Audials lets you record DRM-free videos and is a go-to choice for music enthusiasts, but Audials is not free to use. High-quality recordings, fast navigation, and convenient auto-downloads of ad-free video sum up Audials, but is this all available in the Audials free trial version as well? Will the free trial version give you a clear and transparent view of the software, or will it leave you disheartened? 

Before you proceed with the Audials download, spare some time and be with us to understand what the 'free trial' will bring you. We will explore the free offerings and the Audials free trial limitations for an honest review. 

audials free trial

How to Get Audials Free Trial?

Audials One 2024 free trial is available on the official website. You can visit the Audials website to get the free trial by following these steps:

Note: Audials doesn't support Mac system, so the Audials Free trial is unavailable for Mac users. Please use your Win device to get the free trial chance. 

Go to the Audials website, download the software.
Launch Audials on your device, you can create your Audials account to activate the free trial.
Then, you can enjoy the trial to use Audials streaming recording for free.

What are the Audials Free Trial Limitations?

Audials free trial is a great way to understand the functioning and access all the program's features. However, it is not devoid of limitations. Premium features like high-quality recording, speedy downloads, etc., need a paid subscription to unlock. Let's learn about the Audials free trial limitations:

Limited Recording Length

While the free trial version of Audials allows you to record your video content, it has limited recording capabilities. Audials will enable you to record only up to 10 minutes and 25 files and convert up to 2 minutes in length. 

It is even limited to only a single audio stream you can record simultaneously. Hence, a premium subscription is necessary to record full-length videos or numerous audio streams simultaneously. 

Restrictions on Output Quality

Audials free trial limitations are also applicable to video recording features and capabilities. For instance, if you want to record a video in 4k UHD resolution, you cannot do so in the demo version, as the maximum recording resolution is restricted to 720p HD only

Unskippable Advertisements 

Sadly, the Audials free trial cannot skip ads, hindering smooth viewing experience and program usage. 

How to Use Audials During Free Trial?

Now you know the best way to avail of the Audials free trial and its limitations. Still, if you want to proceed with the process of recording videos with Audials, here's how you can do so. 

Launch Audials after you have successfully gotten your hands on the free trial or demo version. 
Move to Audials' Video Streaming Section. Search for any streaming service from which you want to record and enjoy the video titles. 

audials free trial: how to use 

Go to the format icon displayed on your bottom screen and select a desired video format.
Once you are satisfied with your chosen output parameters, tap the Record button. 

Audials free trial can be an excellent way to understand the program's features. Still, the Audials free trial limitation does not leave a fruitful impact on the viewers, making them search for a better alternative. When we have the best one in hand, why settle for less? You can try StreamFab Video Downloader to boost your video-watching experience. 

StreamFab Video Downloader: Better Free Trial to Audials 

Better Free Trial to Audials: streamfab

Provides a better free trial to Audials as it lets you access the full functions during the trial that give you a clear picture of the software. Most importantly, unlike Audials, even Mac users can use StreamFab Video Downloader for an obstruction-free viewing experience.  


 Key features
  • Downloads videos from 40+ OTT and 1000+ online sites, even DRM protected are also supported.
  • Excellent download quality of up to 8K UHD and EAC 3 5.1 audio tracks
  • Save your downloaded videos/audio in MP4/MKV/MP3 formats
  • Preselect audio and subtitle language and resolution choice for your offline customization
  • Allows to schedule time to downloads new episodes automatically
  • Remove ads during the downloading procedures for a better offline experience

Operation Steps

Download and launch StreamFab Video Downloader on your system and enter the main interface of the software.
Navigate to the Explore section or Streaming Services and choose your desired site or platform. 

Better Free Trial to Audials: streamfab 

Select and play a desired video on the chosen site and customize the video parameters like resolution, subtitle language, audio track, etc.  

 Better Free Trial to Audials: streamfab

As the video plays, it will download automatically in the background. You can even check the download progress in the Downloading section.

The Bottom Line

Audials free trial is a great attempt to understand the software's offerings and watch your favorite videos from leading OTT platforms. However, the Audials free trial limitations often restrict a seamless and smooth video viewing experience.

So, users prefer a better, reliable, and versatile alternative that actually gives a transparent view of the software's functions. Here, you can try StreamFab Video Downloader and improve your entertainment experience.