Can you download Netflix movies and shows on a laptop? Yes! The Netflix app for Windows is available for free to download from the Microsoft Store, but it is not free to download movies! 

The subscription plan is required for users who want to download movies and shows from Netflix on their laptops or download Netflix movies on Mac.

Download Netflix Movies On Laptop

However, although you paid to subscribe, not all content on Netflix can be downloaded. Moreover, you have to watch the downloaded videos within 48 hours, otherwise, they will expire due to Netflix's content protection rule.

Can You Download Netflix Movies on Laptop: Official

Although you will face a lot of limitations by using this way to download Netflix 4K movies and TV shows on a laptop, there are still a lot of users who need this solution, thanks to its convenience and being supported by Netflix officially. Therefore, in the following guide, we'll explain how to use Netflix's official download feature step by step.

Traditional steps to download Netflix movies on laptop

Before starting downloading movies or shows from Netflix, you need the latest version of the Netflix app on your device, otherwise, the downloading procedures might crackdown.
Step 1

Open the app on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 device and select "Menu" on your laptop.

Step 2

Depending on your device, choose from options like "Find Something to Download" or "Available for Download".

downloading netflix movies on laptop

Step 3

Select a TV show or movie, and then tap the "Download" arrow to initiate the download. If you're downloading a TV show, you will see a "Download" option next to each episode, while Android users can opt to "Download Season" to save time.

downloading netflix movies on laptop

It is recommended to download over Wi-Fi to minimize data usage. With a membership plan, you can have up to 100 active downloads per device on multiple devices.

This method is safe and officially supported, but not the best. Netflix did not active the full authorization to stream video. The main 3 shortcomings are as follows:

❌ Why the traditional method is not perfect
  • Not all Netflix movies can be downloaded on your device.
  • The downloaded movies and shows will expire after a certain period.
  • You can only watch the movies and shows via the official Netflix app for Mac, Win, and mobile.
  • Once your subscription plan ends, you are blocked from accessing movies and shows on Netflix anymore.

How to Download Netflix Movies on Laptop Without Limitation?

In order to help you download all their favorite Netflix movies and TV series on laptop or other devices permanently, Netflix Downloader comes in handy. To save your time, we generate a form to compare among those solutions.

Comparison Among Those Solutions

Our team took some time to experience these solutions to download Netflix movies and shows on laptop, and compiled a comparison sheet on using experience, including speed, format, quality, etc.

All the results are tested and reviewed by our team. Any unauthorized copy is prohibited. If you want to recite our experience as a reference, please contact the editor to get authorization.
  StreamFab Netflix Downloader Cleverget Netflix Downloader Anystream Video Downloader
Batch mode YES YES NA
Video quality and Bitrate 1080P/2547K 1080P/2547K 1080P/NA
Format MP4/MKV MP4/MKV MP4 Only
HDR Effect YES HDR10 & Dolby Vision NO Dobly digital surround sound
Time to download
(2h3min full movie & 13 episodes)
9min 18s
6 min
12min 42s
 3 min 50s
Meta info Collection, Season, Track name, Description, Writing application, Cover, Part_ID Writing application Movie name, Season, Track name, Part_ID, Description
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StreamFab Netflix Video Downloader

can you download netflix movies on laptop

StreamFab Netflix Downloader

With this Netflix video downloader, you can effortlessly download Netflix movies on laptop in 1080P HDR and Dobly effect.
  • Download movies and shows on Netflix from all regional sites permanently
  • Download Netflix movies/shows as 1080P videos with HDR10 or Dolby Vision
  • Download either the H.264 or H.265 versions of the Netflix movies and shows
  • Spare you from ads interruptions with Netflix movies and TV shows
  • Save Netflix movies in MP4/MKV files to play on any device
  • Batch mode and fast speed to download movies on Netflix simultaneously
  • Get Netflix movie downloads with your best-suited subtitles & metadata.

Follow the below steps to learn how to use StreamFab Netflix Downloader.

Step 1

Download the Netflix video downloader

Download and open the Netflix video downloader. Open the Netflix website from the supported services.

how to download netflix movies on laptop

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Next, log in to your Netflix account and search for your favorite movies or shows. 

how to download movies on netflix can you download netflix movies on laptop

Step 3

Customize the file

Once you click on the Netflix movie or show, StreamFab will analyze the content to let you select the video quality, audio, and subtitle, as per your requirement to download the movie.

how to download movies on netflix can you download netflix movies on laptop

Step 4

Click the download button

After customization, you can download Netflix movies on laptop right now or add them to the Downloading Queue.

CleverGet Netflix Downloader

CleverGet is also a feasible tool to download Netflix movies and shows on your laptop and save them in MP4 format to share with others. If you are a new user, you can have download 3 videos for free.

Note: CleverGet could recognize and parse target Netflix video URL only when it has opened the target video playback page. So, make sure you have been on the playback page of the target video before you let CleverGet parse the target video URL.

How to download movies on Netflix on laptop with Cleverget?

Step 1

Open CleverGet. Login with your Netflix account, and locate the target Netflix video URL.

how to download movies on netflix

Step 2

Choose the downloading options, such as episodes, quality, format, etc.

how to download movies on netflix can you download netflix movies on laptop

Step 3

Confirm 'Download' icon to check our the video your are currently downloading. 

how to download movies on netflix can you download netflix movies on laptop

* For a more comprehensive review, please see: Quick Review of Cleverget 2023: Know More before Download

Anystream Video Downloader

Have you ever missed a Netflix movie due to expired content? Anystream is another popular assistant to download movies and series from Netflix on your Laptop in mp4 files, before you download, you need a valid streaming account to get the content. 

How to download netflix movies on laptop via Anystream Video Downloader?

Step 1

Open Anystream, and log into your streaming service account. Find the video you want to download.

how to download netflix movies on laptop

Step 2

Once Anystream finishes the ‘Analyze Procedures’ of the video, there will be a customization window asking you to choose the video format. 

how to download movies on netflix can you download netflix movies on laptop

Step 3

During downloading, you can see the downloading speed and expected time it takes.

how to download movies on netflix can you download netflix movies on laptop

* For a more comprehensive review, please see: AnyStream Review: Features, Pros & Cons and Alternative


What are Smart Downloads on Netflix?

Smart Download is a feature that is switched on by default and assists you to save space by removing TV episodes you have watched. It will also download automatically the next available episode the next time you link to Wi-Fi. 

Can I Download Netflix Movies on My MacBook?

Unfortunately, Netflix does not support downloading TV shows and movies for offline viewing on Mac, because there is no official app for Netflix on Mac. But you can use a Netflix video downloader like StreamFab to download Netflix content on your Mac.

How Many Devices Are Supported Simultaneously When I Download Movies on Netflix?

Users can sometimes face issues while downloading movies and shows on Netflix. There might be a couple of reasons why users might have trouble downloading movies and shows on their laptops from Netflix and the number of devices that users can have downloads on is restricted by the plan they are subscribed to.

Plan Device Price Video qualiry
Basic plan 1 $9.99/mo 720p
Standard plan 2 $15.49/mo 1080p
Premium plan 4 $19.99/mo 4k

If users have reached their device limit, they will need to eliminate the devices linked to their Netflix account in order to begin downloading content on their laptops.

How many Movies Can I Download from Netflix?

Netflix has a restriction of 100 downloads for every device. If you have reached this cap on your device, you will require to remove titles in order to make a memory for new content.


In a nutshell, you just had a look at the how-to-watch Netflix movies and shows on the Netflix Windows and how to download Netflix movies on laptop. In addition to this, you also had a look at StreamFab, which is a great tool that helps you download all your favorite content from Netflix on laptop. This software comes with different features and is ideal for users who wish to download content for offline viewing.