If you’re already using your iPhone as a portable media player, chances are you might have bought some audio tracks from iTunes. But you can also download MP3 from the internet to your iPhone. Here we will introduce several methods for you to download MP3 to iPhone quickly and easily. Let’s first begin with how to download YouTube MP3 to iPhone.

Part 1: The best tool to download YouTube MP3 to iPhone

YouTube is currently the best place where you can find unlimited number of songs in the form of music videos. Chances are your favorite songs will be there too.

Yes, you can listen to your favorite songs in MP3 all within your iPhone at your own leisure, anywhere by following the steps below.

The question is since they are all videos, how do you get the audio in the form of MP3?

Worry not, as there's a nifty tool called DVDFab YouTube to MP3  to do the job for you.

The program is available for a free trial to allow you to see for yourself how well it works when it comes to converting YouTube videos to MP3.

With it, you could convert any YouTube music video to MP3 in quality as high as 320kbps.

Let’s look at how to use it to convert any YouTube music video to MP3.

Steps of DownloadingMP3 to IPhone

The first thing you would want to do is download and install DVDFab YouTube to MP3.

Once you’re done with that, launch the program. When the program has started, choose Utilities from the main menu and select YouTube to MP3.

download mp3 to iphone

When the program launches, the first thing you want to do is set your desired download folder. Do this at the bottom half of the interface.

Done with that, enter the ID of your favorite YouTube music video. Hit the + paste URL button below the DVDFab logo.

download mp3 to iphone

Input the YouTube ID. Either enter the link of an entire playlist if you wish or that of a particular video.

In case you’ve selected a playlist, you still have the option of downloading an individual song from the list.

how to download mp3 to iphone

With your choice selected, you can start downloading your favorite YouTube music video to MP3.

Once your video is converted to MP3, locate the audio file in the download folder.

Transfer MP3 to iPhone

Unlike Android Phones, you can’t simply copy and paste MP3 files to your iPhone.

Tocopy the MP3 files to iPhone, follow the steps below using the File Transfer application in DVDFab.

Go to Menu and select Utilities. Then click on File Transfer. Follow the onscreen instructions to download your MP3 to iPhone.

download youtube mp3 iphone

With DVDFab Remote installed on your smartphone and connected to DVDFab, your converted MP3 can be manually transferred to iOS devices or Android mobile devices.

There are also other methods that can help you download MP3 to your iPhone.

Part 2: Other recommended methods to download MP3 to iPhone

AmoyShare Free Online Video Converter

This site claims to support the conversion of videos and the download of audio from 1000 plus video sites.

YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Facebook are among the major sites supported.

There are two ways you can download audio from these video sites.

If you enter a search term, a list of matching videos is displayed.

You have two options here. Either watch the video or download it.

If you decide to download it, you're presented with two further options - either download MP3 at 192k quality or 128k quality.

192k quality is only available with the desktop version of the program, however.

download mp3 to iphone

If 128k quality isn’t an issue, download it from the site if you don't wish to install software in your computer.

Online Video Converter

If you prefer not to install software and just need to convert a song or two to MP3, you may want to use this free online video converter.

There are many free online video converters out there, but they are riddled with unnecessary adverts and pop ups and may even mislead you into downloading unnecessary programs thinking that you're actually downloading a converted MP3.

You'll not face a similar problem with Online Video Converter.

Within a few steps you can get your YouTube video converted to MP3 quickly.

download mp3 to iphone

Enter the YouTube ID of your song. Choose MP3 as youroutput format.

Download quality as high as 320kbps is available.

Click the Start button to begin conversion. When you’re done, hit the download button and your MP3 will start downloading.

Other popular video sites supported include Dailymotion, Break, Vimeo, Facebook and even Instagram.

With these online tools, you need to transfer the downloaded MP3 files to your iPhone to complete the process of downloading MP3 to iPhone. You can choose to use either DVDFab File Transfer or iTunes method to do the transfer job. As we have talked the File Transfer method, now let’s have a look at how to transfer MP3 files with iTunes.

Part 3: Transfer MP3 to iPhone with iTunes

Before you can transferMP3 to your iPhone, you would need iTunes installed in your computer to manage your iOS devices and the transfer of files.

A Windows version of iTunes is available for download, too.

Transferring MP3 to iTunes

You can easily add your MP3 to iTunes by following the steps below.

It’s advisable to create a playlist so that you can group your favorite songs in one place.

Do this by clicking on File - New - Playlist.

Give Your Playlist a Name.

download mp3 to iphone

You can then import your MP3 into iTunes by clicking on File and then choosing Add File to Playlist.

Transfer MP3 to Your iPhone

Let’s now look at how to add MP3 to your iPhone.

With the iTunes program open, connect your iPhone to your computer.

Your iPhone will be detected in the Devices section of iTunes.

Locate the MP3 file you wish to transfer and drag it to the iPhone icon on iTunes.

Your file will now be transferred to your iPhone and you could now play it back.

You’ve seen the various ways of how to download MP3 to iPhone via YouTube.  If you’re planning to do this over the long term, especially downloading entire playlists of MP3 to iPhone then opt for the YouTube to MP3 converter from DVDFab. You’ll never be disappointed with your choice.