Among the most reviews including Freemake Free YouTube to MP3 Review I have made, DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3 is a widely known name. It started to be noticed a couple of years ago when the whole Internet industry is booming up as a result of big technological advance. After years of upgrade and improvement, it has become more sensible to what users really need and pushed ahead with their commitment to providing users with the best service. 

Deeply rooted in its design principles is simplicity, as can be seen from its layout of buttons and fewer procedures for finishing a downloading process.  It is believed this design is much more friendly to users as to how to operate it, locate certain buttons and let those buttons makes sense or seem self-explanatory with regard to their meanings.

In particular, when you download it, a bundled software called DVDVideoSoft free studio will also be downloaded. DVDVideoSoft free studio is a video and audio processing tool which can be used to process videos and audios you downloaded.

Music download

As its main feature, music download has much to be touted about. But above all, this process is very clear and simple. As far as a normal download practice is involved, it just takes three steps to finish it. First, copy the URL of YouTube music; second, click “Paste” option on the main interface of this program; third, click “Download”, and the download process shall begin immediately with a green progress bar being visible and rolling forward.

dvdvideosoft youtube to mp3 - paste

Further, for other detailed settings, the whole process may involve more operations but with a limited number. Take quality choice for example, all you need is to click the quality option next to “Paste” option and then choose a format included in a drop-list with many options available. The limited procedures make its instructions very easy to understand and implement, a good news to common users especially those who have little experience and are reluctant to do complicate tasks.

Now let’s talk about its pros and cons and see what it can offer to us.


Simple and clear process

As we mentioned before, the normal download process only takes three steps, as opposed to those which in many cases involve a long and complicate process to do a task, rendering music download, a satisfactory business at first, unpleasant and repulsive at last.  To conclude, this simplicity in the process of downloading music can be a real reason why people give this program so many credits and why this program often receive more download times than other competitors from  those articles who focus on DVDVideoSoft review.

Batch download

You will be allowed to download with this program an entire playlist if you have upgraded your service package to a premium membership. If your favorable music style is very distinctive or you have special obsession with certain singers or bands, you may want to download relevant playlists instead of part of it. Then, this batch download function can be very helpful to you.

 It saves you the trouble of downloading songs included in a playlist one by one, resulting in tremendous improvement in your working efficiency, and at the same time your experience as a user.

Multiple audio formats available

Though MP3 is supported by this downloader as can be perceived by its name, its ability is more than that. Currently, it can convert YouTube videos into six formats including MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, OGG, WAV, especially MP3 which is subdivided into seven different options on the basis of quality.

dvdvideosoft youtube to mp3 - format

These diverse options are designed to enhance adaptability of this program among all sorts of users whose demands vary. In other words, they are a response to various demands of users and a manifestation that it always puts users first. And that’s a point taker when it comes to DVDVideoSoft review.

Many useful tools

It is important to note this program has a lot of useful options in it. To name a few, the power-off option allows you to leave the computer on when it is assigned with heavy download tasks. It will turn off automatically once the work is finished. The program is able to skip the downloaded files lest unnecessary labor be wasted. The output audio files can be added to a new iTunes playlist to enrich your iTunes library. Proxy download option gives you access to resources whose access is restricted or which can’t be acquired by common channels, thus extending your range of choice. It is also said the output names can be altered according to certain basis, a feature that caters to people who prefers customized output names.

Low price

Based on my observation, this program in the same degree of download performance is cheaper as many others, notwithstanding its more outstanding qualities shown in design, number of options and so on. According to its official description, an annual membership only costs 19 dollars while an unlimited membership costs 29 dollars, a price that is much discounted compared to its competitors such as YTD Video Downloader whose one-year subscription charges 47 dollars with 3.99 dollars per month. If you are much particular about price, then this program could be a good choice.


Limited websites for music download

Judging from its name, you may consider this program is limited to YouTube with regard to music download. Actually, it is, indeed, compatible with a couple of websites beyond YouTube.  However, this is still a far cry from what users has expected. After all, YouTube is not the only music source, and there are a lot more websites that are worth of being explored. So, if your focus is not limited to YouTube only but instead dissipated among a large amount of websites, then this program is likely to let you down.

No in-built player

The absence of an in-built player may be one of the most prominent weaknesses this program ever has. You need to turn to a third party player for playback which can be troublesome as it involves a constant shift between these two programs, and what makes it worse, have particular requirement for this player if the formats of your downloaded files are not such common ones as MP3.  Imagine the music that you downloaded with a lot of efforts couldn’t be played in your device, with what unpleasant mood are you going to accept the truth?

“Helpless” Help option

The help feature is more a gimmick than a function. It lists only the basic questions such as “How to start this program” while the buttons displayed in the drop-down menus in the main interface are omitted for no reasons. If you have any questions that is not listed in the “Help” option, chances are that you will take a lot of efforts to find answers. This certainly undermines its image in users’ mind and leads to lower frequencies of usage among them. Such an arrangement doesn’t make sense and, as far as I can see, should be adjusted accordingly.

dvdvideosoft youtube to mp3 - help

Terrible Trial experience

There is a large banner at the bottom of the main interface of this program, a reminder that you should upgrade to a premium membership for better experience. Although this doesn’t necessarily cripple your ability to download music, but it does make its interface less appealing and cluttered. Further, a pop-up ad that appears frequently to encourage you to sign for a membership, is also a less desirable element that has negative impact on your experience. Besides, a non-membership also comes with more bad experience including slow download speed, one output format and single task. And the video you are going to convert into audio is no more than three minutes in length unless you pay for a premium membership.

Bundled software

This DVDVideoSoft free studio software, though probably useful for your work, is considered a sore spot by many users. Although it is harmless to your devices, its nature of being a bundled software can be complained by many users.


DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3 Converter is both simple and practical to use, and is qualified as a music downloader and converter. But it does have certain disadvantages that can be a hindrance when you download online music. If you are aiming higher, a better alternative should be DVDFab YouTube to MP3, also a music downloader but with more powerful functions and wider range of options.

 It almost assimilates all the positive elements of DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3 Converter while it overcome its negative ones. For people who expect much from a program, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is the tool for you.


Compatible with 200+ websites for music download

When we judge whether a music downloader is good or not, the number of websites it can be applied to for music download is an important consideration. The more websites it can be applied to, the higher our chances are for finding our target. In this regard, DVDFab YouTube to MP3, with 200 websites available for music download, is beyond comparison.

Among them are not only those familiar names such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, but also those reclusive ones such as Bigflix, Beeg, CNET, and CCMA. They, on the basis of topic of their contents, can be categorized into different groups which can still be subdivided if more delicate dividing standard is implemented. People, no matter what they are interested in, can find their favorite programs here.

In-built player

An in-built player can be very helpful as it saves you from downloading any other third-party players and makes your experience smoother and more natural. Also, the functions of this player is complete. You don’t have to worry about it being too crude to function very well.

dvdfab youtube to mp3 - in-built player

On its main interface are listed a set of buttons including the most used ones — play or pause, play last/next, volume control, play mode and so on. You can also adjust the playback speed, check the playback progress or the current playlist. I believe it will address your concerns about playback completely.

Considerate and effective online help

One of the most recommended features of this program is its superb online help. Not only it is comprehensive but also prompt and effective.

If you have any questions when you use this program, you can click the little triangle-shape button on the higher right corner of the main interface of this program, then the “Online Help” option on the drop-down list. Then, your explorer will redirect to the online help page of the official website where a couple of most frequently asked questions and answers are listed. If they still can’t solve your problem, you can click the “Contact Us” label at the bottom of this page, then you will be redirected to an email-like page where you can type in a description of your problem before you submit it. Normally, you will receive feedback within 24 hours. Because the support staff live in a time zone that is different from yours, so your problem may not be solved immediately.

dvdfab youtube to mp3 - online help

Besides, you can also turn to the forum for help. Click the little triangle-shape button on the higher right corner of the main interface of this program, then the “Forum” option on the drop-down list. Then, your explorer will redirect to the forum where you can read and release posts. Currently, to release a post may require a registration but to simply reading posts doesn’t require your registration. There are a lot more users who gather here, talking about topics ranging from how to activate DVDFab YouTube to MP3 to how to convert videos into different formats. They are very kind and will be willing to listen to your problem and give you necessary help.

dvdfab youtube to mp3 - forum

Music search

You can search YouTube music with this program directly without opening YouTube. There is a search frame on the top center of the main interface of this program, type in the name of the music or its author, click “Enter” on your keyboard, and it will search it immediately. As a result, this feature brings conveniences for users and shortens the process of identifying a music source.

dvdfab youtube to mp3 - search frame

To search other websites, click the relevant icon listed below the search frame, and open the music with this program, then the program will recognize it immediately. Also, you can paste the URL of the song you want to download, and click “Enter”. Either way will get you what you want, just pick one that suits you best.

Playlist management

Your mission doesn’t end until your downloaded music are arranged in an organized order. Imagine the music you downloaded are in a state of disorder, and consequently you couldn’t find certain songs quickly. Or they are such an unpleasant presence that you don’t want to use it at all. That is to say, it is imperative that an ideal program should have an orderly and organized playlist in order to better satisfy users’ needs.

Fortunately, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 has added this feature in its design. Not only does it allow you to collect songs and playlists but also allow you to create your own playlists in which YouTube songs you like can be added.

To manage your downloaded music, click “Downloads” section in the left column, then in the “Music” category, you will see all the downloaded music. At the right end of each of them are listed a string of buttons, which you can use to operate these songs accordingly. For example, to play one of them, click the triangle-shape button at the right end of it, and it will be played by the in-built player, which can be seen at the bottom of the main interface of this program; to add one of them to a playlist, click the plus-shape button, then the playlist option you desire in the drop-down list; to download it, click the vertical arrow next to the “add to” button, then the “Download Video” option in the drop-down list and choose a quality.

dvdfab youtube to mp3 - downloads management

To create playlists, all you need is to click the plus-shape button in the “Created Playlists” section and give it a new name. you can enrich it constantly by adding YouTube songs you consider desirable.

dvdfab youtube to mp3 - playlist creation

To save playlists, open a YouTube playlist with DVDFab YouTube to MP3, then a suspending bar will appear with three options including “Add to”, “Play” and “Download”. Hover your mouse over the “Add to” option and click “Save Playlist” in the drop-down list, then it will be saved. You can check it in the “Saved Playlists” section in the left column.

dvdfab youtube to mp3 - playlist saving

Download and install

The installer of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 can be found on the product page of the official website. Click “Free Download”, and choose a directory or a place where you want to store it. Then click “save”, and the installer will be downloaded in a minute. In particular, there are two versions of installers — Windows and Apple, choose one of them according to the system of your computer.

dvdfab youtube to mp3 - installer

When it is finished, click the .exe file, then the installing interface will come up, click “Click to Install”, and the installing process will get started. As this process involves downloading information, so it may take a while before it is finished. when it is done, click “Start DVDFab Video Downloader” to enjoy service.


DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3 is an excellent music download solution and deserve your attention if you are looking for such a program to address concerns that bother you. However, it still has a few disadvantages though not very prominent as they seem to me, and consequently downgrades the experience it delivers to users. if you are not particular about these minor flaws, then I bet you will get along with this program. If not, you will be highly recommended to turn to alternatives of which, I believe, DVDFab Video Downloader is most dependable.

It’s like an upgraded version of DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3 but with its own particular characteristics. From both comprehensiveness of functions and compatibility with more than two hundred websites, it outperforms DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3 by a landslide.  And even the famous similar product Free MP3 Finder can’t rival it. That’s why I choose DVDFab Video Downloader over DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3 to do my daily download tasks.