Do you want to download Wistia videos for personal or business use?  Despite the fact that video streaming sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion take the wind out of their rivals, it’s still necessary to give you a simple picture of Wistia and put forward the best solutions to download Wistia video with best downloaders. Besides, when I browse through Reddit or Quaro, I find numerous users are haunted by how to download Wistia videos fast and well. For this reason, this article has everything you need to download Wistia videos to your hard drive or mobile devices. Read on to capture your wanted details.

Article Contents:

PART 1: What is Wistia? Why Download Wistia Video?
PART 2: Best 3 Downloader to Download Wistia Video

PART 3:How to Download Wistia Videos with DVDFab Downloader
PART 4: Alternatives to Download Wistia Videos

PART 5: Final Thought

PART 1. What is Wistia? Why Download Wistia Video?

As a video-software company, Wistia offers video-hosting services for businesses, like adding videos to the web, tracking performance, and building audiences, which has been specialized in the creation, management, distribution, and analysis of videos. In a sense, Wistia can be deemed the alternative of video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Flowplayer, and JW Player, through which you can host your videos and embed them on your own website.

However, you cannot download Wistia videos directly from its platform since there is no extra download button on the Wistia video player. If you want to download Wistia video, you shall blaze a new trial via professional downloader programs. This is a shortcut worth your trial to figure out how to download Wistia videos with the best wistia video downloader so as to save you much time and energy.

PART 2. Best Three Downloaders to Download Wistia Video

When it comes to downloading Wistia video for playback offline fast and well, here are the best three downloaders that can achieve your aim. From an overall perspective, DVDFab Downloader shall be second to none among the top list to be discussed in this post, whose outstanding features have made it stand out from the crowd.

DVDFab Video Downloader [Best Wistia Downloader for Win & Mac]

As a professional video/audio downloader, DVDFab Video Downloader has its trump card that provides easy access to downloading Wistia compared to other rivals.
• Download videos/audios from 1000+ sites like Wistia, YouTube and Facebook
• Download videos (1080p/4k/8k) or audios (320kbps) of the highest quality
• Convert YouTube to MP3 or MP4 with blazing fast speed and high quality
• Batch/single download with metadata, GPU acceleration for quick download
• Background playback and download for Android smartphones
• Ad-free option to YouTube and Spotify when previewing before download
• Auto-download from subscribed YouTube channels
• Create new playlists or add to Liked Songs
• Auto-update newly released videos or music from YouTube
• Compatible with Chrome and Firefox Extension
• Constant update to enrich features and enhance the user experience
• Easy-to-use and intuitive interface, stable, safe and 100% clean
• Available on Windows & Mac, 30-day free trial

Download Wistia Video with DVDFab Downloader

This Wistia downloader for Win and Mac allows you to download Wistia videos and audios with the highest quality and fastest speed. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the privilege to download and convert YouTube to MP3 for offline listening whenever you like. With this best video/audio downloader, you can gain whatever you like from over 1000 websites, let alone mainstream video/audio sharing sites. How fabulous!

Wistia. Online-downloader

This Wistia online-downloader is roughly the same as other online apps, which supports video download with URL from 200+ websites such as Wistia, YouTube, and Facebook. Simple clicks will be needed to download Wistia videos. Simply copy the video URL from Wistia to the download field and press the ‘Download’ button to get your desired video. By the way, this Wistia online-downloader enables you to convert the audio track of your video file to MP3 and MP4 after your submission to the platform server, but it takes two to three minutes per video due to the independent platform.

Online Downloader to Download Wistia Videos

Pros: easy-to-use and free; no installation
Cons: input file size not exceeding 300MB; output MP4 for free; pay for advanced features; pop-up ads and confined to bandwidth

Soapbox Video Recorder

As a free Chrome extension from Wistia, Wistia soapbox video recorder allows you to capture your screen and webcam to create professional-looking pitches, presentations, and demos. When you want to download Wistia videos, free at east to add this extension to Chrome, stream your favorite videos, and hit the Record button, you will be able to get your desired video footage. 

Download Wistia Video with Video Recorder

Pros: create and share quick videos; trim the beginning and end of video clips; copy and paste video into email; export Soapbox videos to a Wistia account for access to video marketing tools and further analysis
Cons: unstable and sluggish; sometimes camera trouble and poor audio quality; subject to the internet connection

The above-mentioned are the best three Downloaders that can be used for Wistia video download for offline viewing. You can choose whichever you like to download Wistia video as per your actual needs. However, you are suggested to adopt the most reliable and stable program like DVDFab Downloader to download Wistia videos with high quality and fast speed. Above all, such professional software will update regularly and offers timely online help when you are in need of help.

PART 3. How to Download Wistia Videos with DVDFab Downloader

If you are keen on the first solution to download Wistia, it’s imperative to master how to download videos from Wistia with this powerful wistia downloader. The following guideline will be for your reference.

Step 1: Run DVDFab Video Downloader and copy video URL

Download and install the latest version of this Wistia downloader on a free trial basis. Run the program and tab +Paste URL button to copy & paste the video URL from Wistia onto the field. If you want to download Wistia videos in batch, add all URLs in the text line by line.

 i  Free Download        i  Free Download   

How to Download Wistia Videos with DVDFab Downloader

Step 2: Choose video quality to download Wistia

Choose Video format and select your wanted video quality from the drop-down menu. This Wistia downloader gives you the power to download Wistia videos with stunning quality up to 8k. Aside from video download, you can choose to convert Wistia video to MP3 for offline listening.

How to Download Wistia Videos Fast and Well

Step 3: Start to download Wistia video

Once done, hit the ‘Download’ button and wait for the video to be downloaded from Wistia. Note that if you subscribe to the premium version of this Wistia downloader, Turbo-speed, supported by GPU Hardware acceleration, will be enabled to quicken the whole (batch) downloading process. With the turbo-speed option, you will be able to download Wistia video within minutes. Moreover, the final downloaded video will be saved on the local drive by default.

If you cannot wait to watch the downloaded video from Wistia, DVDFab Player 6, the most full-featured and user-friendly 4k media player will bring you unexpected viewing experience.

PART 4. Alternatives to Download Wistia Videos

After getting the hang of how to download Wistia videos with the top-notch downloader, you might anticipate trying other alternatives to download Wistia video. Here are several options to meet your diverse needs.

Chrome/Firefox Extension

Browser extensions like Chrome and Firefox will be the last straw to download Wistia video. But most people often overlook these sluggish solutions, even some do not know how to make the best of them. For Chrome users, you can resort to wistia downloader chrome extension like The Flash Video Downloader on Chrome web store, since this extension downloader can detect and download Wistia videos in part. For Firefox enthusiasts, you can turn to Video DownloadHelper to download Wistia videos since other extensions like Video & Audio Downloader can detect all Wistia audios in MP3 except for videos.

Download Wistia with Chrome/Firefox Extension

Such kinds of extension tools can be easily applied to download Wistia video. What you shall do is search the extension tool on Chrome or Firefox, add it to the browser, and the extension downloader will appear on the toolbar. Then navigate to any website that contains embedded Wistia videos. The added extension downloader will detect and catch the videos in MP4. The Flash Video Downloader on Chrome supports single and batch video downloads from Wistia, but Video DownloadHelper on Firefox fails to show the number of videos embedded from Wistia on your chosen site.

Pros: free and unnecessary to copy & paste video URLs
Cons: not all Wistia videos can be detected by the extension downloader; no full features

Wistia for iOS Mobile App

With the Wistia iOS app, you can create, manage, and share your video content from your smartphone or tablet on the Wistia site. You can add several customized options on your videos inside the app, on videos you record and upload with the app, and even on your video library in Wistia. Besides, this app can be available on the iTunes store. Nevertheless, it will ask for permission on Camera and Microphone. Remember to accept permission before use.

Download Wistia Video with Mobile App

Pros: record, upload and share video onto other social sites;
Cons: available for iOS users; sign in and authentication for Wistia account
Note that this Wistia iOS app is merely available for iOS 10 and above, but is no longer available for download and plans no further updates to the app. Hence, you cannot download Wistia video with this app.

Final Thought

This post has given you a comprehensive understanding of Wistia and how to download Wistia videos within simple clicks, by choosing from professional desktop software, online video downloader, video recorder, add-on extension on Chrome, and Firefox and iOS mobile app. If you need to download Wistia videos frequently and require video quality and download speed, DVDFab Downloader will suit you best. Otherwise, you can choose other alternatives to meet your basic demand while downloading Wistia. 

By the way, you can resort to a fabulous video converter, DVDFab Video Converter, born to convert video downloaded from Wistia between various formats for better playback on multiple devices. Meanwhile, it can work seamlessly with Enlarger AI, the powerful AI upscaling to upscale video from 480p to 1080p, thus enhancing video quality and resolution. In addition, since Wistia allows you to create, manage, and share video for businesses, sometimes you may need to create a GIF from downloaded video on Wistia for diverse purposes. On this occasion, DVDFab Toolkit will help you out.