Horror movies have a separate fan base amongst the movie buffs. But it takes an intense story creating fear and haunting to stand up to the expectations of ardent horror movie fans.  One such release that is now a cult classic in the gothic horror genre is 1992’s epic, Candyman HBO Max which inspired its sequel to release after almost three decades in 2021. 

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Candyman 2021 HBO Max: Storyline, Cast, and Info!

candyman hbo max:Candyman 2021 HBO Max: Storyline, Cast, and Info!

Released on 27th August 2021, Candyman 2021 HBO Max is a direct sequel to the 1992 hit horror thriller movie, Candyman, which starred Tony Todd in the titular role as the main antagonist, Candyman. 

HBO Max Candyman: Candyman Franchise

The Candyman series is inspired by Clive Barker’s short story, The Forbidden, published in 1985. Since 1992, 4 movies in the Candyman franchise have been directed with Tony Todd reprising the role as Candyman in each.

  • Candyman: 1992
  • Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh: 1995 
  • Candyman: Day of the Dead: 1999
  • Candyman: 2021

The basic highlights of the Candyman 2021 HBO Max include:

  • Director: Nia DaCosta
  • Producer: Ian Cooper, Win Rosenfeld, Jordan Peele
  • Star Casts: 
  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
  • Teyonah Parris
  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
  • Colman Domingo
  • Kyle Kaminsky
  • Vanessa Williams
  • IMDb Rating: 5.9/ 10

You will also get to see some of the familiar faces of the Candyman 1992 as the Candyman 2021 also retains a few of the star cast of the original movie, such as Tony Todd, Vanessa A. Williams, and Virginia Madsen.

HBO Max Candyman: A Brief About Movie

Although the movie didn’t create much of a charm with its initial release in 1992, but over time the American gothic horror rose to be a cult classic receiving praises from the critics.  It was its immense popularity that eventually 2 sequels were released in the Candyman franchise, paving way for a third one, a direct sequel in 2021.

The plot of the series revolves around the antagonist, Candyman, a man of African - American origin who was murdered for an intercaste love affair in the 19th Century, only to return years later to kill anyone who summons his name 5 times in front of a mirror.

In the present time Anthony McCoy, a visual artist, learns about the urban legend Helen Lyle and in order to add a spark to his career he goes to the Cabrini-Green housing projects to know more about her. There he meets Burke who narrates to him the tale of Candyman.

Inspired by his story, Anthony depicts the ultra legend Candyman in his art display but gets shattered after not receiving as much attention as he expected. But less did Anthony know that his life is about to change after getting stung by a bee on his hand.

A further story might lead to spoilers ahead and surely we wouldn’t like to disrupt your experience of indulging in a horror movie affair. To understand Candyman 2021 better we would suggest you watch Candyman 1992 as well, as the references used in the movie are the plot of the original one. 

The HBO Max Candyman 2021 did fairly well but failed to meet the high expectations of the audience. 

Is Candyman on HBO Max 

Now if you are planning to watch HBO Max Candyman but are confused thinking: Is Candyman on HBO Max, then let us tell you that currently, Candyman streaming 2021 HBO Max is not available. /The Candyman 2021 is distributed by Universal Pictures. We don’t see Candyman streaming 2021 HBO Max anytime soon. But you can surely check for other OTT platforms to watch it or download it with an all site video downloader

Candyman is available on many other digital platforms where you can buy or rent it, such as:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Google Play Movies and TV
  • The Roku Channel
  • Vudu 
  • YouTube
  • Sling TV 
  • Apple TV
  • Philo

Since HBO Max isn’t streaming Candyman 2021 at the moment it doesn’t mean that you can’t watch the other HBO TV shows and movies that are not only easily available but also exclusive to HBO. 

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candyman hbo max:How to Download HBO Movies and TV Shows Using Streamfab HBO Downloader

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candyman hbo max:How to Download HBO Movies and TV Shows Using Streamfab HBO Downloader

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candyman hbo max:How to Download HBO Movies and TV Shows Using Streamfab HBO Downloader

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can one watch Candyman 2021?

Currently, Candyman 2021 is available on the digital OTT platforms, Amazon Prime Video and Vudu. One can buy or rent the movie to watch on either of the platforms.

Is Candyman 2021 a sequel to the earlier released Candyman 1992?

Candyman 2021 HBO Max is not a standalone sequel to Candyman 1992. Rather it is a direct and proper sequel to Candyman 1992. You need to have an idea of the prequel to understand the plot of the sequel better.

What are the final words of Candyman before the movie ends?

“Tell Everyone.” Before the ending of the movie, Candyman asks Brianna to ‘Tell Everyone whatever she had just witnessed.

Sum Up 

Candyman HBO Max is a definite watch especially if you are a fan of gothic horror series. Now if you are planning to watch it on HBO Max but are wondering: Is Candyman on HBO Max, then let us clarify to you that for the time being it is not available on HBO Max. But you can definitely watch it on other OTT platforms. 

You can try StreamFab HBO Downloader to download HBO and watch the HBO TV shows and exclusive movies and series for an uninterrupted viewing fun and experience.