While opting for any of your favorite online streaming services, you are primarily concerned about how to get it on your convenient device. However, to enjoy flawless streaming of your favorite HBO Max on Roku, from sign-in steps to error fixing solutions to the logout & cancellation process, you would know everything with step-by-step instructions through this article. 

How to Get HBO Max on Roku?

If you are a consistent HBO Max subscriber but don't know how to get HBO Max Roku, you will get the two methods to get HBO Max on Roku. Beisdes, if you wonder how to download HBO on Vizio smart TV, this passage will provide detailed approaches.

Method 1: Get Roku HBO Max via "Streaming Channels" 

Step 1: Tap the "Home Button" on the Roku remote to get to the "Home page." While scrolling down through the left sidebar, go to the "Streaming Channels" options and select it. 

Step 2: Go to the "Featured" channels option to select the "HBO Max" icon. Otherwise, you need to scroll through the page to find & select the "Search Channels" options. 

Step 3: After searching for "HBO Max," once the channel appears on the screen, you must select it. Next, hit on the "Add Channel" option. 

Step 4: Go back to Roku's "Home Page," where you will see HBO Max has been added to the app list. You need to open the app & log in to your official HBO Max account through your credentials and get HBO Max on Roku. 

Method 2: Get HBO Max on Roku via Website 

Step 1: While heading to the Roku website, you must log in to your account. Locate the "HBO Max" from the "Featured Channel" list & select the "Add Channel" option.

hbo max roku:Method 2: Get HBO Max on Roku via Website 

Step 2: Alternatively, you can search for "HBO Max" & hit on "Details"> "Add Channel." Get back to the "Home screen" of Roku & get HBO Max on Roku & sign in to your account. By the way, if you are not clear about how to hbomax.com/tvsignin, there will be a detailed introduction in this passage.

hbo max roku:Method 2: Get HBO Max on Roku via Website 

How to Fix HBO Max Not Working on the Roku Issue?

Even though you know how to get Roku HBO Max, you wouldn't be able to explore your favorite HBO Max world on your Roku device if you consistently face HBO Max not working on the Roku issue. So, here you will get eight solutions to fix this issue. 

Fix 1: Keep Roku updated 

Since HBO Max is only running on Roku 9.3 version, if you are using an older version of the Roku device, you need to update it to its latest version to make HBO Max compatible with your latest version of Roku device. So here you go with the Roku update steps. 

hbo max roku:How to Fix HBO Max Not Working on the Roku Issue?

Steps: Hit on "Home Button"> "Settings"> " System" > "System update"> "check for updates" on Roku > "Start installation" 

Fix 2: Reset Roku via factory resetting 

While going through the factory resetting option of your Roku device, you can fix the HBO Max not working on the Roku issue. This process will remove the Roku device's entire data and will reset the device's whole function.

Through this process, the machine setting of the device will change entirely & will improve the device's performance. Here you go with the factory resetting steps. After using factory reset, you need to reinstall all the removed data on your device. 

Steps: Home Screen>Settings> System> "Advanced System settings" > "Factory reset" > a Code appears > enter the code in the given box> OK.

Fix 3: Reset Roku via hard reset 

If the factory reset option doesn't work, another reset option can also help your Roku device reset its internal working system. Follow the given steps. 

Steps: Locate the "RESET" sign on your Roku device. The symbol varies from one model to another > press the "Reset" switch for 20 seconds > when the power light appears on the device, release the switch. 

Note: If the Reset button is missing or damaged on your Roku device, follow the steps below.

Steps: Push the "Power & Mute" button simultaneously. While holding them together, remove the power cable of the Roku device and plug it back after 20 seconds. When the device screen lights up, release both the switches > give your "account & setting information" in the Roku device. 

Fix 4: Stop using VPN service

hbo max roku:How to Fix HBO Max Not Working on the Roku Issue?

If your Roku device is linked to any VPN Service, it can cause issues like HBO Max not working on Roku. Since VPN can change your living location, it hides your original IP address. As a result, it hampers the comparability between your HBO Max account & your Roku device. So, get rid of your VPN connection to fix this problem. 

Fix 5: Restarting the Roku device 

Restarting your Roku device by switching on & off can quickly fix the HBO Max not working on the Roku issue. However, if there is no switch on or off button on your Roku device, follow the given steps. 

Steps: Home Screen> System> System Restart > Restart> confirm that the Roku device will be turned on & off & then restart again > Roku device will turn off > wait for a while, Roku will turn on > go back to the home page to check whether the problem is fixed. 

Fix 6: Check internet connectivity 

While trying out fixes for HBO Max not working on the Roku issue, you need to check the bandwidth and speed of your existing internet connection by running a speed test. Unfortunately, due to poor internet connectivity, the screen of your Roku device can be frozen. So let's go through the steps to fix it. 

Step: Push the Home button five times > Upward Arrow once> Rewind option twice > Fast Forward option> wait for a while to complete the restarting process of your device. 

Fix 7: Reinstallation of the HBO Max app 

Uninstallation & reinstallation of the app could effectively remove any unwanted bugs or technical glitches from your Roku device. So let's get the steps to uninstall & reinstall the app on your Roku device.

hbo max roku:How to Fix HBO Max Not Working on the Roku Issue?


Steps: Home switch> Streaming Channels > Channel Store > HBO > Ok > remove > Confirm "Selection".

Reinstall: Method 1 

Steps: Head to HBO Max app on the phone> "Settings"> Devices > Sign out from all the devices where you have logged in > "Delete HBO Max from Roku"> Restart it > Reinstall the app again. 

Reinstall: Method 2 

Steps: Go to "Unsubscribe" from HBO Max > delete HBO Channel> Restart > Add the channel again. 

Fix 8: Clear caches in Roku 

Clearing caches of your device can be a beneficial solution to this problem as it removes the storage space of your Roku device. So let's see the cache cleaning steps. 

Steps: Home screen> HBO Max channel> push asterisk sign on Roku remote> remove channel> Reboot your Roku device. 

Fix 9: Opt for Search Option 

Instead of trying out the "Home Screen" option to access HBO Max content, you can opt for the "Search Feature" to locate content via actor name, TV channels, movie names, etc. You will probably fix your problem. 

How to Log Out of HBO Max on Roku?

If you want to access your HBO Max content on any device and need to know how to sign out of HBO Max on Roku, go through the steps to complete your sign-out process HBO Max on Roku. 

Steps: Open the app of HBO Max Roku by clicking the "Home" button on Roku. Head to the "Setting" icon through the "Profile" icon> select "Sign out" > under your account information select "Sign out" option> while clicking the remote button sign out from your HBO Max account. 

How to Cancel HBO Max on Roku? 

If you don't want to continue with your HBO Max subscription any longer, you can easily cancel your HBO Max subscription anytime. Here, you have the steps of how to cancel HBO Max on Roku. 

Method 1

Steps: Locate the HBO Max on the Roku device> click on the asterisk option on the remote> head to the "Menu" option> "Manage Subscription" > "Cancel Subscription" > to confirm hit again on the "Cancel subscription"> Done. 

Method 2 

Steps: Open Roku website via web browser> Sign in> give Roku account detail> Manage Account > Manage your Subscription> subscription list> HBO Max subscription> Unsubscribe> Done. 

How to Download HBO Max Content: With StreamFab HBO Downloader 

If you plan to cancel your HBO Max subscription before beginning your cancellation plan, why don't you download the entire HBO Max library for your later offline watch? No matter what HBO Max subscription plan you are availing of, with the StreamFab HBO Downloader, you can get high-quality ad-free HBO downloads with your customization. So, it's time to see what customization options you can opt for through this downloader. 


● Unlimited downloads for unlimited time. 

● 720p to 1080p resolution selection option with AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track. 

● Ad-free simultaneous batch downloading option. 

● Subtitles & metadata saving option. 

● Get 4k UHD video with HDR 10 effect in less time. 

● Get MP4 downloads for device-independent watching. 

● H.264/H.265 codecs for device storage saving. 

● Auto-download for planned newly released episodes. 

● Download conversion option to Blu-ray format. 


Go for any preferable subscription plan from $39.99/month, $69.99/year, or $89.99 for a lifetime. 

Downloading Steps 

Step 1: Start with StreamFab: 

hbo max roku:Downloading Steps 

To start with the downloader, double click on the "StreamFab" icon & head to the left function column to opt for the "VIP Service" option.

Step 2: Website & content selection:

hbo max roku:Downloading Steps 

Reach to the HBO or HBO Max website while browsing through the list of websites & login into your account to choose the content to download. 

Step 3: Go for "Download Now":

hbo max roku:Downloading Steps 

Play your selected content & hit on the "Download Now" option when it appears on the screen. 

Last lead 

After going through the entire article, if you have got what you need for your HBO Max Roku requirement, it's time for execution with the steps of your need. Once you are sorted with your solution, try the StreamFab HBO downloader once for a permanent solution to access HBO Max on Roku without any online dependency. Finally, if you are interested in Amazon and HBO MAX bundle, you will find an elaborated introduction here.