According to a news press released by the Independent, Videoder video downloader is a video download solution developed by an India-based company. It’s designed to help people who have demands for video download to solve their problems. Also, it’s considered as a count measure against the high data cost that derives from watching online videos.  Compared with frequently surfing on the Internet to watch videos, offline watching can be more cost-effective as well as excellent with regard to usage experience.

Videoder video downloader, once launched in a couple of years ago, has seized a great portion of market both in local India and anywhere else. Very few of products can match it including DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3. People who have used this program often give positive comments, such as “powerful download function”, “very fluent experience” and so on. Actually, there are reasons as to why this program has made such a great success on the basis of sales and popularity. It now has installers both for laptop and android mobiles. To download any of them, just search keywords like "videoder downloader android" or "videoder video downloader apk" in the explorer, and you will find what you want. Now, let’s find it out what they are and what they mean to common users like us.


During my using this videoder music and video downloader, I do find a couple of advantages besides its videoder downloader android version. They basically constitute the edge of this program and become a source of constantly attracting more users to accept it as their best video downloader.

Simple to use

One of its best features, according to my usage experience, is its easy operation. Like Free MP3 Finder, You don’t have to go through a lot of procedures before you get your job done. Actually, downloading a video with this program only takes three steps. First, copy the URL of the video you want to download, and paste it on the search bar, a bar-shape area which is located on top of the main interface;

videoder - paste url

then, click “Download” button next to the search bar; third, choose a format and resolution among a couple of choices, and click the arrow-shape button to download this video.

videoder - format and resolution

See? It’s very simple, and won’t take too much effort to understand and operate. Even a teenager, at a normal circumstance, could also quickly master the tricks, not to mention adults who, in terms of both intelligence and experience, outmatches a teenager by a landslide.

Also, this videoder music and video downloader, according to its official announcement, supports key word search. That is to say, you can type part of the video’s name in its search bar, click “Enter” on your keyboard, and the program will give you the search result. This method is also very simple and could be mastered without any difficulties. Just pick one that suits you better.

Clear and clean interface

the main interface of this videoder youtube downloader is very concise and clean. There are no redundant elements in it, but all useful buttons that frequently come in handy. I like this design very much. It not only adds to its simplicity for use, but also provides a beauty that only a simple design can deliver.  An appealing appearance, as far as I’m concerned, is also important, though not equally important as its practicability, and should be strengthen in order to give users better visual experience.

This design is also manifested in the lay-out of the buttons. They are organized in a very logic way. By “logic”, I mean their arrangement caters to the common habits of most users, rather than go against them.  The menu bar in the left side can clearly present to you their functions and responsibilities, and they are from top to bottom arranged on the basis of importance. In the process of using this buttons, I have met no such difficulties as unable to find where certain buttons are, couldn’t figure it out what one button stand for, and so on. In conclusion, this design brings many conveniences for users and can be a highlight among its many features.

videoder - layout

What’s more, this videoder music and video downloader, unlike other relevant products, doesn’t have any in-built ads as an additional profiting source. During my using this program, I never see any fixed ads on its main interface or those that pop up from time to time. Therefore, the experience is extremely good. You don’t have to worry about any ads, both benign and malicious. 

More than 1000 websites for video download

One of the reasons why I chose this videoder youtube downloader as my video download tool is its claimed compatibility with more than one thousand websites.  The first sight of this advertisement captured my eyes deeply. After all, there are very few products that are capable of doing this. If it were true, I would have much wider range of choices for video download, thus higher chance of discovering my target compared those who only support dozens of and even less websites in this matter.

In my later use, I did find this videoder youtube downloader supports a lot more websites for video download than many others. Among those websites are not only most popular and most visited social video outlets such as YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo, but also less known ones like Soundcloud, Liveleak and Viu.  To see if the website you want to download videos from is supported by this program, click the “View all” button below the search bar, and it will display part of websites it is compatible with. To see all of them, click “View all 1000+ websites”, and your explorer will be opened automatically, directing you to a new website where all the 1000+ websites are listed.

It’s free

In a commercial society where every item, no matter how menial its value is, will cost a portion of money which you earned hard. If there are free commodities that are accessible for everyone, we will probably feel it more like a blessing from God than a favor given by our peers.

Actually, this videoder music and video downloader is such a commodity that doesn’t cost you anything except a small quantity of data for downloading its installer from its official website. It’s a good news for those who don’t want to pay for such a tool as they often do for other necessities. In a sense, video download is not as important and immediately essential as other necessities such as food, clothes and many others. So, it makes sense that many people don’t want to pay for such entertainment at the expense for their funds which could have been used to do more important and pressing things.

As far as I’m concerned, students, a class of people which, to a large extent, don’t have much money at their disposal, would be benefited most from this free video downloader.  They are allowed to focus on their own business, namely study, while given a free access to downloading music to relax themselves. This could be helpful both to their study and lives. Besides, a free video downloader is also needed by people who, instead of downloading videos frequently, rarely use it, since he only needs to use it once. Signing up for a membership or subscribing a premium service only for a one-off job could be unfair and improper for those people.  


I have to say this downloader is very excellent in terms of its some features. However, I do find some flaws of it during my using this program. Now, let’s see what they are and what negative influences they could have on our daily use.

An incompetent player

We download video because we want to play them and watch them in the end. This logic suits to most of them. To play videos, an in-built player is necessary for a video downloader. In fact, this program does have a player. You can use it to preview the source to see if it is what you want to download before you take actions.

videoder - preview function

I have to say this design has its merits. With this player, you don’t have to worry about that you may download the wrong video which, if possible, could have bad influence on your work as well as represent a waste of time. However, as I just said, we download videos, because we want to watch them. This player has no more than a preview function, which is not capable of playing those downloaded videos. To play them, you have to turn to a third-party player. that’s what I often complain about. I don’t want to take so much trouble to play a video. I want this downloader to be a player as well. Unfortunately, my demands cannot be satisfied currently, and I have to bear this annoying weakness in the days to come.

A useless explorer

According to its announcement, the search bar is also an in-built explorer which you can use to search videos without opening the website that videos comes from. If it truly acts like what they say, then it would be much easier to search videos. Fortunately, it doesn’t.

When I type in a singer or a song’s name and click “Enter” on my keyboard, the program always warns me of failed search results. Even though I tried it again and again, the situation doesn’t change. And I have to give it up and adopt the URL method only. Although it doesn’t do much harm on my usage experience, I still fell unsatisfied that it doesn’t do what it says.

Also, there is another defect about this explorer. Below the search bar is a list of websites which this program is compatible with for video download. When I click one of them, the in-built explorer doesn’t work at all. Instead, my explorer in my laptop open itself automatically, directing me to this very website.  This causes much trouble for me and brings inconveniences that would have been unnecessary. The normal logic should require that when I click certain website, it should be opened by the in-built explorer instead of my own explorer. If it can’t act like this, then what’s the point of its existence?  If it can’t bring me conveniences, but cause me a lot of troubles, why should I need it?

videoder - list of websites

No batch download

Batch download is essential, when it comes to video download, especially when the number of videos is very large.  If you just want to download a couple of videos, this feature may seem unnecessary. But when you want to download a whole playlist or album which consists of hundreds of videos, then this feature becomes indispensable.

The free version of this program, however, doesn’t have such feature. When I input the URL of a YouTube playlist, it often reminds me of failed search result. So, to download a whole playlist, I have to type in the URL of each of video one by one, which, as I can imagine, is impossible and, of course, unnecessary.  I can’t waste my precious time in such meaningless things, neither do you. if you are looking for a video downloader with batch download feature, this download is absolutely out of your option.

Incompatible with many websites

As I mentioned before, the number of websites a video downloader is compatible with is an important consideration when people decide which downloader they are going to choose. According to this program, it supports more than one thousand websites, a prominent number that seems to most of users. however, after I tested it myself, the result suggests otherwise.

Below the search bar is a list of websites which this program claims it supports. When I click a couple of them including Viu, Facebook and FunnyOrDie, the most recommended websites by this program, and paste the URL of videos from these websites and click “Enter” on my keyboard, the search results are all of them failed feedback. I don’t know why this is happening. I do a couple of trials on other websites which this program claims it supports, the final result is always the same. Only YouTube is fully supported by this program at last.

So I bet the more than one thousand websites is nothing but a stunt that aims to attract users’ attention. In reality, it is far from being so competent as it claims.  If you trust its advertisement and download it for this reason, the chances are that you will be let down in the end.


Even though I must give its credit for its many good features, I still feel unsatisfied about this Videoder video downloader. It is not that good as it says, which I have a problem with in particular. Is there a really competent alternative that do what it says and doesn’t go wrong like Videoder video downloader does? Actually, there is. DVDFab Video Download is such a tool whose performance is consistent with its announcement and outperforms many products including Videoder video downloader in many aspects. Now, let’s see what are its advantages and what they mean to us.

In-built player

As I have said before, a qualified in-built player not only is capable of previewing, but also playing videos that have been downloaded. You can’t count users download a third-party player to do the playback work, which is not realistic. In the case of DVDFab Video Downloader, it fully overcomes this problem by adding a really competent in-built player.

As we can see, this player is as good as many other third-party players with a set of buttons which we commonly use, such as play/pause, volume control, current playlist, add to favorite and so on. So, basically it has no difference from the common players. With it, you don’t worry about that you can’t play the downloaded videos anymore.

videoder - in-built player

A functional explorer

In the main interface of this program is also a search bar which can serve as an in-built explorer. Unlike Videoder video downloader, this explorer is fully functional. When you type in a song from YouTube, and click “Enter” on your keyboard, it will give you valid results immediately.

dvdfab video downloader - in-built explorer

Also, below the search bar is a list of websites this program claims it supports. When you click one of them, their main interface will be showed by the in-built explorer instead of by your own explorer. This could be very helpful as it saves your trouble of switching between different explorers.

Turbo-speed button

This is a download acceleration feature, which, when you turn it on during download process, will increase your download speed to 10 fold.

dvdfab video downloader - turbo speed

Do not ignore this rate, it is more important than you can imagine. According to the math, a ten-hour download task will be completed in one hour using this program. Or let me put it in this way, in the same period of time, this function can let you download videos ten times the number of that in usual times.

This could be translated to great increase of efficiency as well as tremendous decrease of time which, in the eyes of most people, are of great importance.

Customizable options for quality

It often bothers me that the quality of the downloaded videos is, from time to time, inconsistent with expected results. This kind of work brings me a lot of trouble and I have decided to get over it completely.

DVDFab Video Downloader, according to its advertisement, is capable of providing multiple choices with regard to video quality, which seems to be an ideal choice for me and my tasks. So I personally gave it a try and confirmed its claim. According to my use experience, this program, when being used to download YouTube videos, will, on a normal condition, give you a couple of choices for quality, ranging from 144P to 4320P, a feature that is very practical for users.

dvdfab video downloader - quality

Download and Installment

To install this program in your device, find its installer on the product page of its official website, click “Free Download”. Choose a directory, and click “save”, then installer it according to the instructions.

dvdfab video downloader - installer


DVDFab Video Downloader, compared with Videoder video downloader, is much better in many aspects. Most importantly, it is trustful because it does what it says and seldom goes wrongs. If you are particular about precision and performance, nothing could be better than DVDFab Video Downloader.