Wistia is a video hosting platform for video marketing. It is designed exclusively for businesses using videos to drive their marketing strategy. This hosting service enables you to drive website traffic, improve conversions, and leverage its video content to generate brand affinity.

Download Wistia Video:

Your website is a home base for all your brand content, and hosting your videos with Wistia lets you establish a direct connection with your audience. Wistia embeds your videos directly into your website, thus directing potential clients where you want them to go. In addition, you can use advanced tools and analytics to convert video viewers into brand advocates and subscribers.

If you want to create, manage, host, share and market your videos, use Wistia’s video hosting platform. It allows you to create professional videos in minutes to boost your engagement with your audience, and all videos embedded using Wistia are completely ad-free. In addition, this video hosting platform allows you to take control of your content as you decide who sees what.

There are several reasons why marketers use Wistia video-sharing platform for their video marketing needs. So without further ado, let's look at the top download streaming video features of Wistia.

Top 6 Wistia Video Download Features

Advanced Video Analytics

Download Wistia Video:Advanced Video Analytics

Wistia's advanced video analytics can improve your video marketing by ensuring you monitor your videos’ performance. You can also track your audience's behavior through engagement graphs, video-based tracking, and video heatmaps. This helps you discover your audience trends, percentage of viewers, CTAs clicked, videos skipped and rewatched, etc. You can also check the social stats like comments, shares, likes, etc., to improve your content creation process.

Ad-Free Video Hosting

Having ads on your professional videos can wear your audience thin. Wistia offers your audience an ad-free experience — people can watch your content without interruptions from ads or recommended videos from competitors. Thus, they can get your message directly without distractions.

Video Player Customization

Download Wistia Video:Video Player Customization

Wistia allows you to customize the appearance of your video player to grab your audience's attention. You can make custom thumbnails to get clicks and adjust the theme according to your brand and audience. This sets your videos and brand apart from others.

Integrated Calls to Action (CTA)

Download Wistia Video:Integrated Calls to Action (CTA)

The essence of video marketing is to convert leads to customers. When you download Wistia, you can embed a call to action in your videos. A CTA is a specific action you want your viewers to take after watching your content. With Wistia video download, you can create clickable CTA buttons to encourage your audience on the next step to take.

Build Around Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Download Wistia Video:Build Around Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Wistia videos play a major role in improving your SEO ranking and driving organic traffic. Wistia has easy-to-use SEO tools and features to ensure your content ranks high.

You can optimize your video title, descriptions, tags with relevant keywords, etc. When you host your videos on Wistia and embed them on your website, Google will index your site. Note that if Google does not index your website, you are invisible to customers.

A/B Testing

Download Wistia Video:A/B Testing

Another exciting feature of this hosting service is its A/B testing feature. With this, you can identify what is working in your video marketing. For example, you can compare two videos and get insights into their performance to see which video drives the most viewer engagement. In addition, you can test customizations, turnstiles, video thumbnails, CTAs, video length, etc. With Wistia, the possibilities are endless.

How to Download Videos From Wistia

As stated earlier, Wistia is a platform for creating, hosting, and sharing professional videos. Unfortunately, downloading Wistia videos is not as straightforward as downloading from other websites. While the need for Wistia video download is endless, the platform does not provide an option to do so directly.

Downloading videos on your computer or phone makes them readily available, even offline. Let us now guide you on how to download Wistia Videos from 2018 to 2022 easily.

Download Wistia Video with Online Video Downloaders

Download Wistia Video:Download Wistia Video with Online Video Downloaders

There are numerous online video downloaders that can download videos on your computer. However, we recommend Streamfab video downloader. It is a comprehensive video downloading solution that allows you to download videos from 1000+ sites, including Wistia.

Step by step process of downloading Wistia video with an online video downloader:

Step 1: Get the URL of the Wistia Video

  • Open the website from which you want to save the video
  • Right-click on the video and choose the option “Copy Link and Thumbnail”
  • Paste it to a blank text file
  • You will see the HTML code, then copy the URL after hypertext reference (href).

Step 2: Paste the link to the video downloader

  • Open Streamfab video downloader or your preferred video converter
  • Enter the converter module and click on “New Download” button on the menu bar
  • Paste the Wistia video URL
  • Hit analyze and choose a format and resolution for your Wistia video
  • Proceed to hit the “download selected videos.”

Step 3: Download the Wistia video

  • Select a folder to save the Wistia video and hit the “Download Now” button
  • In a few minutes, the video will be saved on your computer.

Download Wistia videos With Embedded Code

Download Wistia Video:Download Wistia videos With Embedded Code

You can complete this process without any third-party software, extension, or website. If you prefer to download the Wistia video without any tool, you can use its embedded code. However, this method is complicated and time-consuming. It is not recommended for beginners. You will also need to read the code lines to know which URL contains your desired video resolution.

Below are the steps for Wistia video download without any tool:

  • Go to the page where your Wistia video is embedded on your web browser
  • Right-click on the video and choose “Copy Link and Thumbnail”
  • Open your notepad or any text editor and paste the copied link thereon
  • Find out the ID embedded code which is placed after “wvideo=”
  • Type “http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe” to the address tab
  • Add the embedded code after the last dash and press “Enter”
  • If you are using Windows, press Ctrl+U; press Option + Command + U if you are using a Mac
  • Look out for the source code that ends with “.bin” extension and copy it to a new tab
  • Past link to a new tab and replace the “.bin” with “mp4” extension
  • Right-click the video and choose “Save your Video” to download it. Or,
  • Click the three-dot icon to download the video to your computer
  • Once done, open the download folder to find the Wistia video.

Wistia Video Download in Chrome or Firefox

Download Wistia Video:Wistia Video Download in Chrome or Firefox

You can download Wistia videos in chrome or other video downloader extensions. However, you need to install a browser extension first. In addition, it is free, and no copy-paste of the video URL is required. Check the steps below for Wistia video download chrome extension. These steps are based on a chrome extension called Wistia Video Downloader.

  • Download Wistia video downloader and install it on your browser
  • Go to the official website of wistia to select the video you want to download
  • Now play the video that is embedded on a webpage
  • Click on the icon’s extension, and it will auto-detect the video
  • Chose a video or multiple videos to download from the list
  • Finally, choose a resolution, and click the download icon to start downloading to your local storage.

While this method can be easy, it has its disadvantages. For example, it can fail to detect embedded videos; it can also be slow and unstable to download wistia videos.

Download Wistia Video Using Screen Recorder

Download Wistia Video:Download Wistia Video Using Screen Recorder

Most computer systems have built-in screen recorders. However, there are software that can enable you to record your computer system's screen. With screen recorders, you can easily download Wistia videos. Here are steps to take:

  • Open the screen recorder on your computer system
  • If your computer does not have one, then download a suitable software
  • Check the height-width of the video and set it on your recorder
  • Place the recording area exactly on the video
  • Start playing the video in maximum resolution
  • Turn on your recorder at the same time
  • Turn off the recorder at the end of your video
  • You can also convert the video into mp4 format if required.


Wistia is a video streaming platform for businesses to generate, manage, host, and share videos. It is efficient in formulating video marketing strategies for your business to attract customers and drive conversion.

Downloading Wistia videos is easy if you know the right steps. We have explored different tried and tested methods by users to download Wistia videos. The above-highlighted ways will help you download your wistia videos at ease, so you can watch them offline.