Got some WAV music files that you want to share on YouTube? Unfortunately, as the world’s No.1 video hosting and sharing platform, YouTube does not accept audio files alone to be uploaded to the platform. However, that does not mean you’re at a dead end. Actually, you can find many music videos on YouTube, and when taking a closer look, it’s not hard to find out that except for the live concert videos, most of the music videos only feature still images as background art — this is how the workaround works, by converting your music files to one of the YouTube accepted video formats, such as MP4, then you can upload the converted music MP4 files to the platform.

Now you get it, it’s exactly why this article is here for — If you want to share your WAV music on YouTube, then you can convert WAV to MP4 first. So, how can I convert WAV to MP4? Don’t worry, we have that covered! To do that, you will need a WAV to MP4 converter software or an online WAV to MP4 conversion service. Read on to check out our recommendations regarding how to convert WAV to MP4 quickly and efficiently.

Part 1. Convert WAV to MP4 on PC with an offline WAV to MP4 converter

DVDFab Video Converter Pro is a 3-in-1 video/audio/image conversion and editing suite that contains three independently working products from the vast DVDFab family, the video converter software from its DVDFab 12 package, the Toolkit package, and the VideoCruise video editor software. And among those three products, the VideoCruise is the one that can convert WAV to MP4. Aside from the conversion from WAV to MP4, this video editor software also enables you to add video streams, still images, texts (including subtitles), as well as filters, special effects and overlays when converting WAV to MP4 from the built-in elements library.

Key features of VideoCruise:

  1. Convert audios & videos among popular formats, such as from WAV to MP4
  2. Customize the output audio and video parameters as you desire
  3. Add your own video stream, still images as the background artwork
  4. Add special effects, transitions, overlays, intro and outro, etc.
  5. Embed texts, subtitles or lyrics to go with the output music video  

Here below are the detailed steps to convert WAV to MP4 with VideoCruise:

Step 1 — Download and installation

To convert WAV to MP4 on your computer, you should start with downloading and installing the WAV to MP4 video converter, which you can do clicking the download button below;

                                                     i  Free Download  

Step 2 — Launch VideoCruise and import the WAV file

Launch the program, you will be directed the Media section by default. Now is the time you import your WAV file that you want to convert to MP4, using the Import button near the upper left corner.

How to Concert WAV to MP4

Additional Tips: To make the final MP4 video look attractive, it is recommended you also import some still images or even your own video stream so that when playing the output MP4, you won’t have to stare at a blank black screen.

Step 3 — Add the WAV file (also video and images) to the timeline

Point the mouse curser to the WAV file you’ve just imported, you will see a green circled plus button appear, click that button to add the WAV file to the timeline of the working area below.

How to Concert WAV to MP4

Additional Tips: If you’ve also imported a video stream, or some still images, just repeat the same process to add them to the timeline for further editing. Feel free to use your creative mind to make the video stylish and mind-blowing, using the rich editing features offered by this powerful WAV to MP4 video converter & editor software: adding a video intro, inserting some transition effects into every two still images, and also hundreds of filters, overlays for you to choose from. You can even add lyrics to your music using the Subtitles feature available at the Text function area. Just make the best out of your imagination.

How to Concert WAV to MP4

Step 4 — Adjust the length of the companion image or video

When you finished editing the images or videos, don’t forget to adjust the image or video length to make sure they keep the same duration with your WAV file. To do that, just drag the edge of the video/image from the timeline until you see the play head needle ends at the same time point vertically.

How to Concert WAV to MP4

Step 5 — Export the MP4 video

All ready? Then it’s time to convert WAV to MP4. Click the Export button above the timeline or at the top left corner to call up the Export window, where you are supposed to choose the MP4 from the video format dropdown menu under the Video tab. Other settings include naming your MP4 file, choosing your desired output directory, and the quality level of your preference.

How to Concert WAV to MP4

Additional Tips: If you’re a veteran video editor, then you can click the gear button to open the advanced settings panel, where you can further customize the video and audio values to meet your specific requirements.

How to Concert WAV to MP4

Finally, hit the Export button at the bottom right corner of the Export window to actually trigger the WAV to MP4 conversion and wait for it to be completed.

Congrats! Finishing this step, it means that you’ve mastered how to convert WAV to MP4 with an offline WAV to MP4 converter software on your computer. Then, what about on macOS? How do I convert WAV to MP4 on a Mac computer? Continue reading, the answer is waiting for you ahead.

Part 2. Convert WAV to MP4 on Mac with an offline WAV to MP4 converter

To convert WAV to MP4 on a Mac computer, the above-mentioned VideoCruise won’t help you, because it does not offer a Mac sibling. However, there are similar products that do feature the WAV to MP4 conversion function, and the one we’re going to recommend is the VLC media player. Don’t get confused! How does a media player software convert WAV to MP4? Yeah, it’s normal you have your skepticism. But when you go through the guides below, all of your doubts will be gone!

Despite being a multimedia player software, VLC also offers a plethora of bonus features, and the ability to convert WAV to MP4 is one of those many bonus features.

Now let’s go over the WAV to MP4 conversion process with VLC media player on macOS:

Step 1 — Launch VLC Media Player on your Mac, then click the Convert/Stream… option from the File dropdown menu at the top left corner;

How to Concert WAV to MP4

Step 2 — Then click the Open Meida button from the file selection part to add your target WAV file.

How to Concert WAV to MP4

Step 3 — At the Choose Profile section, choose the Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4) or the Video – H.265 + MP3 (MP4) option. Both options will deliver MP4 videos that you need.

Step 4 — Select your preferred destination folder from your hard drive to save the output MP4 and hit the Save as File button to start converting WAV to MP4 on your Mac.

How to Concert WAV to MP4

Additional Tips: VLC media player is an open-source software that runs on multiple platforms. Converting WAV to MP4 is just one of its many add-on features. However, being an add-on feature also means that you won’t be able to make the final MP4 video as eye-catching as with the offline WAV to MP4 converter softwares, such as the VideoCruise video editor software mentioned in part 1. So you will have to opt for another software if you do care about more advanced video editing features.

Alright, the guides above show you how to convert WAV to MP4 with the file conversion feature offered by VLC media player on a Mac computer. Hope you enjoy the process.

Next, we’ll continue to show you how to convert WAV to MP4 directly from your desktop web browser. Continue the reading if you’re interested.

Part 3. Convert WAV to MP4 online with a WAV to MP4 conversion service

To those who prefer do things online, in this section, we will demonstrate how to convert WAV to MP4 with an online solution that requires no software installation. Actually, there are many of such service providers. But all of them feature similar or identical functions, so we’ll just pick one from the crowd for the demo purpose. The one that successfully caught our attention is the WAV to MP4 Converter feature offered by

Refer to the steps below to see how to convert WAV to MP4 online with this service:

Step 1 — Click the Choose Files button to add your WAV file, or simply drag & drop it there. It’s very resourceful to allow you to add files from Google drive, Dropbox and even from a URL straight forward.

Step 2 — Click the gear button if you want to manually tweak the detailed values for various settings. Otherwise, hit the Convert to MP4 button and you can then fingers crossed.

Step 3 — When the WAV to MP4 conversion completes, the Download MP4 button shall be activated, click that button to download the MP4 file back to your computer.

Okay, that’s all you need to know about how to convert WAV to MP4 with an online WAV to MP4 conversion service. It’s really easy, right?!

Final Words

In this article, we discussed multiple ways to convert WAV to MP4, with offline WAV to MP4 converter software both on Windows PC and Mac computer, as well as an online WAV to MP4 conversion service. So, no matter what you will use the output MP4 video for, either on YouTube or any other platform, that’s totally up to you.

However, there is one thing you probably should always keep in mind, converting audio/video files on line is quite different from converting image files online, because audio and video files are usually much bigger than image files, which means it will take you more time uploading the WAV file to the website, converting it to MP4 online and downloading the final MP4 file back. This is why the online conversion is not recommended, especially when your network speed is poor.

Thus, to conclude this article, we strongly advise an offline WAV to MP4 video converter software to convert WAV to MP4 on your computer, either Windows or macOS. It will be much faster and efficient, especially if the WAV to MP4 converter supports GPU hardware acceleration, like the VideoCruise inside the Video Converter Pro suite does. One last thing, should you ever come cross the need to convert WAV to MP3, then don’t forget to check out our article on how to convert WAV to MP3 with ease.

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