How to Cast Amazon Prime Video From Different Devices?


Doing an Amazon Prime Chromecast to your television is an easy and quick process. Follow the below steps to know how.

Step 1: Turn on your PC and launch Chrome.

Step 2: Tap on the Three dots logo on the browser in the upper-right corner.

Step 3: Select the Cast option. Users also can add the Cast option to their toolbar for simpler access.

Step 4: If your Android TV or Chromecast device is already set up there are no additional steps to take.

Step 5: The extension will detect automatically any Cast-compatible devices linked to your local network, and users can choose which device to cast to.

Step 6: Go to Amazon Prime Video and choose a television show or movie in your library.

Step 7: Ensure your TV is on and your Android TV or Chromecast device is linked.

Step 8: Tap the Cast icon on your browser in the corner.

Step 9: Now, select the Android TV or Chromecast device from the list of available devices.

Step 10: The video and audio of the Chrome tab will appear on your television.

Step 11: Tap Play and users will be enjoying their video on the big screen.

Step 12: When done, just close the tab or tap the Cast icon and then click Stop casting to end your session.

chromecast amazon prime:Computer

Note: The Cast option has a few options users might wish to consider.

  • Streaming quality during Amazon Prime Video Chromecast is limited to 1080p, but your picture quality will be decided by the speed of your Chromecast or Android TV device and the quality of your internet connectivity.
  • Users can unmute or mute the audio with the volume button, but there is no choice to alter the volume level. Users will have to tweak it with their TV remote.
  • The extension Google Cast can cast any tab with any video, so almost any video on the web will work, not just the ones on Amazon.

Android Device

Can you Chromecast Amazon Prime on Android? Of course. There is nothing complicated to do when casting a Prime video via an app to Chromecast. Remember that the app has built-in support. As long as your mobile device is compatible with casting, you will be good to go. Follow the below steps to know how to Chromecast Amazon Prime from Android.

Step 1: Open the Prime Video app.

Step 2: Click the Cast icon.

Step 3: Select the Chromecast device you wish to stream to.

Step 4: Browse the list of videos for the content you wish.

chromecast amazon prime:Android Device

Step 5: Tap it and enjoy watching it.

Before you start streaming, make sure that everything gets set up rightly. If you are new to the Chromecast settings, you will be delighted to know that getting started is easy. The right setup indicates you will not run into issues when you start casting. Follow the below steps.

Step 1: Connect your Chromecast device to the TV, until you have a Google OS TV.

Step 2: Link your mobile device to the Wi-Fi network you wish to use.

Step 3: Download iOS Google Home or Android Google Home.

Step 4: Next, follow the on-screen instructions to link your device to your Wi-Fi.

Step 5: Setting up your Prime Video is not difficult, but you will require a subscription to Amazon Prime.

Disadvantages Of Casting Amazon Prime Video

There are certain cons to casting Amazon Prime Video. Read below to know more. By the way, if you are also wondering about Hulu Chromecast problems, this passage will provide detailed explanations and solutions.

1. Picture Quality

Using the above methods to get Amazon Prime Video on your Android TV or Chromecast is easy, but it is not up to the mark as compared to the dedicated Prime app. For beginners, as cited, the video quality max out at 1080p, which is unfortunate since a lot of Amazon Prime content is present in 4K if your TV, Internet connection, or streaming box is compatible with it.

And even at the lower resolution, the bitrate is significantly lower as compared to what you might be used to, leading to extra pixelation, more video artifacts, occasionally complete signal drops, and lower-quality audio.

2. Low Resolution

While using Chromecast, inconsistent HDCP and browser requirements may restrict your feeds even further to 720p. As a normal rule of thumb, users will wish to make sure they are on the newest version of Google Chrome and that all elements in their computer setup are HDCP-compatible, including the video card, monitor, and HDMI cable.

3. Network

Your wireless network speed and connectivity are also essential factors in having a successful experience of casting. It is a non-issue if you are using a Chromecast with Google TV and are wired to your router via the dedicated Ethernet port of the device. All other Chromecasts are helpless to network congestion, which can lead to issues in streaming performance. But this problem can be solved with one simple amazon downloader.

If different devices are linked to the wireless connection, users might experience frozen screens or slow loading. Users may consider buying a dual-band router with high-gain antennas, great bandwidth, and a faster processor if that sounds accustomed. That might help users get a better casting experience.

4. Battery

Casting can also consume up a lot of laptop batteries. When using the feature, users may need to keep their charging cable handy. On a desktop, this is not an issue problem, of course. But we suggest using a laptop over your non-mobile PC. Using your PC means users will need to get up and move to the computer when they wish to use remote functions.

Playback, pause, and section seeking will not work through the TV remote. Users need to click the Chrome buttons manually. One solution for this is using Chrome Remote Desktop from your tablet or phone. Users can use this tool to convert their smartphone into a remote control, thereby saving the trouble of manually pressuring the settings on the screen.

Use StreamFab Amazon Downloader To Overcome Casting Disadvantages

Now that you know about Amazon Prime Video Chromecast as well as the cons that come with it, there is a high time for users to look for a solution that can overcome such disadvantages. This can overcome all the cons, users need a solution that can download the videos offline so that they can watch their favorite videos anytime and anywhere.

StreamFab Amazon Downloader is the best Amazon video downloader for most of your needs in terms of viewing videos offline from Amazon Prime Video. Fast downloads, batch downloads, high-quality downloads, and subtitle downloads are all available with StreamFab Amazon Downloader. In addition to this, with StreamFab Amazon Downloader, users can watch Amazon Prime videos offline anytime and anywhere after they have downloaded them. Also, the convenience of the tool and ease of use must be one of the factors to look for while downloading videos from Amazon Prime Video.

Follow the below steps to know how to use StreamFab Amazon Downloader.

Step 1: Download and open the tool. Tap the VIP Services section on the left.

chromecast amazon prime:Use StreamFab Amazon Downloader To Overcome Casting Disadvantages

Step 2: Now, on the right, open the Amazon Prime Video website from the supported services.

Step 3: Next, log in to your Amazon account.

Step 4: Now, search for your favorite series.

chromecast amazon prime:Use StreamFab Amazon Downloader To Overcome Casting Disadvantages

Step 4: Once you click on the web series, the tool will analyze the content.

Step 5: As soon as the analysis is done, the tool will offer you different options to download the series.

Step 6: Select the episodes that you wish to download. Check off the box for Select All option to download all episodes.

chromecast amazon prime:Use StreamFab Amazon Downloader To Overcome Casting Disadvantages

Step 7: If you wish to download the new episodes automatically, just check off the box for Download new episodes automatically option.

Step 8: Select the video quality, audio, and subtitle, as well.

Step 9: Once everything is adjusted, click on the Download Now option.

By the way, android phones and devices provide greater portability and a handy experience for exclusive entertainment on the go. In order to follow the trends, recently, StreamFab even launch its Android version. StreamFab for Android is a compact MP3 or MP4 downloader that can provide you with the complete playlist downloading option with a quick mode. The device-friendly downloader offers many benefits along with the download. You can get great audio quality that enhances your relaxing mood and soothing mind. 

It provides comprehensive features for the users. Besides, it is also compatible with Windows or Mac. The operation steps are basically the same as that of the pc version. Scan the QR code below and have a try!

chromecast amazon prime:Use StreamFab Amazon Downloader To Overcome Casting Disadvantages


How to get missing subtitles in Chromecast?

Follow the below steps to know how to get subtitles in Chromecast.

Step 1: To begin with, disconnect your Chromecast dongle from your TV so that it is no longer linked to your tablet or phone.

Step 2: Next, go to the accessibility settings of your device. On both iOS and Android devices, this submenu must contain caption settings or subtitle settings.

Step 3: Once you make the alterations you need, connect the dongle again to your TV, then launch the Prime Video app again.

Can I download Prime Videos on the app to watch later?

Yes! If users do not have internet and would love to download tv shows and videos from Prime Video, such as 1883 on Amazon Prime, to watch later, they can. Download the video you want to view from the Prime Video app by tapping the download option from the detail page of the video. To download an entire season or episode of a TV show, tap on the Download the season or Download episode option.

When downloaded properly, users can cast pre-loaded content. If you do not see the download option first, make sure you are using the Prime Video app. Next, make sure that the app is updated. Some features of Chromecast get developed for Android users, even though there are always solutions for Apple fans. Those who use Android get a smooth experience while viewing.

What solutions to use if Chromecast does not work?

First of all, users will need to make sure that their Chromecast device and their mobile device are on the same Wi-Fi network. It never hurts to check that first, majorly if you use more than one network. This case applies whether you have a TV with a built-in Chromecast or a Chromecast dongle.

One more thing users must check is whether both your mobile device and the Amazon Prime Video app got updated to their recent versions. Any missed updates could lead to incompatibilities. Another thing worth checking is that the Prime Video app will only show the cast icon if users are using it from a permitted region. This scenario indicates that users might run into some problems if they have to use a VPN to access the Prime Video service or if they are trying to get into a banned library in their area.


Casting Amazon Prime Video with Chromecast is an easy method to view your favorite TV shows right from your iOS or Android device. While it might be a complex process to set up, in the end, it will pay off. Note that, once you are set up, the fun does not stop there. Chromecast is well-matched with just about every primary streaming service, including Hulu, Netflix Party chrome extension, and many more. In addition to this, users also had a look at StreamFab Amazon Downloader which can be used to overcome all the drawbacks caused during casting and to download the Amazon videos offline so that they can be watched later anytime and anywhere.