry Pictures on PC/Smartphone

No matter how casually you have clicked any image or how blurred your old image has become, using the 3 easy and effective methods, you can eliminate any blurriness, digital noise, or any other type of imperfection from any image. You can use any of these photo-enhancing methods for any commercial or personal purpose to add extra elegance to any image while eliminating all its imperfections.

How to Make Blurry Pictures Clear using DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

If you think that the photo-enhancing process needs lots of manual editing and professional technical skill, the smartest service of DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI proves you wrong. This software's automatic photo-enhancing AI algorithm will brighten up any blurry image in the blink of an eye. While upscaling any old, outdated, black & white blurry photo, you can customize pictures with professional perfection.

While enhancing any photo, you can enlarge any video by 300% from its original size with the DVDFab Enlarger AI. From improving the resolution of any image from 480 SD to 4K without compromising its original quality to balancing the saturation, contrast, and brightness, this tool provides the most natural-looking color correction option. This All-in-One tool works as the best Blu-ray ripper, DVD ripper, Video converter, & DVD to Blu-Ray converter.

So, before getting into the steps of how to make pictures' blurry sights clear, have a look at what kind of advanced features you can explore in the settings of the DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI.


  • Enhance any image up to 40X while enhancing resolution without compromising the pictures' original quality.
  • Any 2D/3D animated image can be enhanced.
  • Customize your photo with cartoon effects.
  • Add color to any black & white image.
  • Get crystal clarity to any image with DSLR-like quality.
  • Eliminate blurriness and digital noise and sharpen the edges of the image to make it crisp and clear.
  • You can enjoy the "preset" option to set your desired settings options for once, which will automatically apply to the image-enhancing process every time you use it.
  • Explore batch photo editing options with the fastest GPU acceleration.

How to fix blurry pictures in DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

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Step 1: Launch the photo enhancer on your PC; you must open the app to head to your required modules.

how to make a blurry picture clear using DVDFab?

Step 2: Start uploading the file containing photos that you like to enhance. Alternatively, you can use the "drag & drop" method to put your file in the "+" symbol area.

how to fix blurry pictures using DVDFab?

Step 3: Go for the settings option to customize your output profile, and before saving, preview all your selected adjustments to the image.

how to fix blurry pictures

Step 4: Select "Start to Process" to fix the blur in the image.

how to fix blurry pictures

Step 5: You can save the image in your computer's local storage or upload the enhanced image to the internet directly.

How to Make Blurry Pictures Clear with Mobile App Photoshop Express

As you often click moments through your smartphone, it will be easy and convenient for you to have the option to fix blurry pictures using the smart mobile app Photoshop Express. So, this mini Photoshop Editor is a compact version of Photoshop CC with all significant photo editing settings and features. So, let's see how this mobile application works to fix blurriness on any image. The best part of this mobile-friendly app is that you can use it anytime, anywhere, and get instant photo-enhancing benefits.

How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Mobile Apps

Step 1: Download the Photoshop Express app on your Android or iPhone from the Play store or App store.

Step 2:

To open the app on your mobile, you can either click on the "Open" option on the download page or use the app's shortcut through your phone's home screen.

Step 3: Head to the top toolbar "Menu" panel to select the blue pen-shaped "Magic Wand Tool" option. This tool will automatically clear your blurry image.

Step 4: Alternatively, you can use the slider below your image to adjust clarity manually as per your requirement.

How to Make Blurry Pictures Clear with the Online Tool RAW.PICS.IO

Suppose you want to experience any hassle-free and simple option to fix blurry images on any device. In that case, RAW.PICS.IO is one of the most organized free online photo enhancers with all advanced features and functions. Installation or registration hassle is not there in this tool. With this photo editor cum converter tool, you can sharpen and brighten any image in a few clicks to make it look vibrant. So, let's see how this online tool works to remove blurriness from any image.

How to Fix Blurry Pictures with Online Tool

Step 1: To open this online tool on your device, select the "START" option and add your desired digital photo to that you want to fix the blurriness.

Step 2: Go for one/more photos in the film strip at the bottom for sharpening.

Step 3: While opening the left sidebar, you must select the "Edit" option. Head to the right-side toolbar to select the "Sharpen" tool from other multiple tool options.

Step 4: Apply this "Sharpen" tool to your selected image to fix its blurriness.


Why do images get blurred?

  • Very slow shutter speed.
  • When you are not using a tripod.
  • Wrongly hold the camera position.
  • The aperture size is very large.
  • When the auto-focus option is off.
  • Auto-focus mode is wrong.
  • The camera lance needs to be adequately cleaned.

What are the advantages of a photo enhancer?

  • Build your brand
  • To increase sale
  • Getting popularity on social media platforms.
  • Create attraction to social media marketing.
  • Use the same images for different purposes with multiple customizations.

What are the basic things to focus on while enhancing images?

  • Crop the image while cleaning the edges
  • Adjustment of Whiteness
  • Balancing exposure & contrast
  • Color vibrancy & saturation adjustment

Final Feed

Photo enhancer has become an essential part of your life to provide perfection in your digital world, including photos and videos. To enhance the quality of your photo, knowing how to fix blurry pictures can help you do the job on your own without any professional assistance. However, when a manual photo-enhancing process needs lots of skills and technicality, with the automatic AI algorithm of DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI, you can do it with your fingertips without professional photo editing knowledge.