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KastorSoft launched the All Video Downloader app from the "Entertainment" category. It is a free software to download videos and movies from all content streaming websites to stream them offline. So, you don't have to face slow internet, big files, and too many data consumption charges problems. Not only downloading, but users can also use it to convert videos into the required formats for free. It will let you watch your desired videos on your PC or Android mobile phone at your preferred time. All video downloader apk is compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and hundreds of other websites. 

It comes with a by default web searching browser to find the required videos efficiently. Applying it on a video streaming platform will directly catch the playing video and ask you to download it. You can see the downloading status and restart the downloading paused due to the slow internet connection. Yet it will also let you see the download history and disable the video privacy settings. Thus, all video downloader is just not a downloader, but much more than this. 

Go through this article to learn every detail about this great and free app. We have enlisted its unique features, pros, cons, and best alternatives if it is not working at some places.

All Video Downloader: Features, Pros, Cons & Downloading Method


  • Fast, easy, and attractive interface

All video downloader, also known as AVD, come to serve users downloading videos from any website. Millions of users have utilized it on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Facebook to grab their desired clips for offline viewing. While browsing the internet for your preferred video may take a lot of time, using all video downloaders will not let you face failure at any stage. It has an exceptional searching functionality that supports users to find their required video while just entering its name. 

This software is excellent from many perspectives. In finding, it supports you to filter out platforms to skip the inappropriate or malicious content. It will support you to download videos at any time on a Wi-fi connection. So, getting offline videos using it never cares about slow internet, heavier files, data charges, etc. Furthermore, you will never be interrupted by passing through the ads while downloading content.

  • Easy to use

Unlike other downloaders of the same services like Snaptube and Video Downloader Ultimate, AVD comes with a clear user interface. The users only have to paste video URLs or write the name of their song to import them to their device. Its batch processing algorithms make it easy to search multiple clips simultaneously. However, users can also specify the number of outputs to show you, view mode, search mode, and desired websites.

After completing the downloading process, it will show all details of the film's name, progress, status, remaining time, etc. To start the encrypting and downloading procedure, you only specify the location and the output format.

  • A vast library of videos

As already discussed, it is not easy to search for the required videos out of the trillions on the internet. But this tool's searching support will permit you to get your targeted video quickly. Users only need to paste the video link into its search bar and select the needed one from the showing results. All video downloader also filters out the material according to your preferences to show the exact output. Its interface will allow you to preview the video before clicking on the download button.

  • Smooth video downloading experience 

The batch downloading support allows you to add more than one link to find and download simultaneously. Also, it offers a Flash or external video player to stream your videos before getting them offline. The program also permits you to see the detail of the related clips. It will help you change the default setting to mention the maximum number of allowed downloads and conversions.

The "setting menu" allows organizing proxy settings and turning off the window animations. It will provide the actual multimedia to experience the high-quality output. It's fast downloading, and conversion engines never cause lagging problems, crashes, pop-ups, and other annoyances.

  • Multiple file formats

All video downloader is a standalone video grabbing program compatible with multiple video and audio file formats, including AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc. It provides configurable settings for iPad, iPhone, PSP, PS3, and other special devices. However, you can also perform manual configuration of file size, applied codecs, and frames per second. All video downloaders offer a smooth user experience, fast downloading and conversion speed, direct video searching ability, and more for free.


  • All videos downloader provide direct video searching support.
  • It supports multiple file formats that can run on almost all devices.
  • It can operate on all video streaming platforms with a clear and smooth user interface.


  • The free version only supports two videos downloading at one time.
  • It shows ads and requires heavy system resources.
  • It will not automatically delete the downloaded videos from the software download list.

How to use All Video Downloader free download?

all video downloader:How to use All Video Downloader free download?

  • Open all video downloaders and click on the in-built web browser to go to the website where you want to download.
  • Search for the required video and play it.
  • The program will display a downloading icon; click on it to proceed.

What's new in All Video Downloader?

all video downloader:What's new in All Video Downloader?

The latest released version of all video downloaders is 9.8.4.

Features of the new version

  • All video downloaders have many further improvements and adjustments in the latest version.

Best Alternative to All Video Downloaders

From the above discussion, we have seen that all video downloader is an excellent program to extract required videos from video playing websites. However, despite its unlimited pros, we can also see that the software fails to work on some websites. It is great but not excellent for high expectations. So, you may need to search for an alternative for your high-end downloading needs. Here we will recommend only one solution, known as StreamFab All-In-One, which does not care for limitations.

StreamFab Video Downloader

Price: Free, $139.99

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

This premium downloader manager supports all streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, Paramout+ and 1000+ others. Its multilingual support will allow users to choose their language preferences without hassle.

Being an exclusive downloader, Streamfab video downloader will let you access Apple TV+, Discovery+, Rakuten TV, Disney+, and others. Furthermore, you can access Rakuten TV with its free trial. The program was launched after complete testing against malware and trojans. 

You can use it to download movies, TV dramas, and songs from any platform. It will let you extract subtitles automatically into mp4 format. If you are tv fans and know the releasing date of upcoming episodes, this program will allow you to download those series. It is best to add preferred TV shows to a planned queue to download at another time.

Its pro package permits you to grab content for more than four screens. However, you have to watch them before they expire. It provides video downloading in HD and Ultra HD formats. Based on your membership plan, you can utilize StreamFab on different devices. It will let you enjoy content offline and send it to any other device without compromising compatibility. This video download is also another optimal choice to download MP4 movies.

This simple YouTube downloader makes downloading content kids play. All output will be saved in actual quality to stream without converting. In addition, StreamFab provides top-notch audio download and mobile applications. You will get an entire movie within a maximum of 15 minutes. Its one-month money return guarantee will return your amount in case of dissatisfaction. If you want to view the video online before downloading, utilize its preview support. 


  • Apply this amazing program on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, and more than 1000 video streaming websites.
  • The default browser delivers a better download experience with the permission to choose preferred audio and video quality.
  • You can save the downloaded clips on an mp4 file.
  • It removes ads and downloads subtitles in the mother language.
  • You can even remux subtitles into videos or save them in SRT format.
  • The auto-downloading feature will work to download the latest released episodes automatically at the set time.
  • You can use it to download multiple clips at a fast speed.
  • It will let you download meta information and shift your download into a Blu-ray converter.
  • The users can use it to download YouTube videos in multiple resolutions ranging from 720p up to 8K.
  • Furthermore, it is also best to shift YouTube videos to MP3 files of more than 320 kbps.

How to use StreamFab video downloader to download videos?

  • Open StreamFab on your system, windows, or Mac.

all video downloader:StreamFab Video Downloader

  • Go to the "Streaming Service" tab and select your streaming service.

all video downloader:StreamFab Video Downloader

  • Login to your account and stream the videos that should be downloaded.

all video downloader:StreamFab Video Downloader

  • Select the desired audio quality and subtitle of your mother language.

all video downloader:StreamFab Video Downloader

  • Start the downloading after hitting the "Download" button.

all video downloader:StreamFab Video Downloader


All video downloader is the best tool to grab all formats of videos and social media clips quickly. Within 1-2 clicks, you can extract HD videos from any social media or other video streaming platform. But it also has specific limitations that may stop you at any stage from using it. So, in such a situation, you should look for the StreamFab video downloader, which is non-stop and free from any restrictions. It will work exactly per your needs regarding the number of downloading or format choices. You can also use this video downloader to download blob video.