Whether you are a professional content creator or need a free video downloader to download your favorite TV shows or movies for offline viewing, an efficient video downloader is mandatory. Amongst various options, online downloaders are quick and easy to use. However, they do not offer additional features like choosing a custom resolution for output videos and downloading custom subtitles. A Video downloader software on your PC, on the other hand, is a better option when it comes to overall performance.

What is a Video Downloader?

A video downloader is a software that allows you to download videos from a variety of movie and streaming websites. It also allows you to convert movies between different formats such as MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, M4A, and others. A free online video downloader allows you to download and store video clips in your local storage for offline viewing. Moreover, with a paid version you can enjoy a variety of other features including custom video resolution from 720p to 1080p HD, 4K 4096p, and other high-definition formats. Along with HD quality and viewing experience, a good video downloader offers convenience and functionality.

Benefits Of A Video Downloader

Video downloaders, depending on their efficiency, offer numerous benefits to the users, including;

  • Video downloaders allow you to view all streaming sites in one place.
  • You can manage and organize your playlist or library for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • They allow you to share content with friends.
  • It allows you to customize quality, subtitles, and more settings according to your requirement.
  • Video downloaders allow you to download multiple episodes at once.
  • Unlike online downloaders, a video downloader programme is safe to use.
  • Some programmes offer a video downloader and media players in one place.

What is a StreamFab Video Downloader?

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If you are looking for a video downloader free, the StreamFab video downloader offers all the essential and advanced features. You can choose from different plans as per your requirement. StreamFab downloader offers free, standard, and pro versions. The free version let you download videos in mp4 format. Whereas, with paid standard and pro versions, you can enjoy additional features like choosing custom resolution, subtitles, batch download, and much more.

In addition, StreamFab downloader offers all streaming sites such as Amazon, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and others, all in one place. You do not have to browse through different sites to find your favorite show.

We have created this comprehensive guide to walk you through StreamFab features and how to use a video downloader.

StreamFab Main Feautres

If you are looking for a free video downloader app for your PC, downloading videos is not the only parameter to determine the efficiency of the downloader. There are a lot of other factors that contribute to better performance, functionality, and ease of use. Quality and reliability combined make any video downloader the best.

That being said, from download and installation to ease of use and advanced features, StreamFab offers nifty features, including;

  • The built-in browser makes it easier to explore your favorite content to download within the downloader.
  • Download videos from more than 1000 streaming sites like YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Disney Plus, and others.
  • Convert DVDs and Blu-rays into a variety of formats to store on your local storage.
  • StreamFab automatically downloads the metadata information for better organization and utilization of files in media players like PlayerFab, Plex, Kodi, etc.
  • Batch download your favorite shows or episodes in one go, quick and fast.
  • It let you set a schedule for new episodes that you want to download automatically.
  • The paid version allows you to download custom subtitles language and files. You can either download separate SRT files or re-encode them into the video.
  • You can enjoy advertisements free viewing and download experience with the paid version.
  • Download videos in 1080p resolution with enhanced high-quality EAC3 5.1 audio tracks to your computer.

The most common problem with online downloaders is that they do not let you download content from all streaming sites. Finding a new downloader for different sites is not a hassle, but also a waste of time. If you are looking for a free online Pinterest video downloader, StreamFab let you download Pinterest videos, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and numerous other social and live streaming platforms. With a paid subscription, you can also access the “free porn video downloader” module in StreamFab downloader.

How To Use StreamFab Video Downloader?

StreamFab offers different modules in its main programme. You can use the free youtube video downloader, Facebook, Hulu, Youtube, Netflix, and 1000 more streaming sites, all in one place.

In addition to a wide range of download options, StreamFab is a free video downloader for PC. It offers easy to use and straightforward interface. You can download and install the software on your system, both Windows, and Mac operating systems. We have listed the steps you can follow to download HD videos.

1. Visit the DVDFab website to download StreamFab downloader. It let you choose your operating system to download the setup. Run the setup to install the programme.

2. Launch the programme and it will take you to the main page. On the left, there is a menu. In the top right corner, you will see the “Paste URL” button. You can directly paste the video link and download it. Moreover, StreamFab offers a built-in browser that let you browse your favorite videos in one place.

Free video downloader:How To Use StreamFab Video Downloader?

3. On the left, you will see a menu. With the paid subscription, you can go to your desired module. StreamFab offers 1000+ streaming sites including free porn video downloader.

4. Go to the “VIP Services” tab. Here, you can choose from all popular sites including, Youtube, Hulu, Discovery Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more.

Free video downloader:How To Use StreamFab Video Downloader?

5. Play the video you want to download. There is a “Download” button under the video. Click the “Download” button to start.

6. On the main page, in the left menu, go to the “Your Library” tab, and choose “Downloading”. Here, you can see all the videos and progress. You can pause or cancel your download at any time.

Unlike other alternatives, StreamFab offers a complete media solution to its users. DVDFab ensures a seamless viewing experience with PlayerFab Media Player.

What is PlayerFab Media Player?

To enhance your viewing experience on all platforms including PC, TV, and mobile devices or tablets, PlayerFab allows you to play DVDs, Blu-ray, and UHD Discs in different formats with the high video quality. In addition, it also lets you stream more than 1000 streaming sites such as Amazon, Netflix, Tubi, Peacock, and others. You will not have to waste time searching for their desired movies on various streaming sites since PlayerFab will do everything for them.

Free video downloader:What is PlayerFab Media Player?

PlayerFab Main Features

To enhance overall user performance and quality, PlayerFab offers nifty features to make the user experience smooth and reliable. In addition to playing videos in HD, PlayerFab meets all your entertainment needs.

Let’s have a look at PlayerFab features that makes it better than other alternatives available in the market.

Support Local Videos, DVD, Blu-ray, UHD discs, And Streaming Services

PlayerFab offers all-in-one compatibility with all kinds of formats and files along with DVDs. You can watch local videos, DVDs, UHD Discs, and Blu-ray DVDs. You can also stream online videos from more than 1000 websites including YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Discovery, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Support 100+ Formats

PlayerFab is a strong and all-encompassing free media player that is incredibly adaptable to multiple formats. It supports H.264 and H.265, HEVC, MP4, and other common formats. If you face compatibility issues with other devices like smartphones, tablets, and PC.

Region Free Playback

Most DVDs and streaming services are not accessible because of the region code restrictions. PlayerFab let you customize your region settings for unrestricted playback from anywhere in the world.

Free video downloader:PlayerFab Main Features

Navigation Menus

PlayerFab had introduced improved 4K Media Player capabilities that allow you to navigate through the menu on all DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Ultra Blu-rays, independent of their format.

Whether you are playing DVDs or ripped ISO image files or folders, PlayerFab support all formats to give you a wholesome viewing experience.

High-Resolution Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

If you have a cutting-edge acoustic system at home, this player seems to be perfectly up to your alley. It can produce lossless high-resolution audio with up to 7.1 channel surround sound, such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS:X, and DTS-HD Master.

3D Content Playback

To get the most out of your 3D TV at home, the player supports authentic 3D Blu-ray discs, ISO files, and SBS (side-by-side) or top-and-bottom 3D films. Watching 3D movies in your home theatre is a snap with a set of 3D glasses with PlayerFab!

4K UHD Videos With HDR10 Effect

Most 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays and 4K UHD movies now have an HDR effect. HDR10 is an HDR variation that can provide 1000 nits of peak brightness, making pictures seem more realistic to the human eyes.

PlayerFab features HDR effect, including HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision. hence, if your 4K TV or monitor is compatible with any of HDR versions, you can enjoy exceptional video quality.

Full HD 1080p And EAC3 Audio Quality Online Playback

PlayerFab is built on the foundation of excellence. This free software's robust built-in features provide the greatest viewing experience in FHD 1080p video and EAC3 5.1 audio quality. In addition, it offers nifty features that allow you to watch your favorite shows without any limitations.

  • Choose between various video and audio quality options.
  • Automatically skip the introduction.
  • Customizable playback speeds. You can reduce or increase the speed as per your personal preference.
  • Auto-play the next episode for an uninterrupted and immersive watching experience.
  • Choose from a variety of personalized features, such as audio and subtitles, to improve their viewing experience.

Automated Media Library

You can enjoy a stress-free organization of your favorite TV shows and movies. PlayerFab automatically downloads the required resources for better organization of videos in your local library.

  • Manage your library with clean poster walls. When you click on the poster wall, it directs you to a thorough website with all of the movie or TV show's metadata information presented.
  • PlayerFab automatically downloads metadata like thumbnails, posters, and other information from the Internet. It helps divide movies and shows into precise categories.
  • To save time and provide a better watching experience, your movie or drama series will be automatically combined into one file.
  • PlayerFab allows you to build an intelligent local music collection. Simply drag and drop your current music files from your HDD into the 4K player programme. PlayerFab automatically categorizes files into albums, artists, and genres.
  • It offers all-in-one support for various audio formats including MP3, WAV, M4A, and more.

Straightforward User Interface

User expectations are always prioritized by PlayerFab. If you want a player with a lot of features, PlayerFab will provide you with the most straightforward experience.

  • You can change the video speed according to your preferences.
  • Hotkeys offer unmatchable convenience for quick controls and navigation.
  • Create and manage your playlists in a straightforward manner.
  • The screenshot feature will assist you in capturing valuable moments or scenes from the video.
  • PlayerFab offers a range of language to playback modes, allowing you to create your own personal media player.

AMD, IQS, and Nvidia Hardware Decoding

PlayerFab supports AMD, IQS (Intel Quick Sync), and NVIDIA CUDA hardware decoding thanks to its newest powerful GPU acceleration technologies. It let you enjoy a smoother playing experience with enhanced picture quality.

PC and TV Playback Modes for Small and Large Screens

The Playerfab all-in-one media player comes with two separate playing modes, PC and TV. PC mode is geared toward a immersive watching experience on computer displays. Whereas, on the other hand, TV Mode is designed to provide a cinema-like audio-visual experience for large smart TVs and is compatible with Windows Media Center remote controllers.


If you are still looking for a video downloader free, no more. Amongst various players and downloaders, we have reviewed the most efficient video downloader. Online downloaders do not offer services owing to a variety of reasons. However, a dependable and secure video downloader such as the StreamFab downloader is ideal for you to use in these situations. It offers a one-stop solution for all your entertainment needs. You can download HD videos in all formats. In addition, to enhance your viewing experience, DVDFab offers the PlayerFab media player that let you play all formats including DVDs, iOS files, Blu-ray, and streaming sites.


1. Is StreamFab downloader free?

Including the free version, StreamFab offers different subscription plans with advanced features. You can choose one as per your personal preference. In the free version, you get basic downloading. Though it does not let you customize advanced settings like quality and resolution. Moreover, with standard and pro versions you can enjoy full features. Moreover, StreamFab's All-In-One lifetime subscription includes all 39 modules in one at $259.99.

2. Can I download PlayerFab on Mac?

Speaking of functionality, PlayerFab is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can choose your desired OS before you download PlayerFab.

3. Is StreamFab Youtube Video Downloader Free?

If you already are a DVDFab user, you can get the StreamFab youtube video downloader module at discounted price.