flash video downloader:

Flash Video Downloader is a freeware & ads-free software to download videos and audios from many internet video platforms. It removes annoyances and grabs videos from different browsers quickly. It was launched on Apr 29, 2020, with compatibility with Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, and Windows XP.

The downloader comprehensively supports all popular video websites to provide a non-stop, and smooth user experience. Without the challenging process, you extract the required video within a single click with its easy-to-use interface. 

We also know that between the wrong data and the broken connection, retrieving videos from chrome is not an easy job. But flash video downloaders overpower such problems while making downloading video tasks kids play. As the name implies, Flash Video Downloader will grab Flash videos from the tool's managed source. It does not ask for any configuration for its uses. It operates using a single button to open the video clips through the default browser. You only have to tap on the big "Download" button and get data from the applied website.

It works on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. 

Compatibility of Flash Video Downloader

  • Flash Video Downloader for Chrome

Flash video downloader chrome as mentioned above is an ads-free downloader to grab videos and other content from Chrome for free. You can save any video offline from any video streaming website. This popular and simple extension will run to fetch content in media formats like flash, videos, and audio from all social networks, and video hosting platforms.

  • Flash Video Downloader Firefox

Flash video downloader for firefox is a freeware video-grabbing addon that is easy to operate. It will let you extract any flash file within a single click. You can utilize it to fetch FHD and 4K videos from the websites, including YouTube and DailyMotion. This excellent video downloader addon for Firefox not only works for videos but also downloads audio files and games from any website. 

  • Flash Video Downloader Opera

Flash video downloader for opera works to grab videos, audios, and other material from opera for free. You can download it to get videos in Mp4, Mov, Flv video, Webm, Facebook Videos, and multiple different formats. You can add its extension to your opera browser for fast and easy operation and grab whatever you want from any platform. 

Let's stick to this helping blog post to learn more about Flash Video Downloader, its features, pros, and cons. We will also let you know about one of its competent alternatives in case you fail to download videos using the flash video downloader.

Features of flash video downloader

flash video downloader:Features of flash video downloader

Easy User Interface

The flash video downloader chrome extension's clean and simple user interface makes it easy for users to interact with it. It is free from any complicated steps and thinks about all the background work.

Easy & Fast Downloads

The users don't need to follow the laborious process to grab their required video. They only have to download the extension and add it to their browser. After that, it will need you to copy and paste the video link into its given box. It will start its work to fetch the pasted content link.

Reliable & Trustworthy

Flash video downloaders provide safe and secure download files. They will be free from malware and do not hurt your system. While doing its job, it takes care to keep away the files from spiteful junk.

Multiple Formats Support

For a compelling user experience, this downloader extension provides a comprehensive list of file format support, including MP4 videos, MOV, FLV videos, WEBM, Facebook videos, and many more. 


  • It is an easy-to-navigate and attractive user-interface free video downloader extension.
  • You will see it with protected downloads and multiple file format support.
  • You can quickly grab full HD videos in the needed format without putting extra effort.


  • You will have to bear restricted choices.
  • There are no configuration characteristics.

How to Download Flash Video Downloader Chrome?

flash video downloader:How to Download Flash Video Downloader Chrome?

  • Click on the given link of Flash Video Downloader.
  • Tap on the "Add to Chrome" button.
  • After downloading, it will be added to your chrome, and you can use it to download any chrome video from any website.

If you suspect flash video downloader malware, you can remove it from the chrome within seconds.

What's new?

The latest released version of Flash Video Downloader is 2.1.0.

Features of the new version

  • The interface bugs have been resolved.
  • You will see the latest version with the latest formats and enhanced web security.

Best Alternative for Flash Video Downloader

Undoubtedly, flash video downloader is an easy and simple video-grabbing extension for chrome. However, users might face a few limitations during their downloading task. Because of restricted configuration choices, you have to bear limited access to platforms. There may also be some mess during the search of particular videos. 

Looking upon those reasons, we would like you to introduce the best competition of this extension, which is free from all discussed limitations. It will not restrict your finding from any perspective and will deliver the task in any situation without compromising quality. Let's read this part to learn about this alternate;

StreamFab Video Downloader

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android

StreamFab video downloader for PC is complete management and download manager application of Chinese software merchant Fengtao. This organization maintains video streaming sites and platforms and supports open content (DRM). StreamFab also extracts required material in the same quality as it was released.

It is compatible with over 200 popular music or video hosting/sharing platforms. It's not just restricted to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. but is far beyond these usual platforms. It allows you to download trending songs or videos of your favorite artists with free offline playback.

The main advantage of StreamFab is that it is compatible with an overabundance of content-sharing services, including subscription-based services. StreamFab is an all-in-one application that lets you create your own multimedia library.

You can then transfer the downloaded videos to your mobile that you have saved to your computer HDDs via StreamFab videos. You can watch them entirely offline.

If you want to stream desired songs from YouTube or any other website without using your laptop, then StreamFab will offer you its mobile application. Enhanced for smartphones, this inclusive Downloader Pro for Mobile will work on smartphones efficiently. If you're beset with how to download blob video, you can try this video downloader.


  • It applies to more than 200+ websites.
  • It lets you download lots of music and videos online.    
  • From 96 kbps to 320 kbps are the available options for you to choose the audio quality of your choice.
  • You also have the option of choosing a resolution from 144p to 8K UHD.
  • The Turbo-Speed support works 10X faster to grab music & videos.
  • It offers you to download the entire playlist at once.
  • This allows you to perform 5 download tasks at a time.      
  • It has the feature of auto-updating to offer newly uploaded music/videos from saved playlists.
  • There is a playback feature and customized downloaded music and videos.      
  • It comes with a newly launched mobile application that can be used to download, listen and watch music on smartphones.


  • Users can fetch video or other streaming data from reputable websites like YouTube, Facebook, and over 1000 other platforms.
  • You will be amazed to see non-stop video quality choices and sound channel options.
  • It will also perform to change YouTube videos to MP3s or MP4s.
  • Downloading will let you listen, stream and enjoy your most liked online or offline videos.


  • The server goes down whenever the source shifts the DRM from time to time.

Comparison of Flash Video Downloader & StreamFab Video Downloader

Chrome Flash Video Downloader

  • Flash video downloader is best for downloading restriction-free content. 
  • The downloading sometimes got messed up.
  • It does not have any premium plans and only works for free videos. 
  • It has limited platform support compared to Streamfab, which provides limitless website access. 
  • You're also not able to pause downloads or grab URLs. 

StreamFab Video Downloader

  • StreamFab video downloader is a rich download manager software that helps you download streaming video from popular content streaming platforms. 
  • Besides free websites, you can also use them for Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, and over 1,000 other platforms. 
  • This downloader landed with a 35-in-1 bundle covering all StreamFab downloader products. 
  • Its lifetime license comes with a one-month money-return guarantee.
  • The downloading will not be interrupted at any stage.  


Flash Video Downloader is an excellent Google Chrome browser for downloading multiple files from online sources for offline viewing. This easy-to-use downloader extension will work to let you extract required audios, videos, flash, and many more. Besides this, the extension claims that it can easily cover more than 99% of websites to grab data for free. However, it can be confirmed when you apply it. But it will not work on secured media files. So, to avoid such mishappening, we recommended an exclusive Flash Video Downloader alternative known as StreamFab video downloader, which is free from any limitation. It works on free content and can also be utilized to grab copyright-protected videos from any platform. Furthermore, StreamFab is beyond regarding file format selection, platform access, downloading speed, etc. Plus, this video downloader can be viewed as an optimal option to download bitchute.