Ultra high resolution image is not far from us with the help of artificial intelligence. We can increase image resolution to revive old photos and make blurry images more clear with the best free low resolution image to high resolution converter.

Table of Contents:

1. What is image resolution and why to increase it?

What is the meaning of image resolution? Image resolution is expressed as PPI, meaning pixels displayed per inch of an image. The higher the resolution is, the more pixels per inch and the better quality an image is of. What is the highest resolution? 8K resolution is the best image resolution, which refers to a display resolution with a width of 8000 pixels or so. And the standard resolution for web images in 72 PPI, which is also called screen resolution. For a horizontal image, 1024 pixels wide is required to ensure a better display effect.

Why is image resolution important? Super high resolution image is widely favored by users since Hi-res image enables people to witness more details they want in a picture. Besides this, another reason to make image resolution crucial is image resolution has much to do with good printing quality. Namely, the higher the resolution is, the more beautiful and professional an image will look. So why not make efforts to increase image resolution? Here this post, I will inform you of some common ways to make image high resolution and introduce some high-tech methods to get ultra high resolution image.

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

2. Common ways to make image high resolution

In order to enhance image resolution, the common ways we use to increase image resolution is to adjust the value of height and width, together with some other auxiliary tools like filters, etc. Here are some low resolution image to high resolution converters you may have tried or heard of. Follow me to have a look at them.

  • Photoshop (Mac): Come to this image resolution changer, click “Image” > “Image Size” and “Filter” > “Noise”/“Sharpen” to make an image higher resolution.
  • PineTools (Online): Adjust the size of the convolution mask and strength; click the button of “Sharpen” to make an image higher resolution.
  • iPhoto (iPhone/iPod): Use the Brushes in this photo resizer and High Strokers option to improve image resolution.
  • Fix Photo Blur (Android): Look for options of Fix Blur, Details, Focus and Fix Noise to increase resolution of image.
  • PHOJOE.com: A website to increase image resolution with $39 charged

Increase Image Resolution

  • PhotoWorks (Windows): This iamge resolution enhancer allows you to correct exposure level and color balance, and increase sharpness and remove unwanted objects to convert low resolution image to high resolution.
  • Snapseed (iOS/Android): Click “Tune Image” and adjust the values of brightness, contrast, highlights, saturation and shadows to increase image resolution.
  • Ultra Light (iOS): 22 filters are embedded in this image resolution changer. You can change the saturation and temperature value to convert image to high resolution.
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android): Image editing tools such as highlights, contrast, shadows, clarity, dehaze, etc. can be found under the option of “Develop” to increase image resolution.
  • Fotor: This image resolution changer helps you set the tune, color, vignette, curves and image size to make image high resolution.

Apart from these image resolution converters, you may have more options I have not mentioned. But without the support of artificial intelligence, your method of increasing image resolution online or offline still has space of improvement. In order to assist you to get super high resolution image, let’s increase image resolution online and offline with AI. There are some wonderful tools to convert low resolution image to high resolution deserving your attention.

3. Increase image resolution online

Let’s Enhance

  • Price: 5 free images to try once (make image higher resolution no more than 2x)
  • $12/month for 100 images; $32/month for 300 images; $34/month for 500 images 
  • Supported image formats: png, jfif, pjpeg, jpeg, pjp, jpg, bmp, dib, webp

Super High Resolution Image


  • Use powerful AI to enhance image resolution
  • Change image resolution without quality loss
  • Upscale images up to 16x (paid)
  • 100% automatic and fast
  • Display better textures, colors, resolution and quality
  • Helpful for printing, e-commerce, photography and real-estate


  • Five free trials to increase image resolution
  • Increase image resolution online with registration
  • Low speed to convert low resolution image to high resolution online

How to make high resolution image with Let’s Enhance:

  • Come to the official website of this image resolution enhancer
  •  Log in with your YouTube or Facebook account
  • Upload your image of lower resolution
  • Choose one upscale type and select an upscaling size
  • Click “Start processing” to increase image resolution

Convert Low Resolution Image to High Resolution

Let’s Enhance is not the only way to convert low resolution image to high resolution online. Besides this image resolution changer, more image editors like Online-Image-Editor, Pixlr, BeFunky, Fotor, Adobe Spark, Lunapic, PicMoney and Cana you can use to get 4K image resolution. But free online tools always have multiple limits to stop you from getting the highest resolution image. They are put in the shade in terms of stability and function, especially in free version, compared with offline image resolution converter. Thus, another image resolution enhancer on Windows I am going to introduce may be your best choice.

4. Convert image to high resolution offline with AI

In order to assist you to increase image resolution free and without any limitations, there is a Windows image editor empowered by artificial intelligence of great help. DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI allows you to edit 5 images totally free and it contains four modes, including PhotoPerfect, Enlarge, Sharpen and Denoise, to convert image to high resolution based on your diverse needs.


Change image resolution to make them as good as shot by a Pro with DSLR camera


Enlarge images up to 40x with super-resolution and recover details intelligently


Make image higher resolution by removing motion blurs and out-of-focus blurs


Remove noises from images while adding more details for clear effects

How to Make High Resolution Image

Here, let’s take “Enlarge” mode as example to show you how to make higher resolution image with this image editor.

  • Download and install DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI Windows
  • Click the button of “Enlarge” and wait for AI model download
  • Open image(s) or drag your file(s) directly to this image resolution enhancer
  • Select a display mode: either “Split” or “Side by Side”
  • Scale up the image, suppress noise, remove blur and adjust brightness, saturation and contrast
  • Increase image resolution until you are satisfied
  • Click the button of “Save”
  • Name your file and choose output format (png, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff)

Low Resolution Image to High Resolution Converter

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is the easiest way to increase image resolution. Supported by artificial intelligence, it is a class act in image definition improvement. Follow him to learn how to create a high resolution image and upscale your files free and fast.

5. Conclusion

How to convert image to high resolution and increase image resolution free and fast? Adjusting the height and width of a photo only is not viable. We need the best low resolution image to high resolution converter to add more details while enlarging a photo. We require to remove background noise, luminance noise and chroma noise as well reduce motion blur and out-of-focus blur. DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is qualified to finish all the task. So turn to this AI image editor for help and learn how to make a high resolution image free.

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