What is the HEVC Codec?

HEVC is also known as H.265 is a standard of video compression and stands for High-efficiency Video coding. HEVC codec is developed basically to enhance the efficiency of coding by bringing improvement in the quality of videos. There are certain core tech specs like intra or inter coding, motion compensation, coding tree unit, etc. which improves the video quality of HEVC Codec in Windows 10 as well. Even at the same bitrate HEVC codec can deliver more appropriate quality in video with the availability of the right proportion of double data compression features. The HEVC codec is the medium or software through which HEVC video is compressed.

Does Encoding Make the Video more Appealing?

Nowadays, many users take videos and love to stream them on social media platforms however, when they try to upload them they wish for the best viewing experience for their audience. This is possible only when the Codec HEVC is optimized for compatibility across a variety of platforms or devices. Thus, encoding makes the video more appealing here’s how:

  • By changing the video format so it occupies less space on your devices is the main goal of encoding.
  • HEVC 265 codec does not jeopardize the high-quality video while reducing its size.
  • It allows easier and faster upload and downloads facilities across all platforms and devices making it more attractive.
  • It can be used on all media players such as KM players, VLC, etc.

Top 5 Best Software for HEVC Codec Windows 10

Being one of the latest in trend HEVC 265 Codec is supported across all platforms. However, there are a few software that is one of the best options for converting hevc codec making your compression work a lot easier.

DVDFab Video Converter for HEVC Codec Windows 10

DVDFab HEVC Converter

Are you looking for the best option for the HEVC codec that can be used on Windows 10? Well, your search must end with this one as it provides amazing custom settings for your amazing playlists. Moreover, it works efficiently on TV playback and PC as well if its user interface gets upgraded. The sharpness, color, and contrast it provides to videos is spell bounding.


  • Allows cropping and deinterlacing functions.
  • It is a converter that can be used for both videos and audio and can be used for the HEVC codec files as well.
  • It is available in many languages for your ease.
  • Allows using and playing of video files on a variety of devices like a home theater or mobiles.
  • Efficiently gathers all the movie and series information from web results.

Price: Free Trial



  • Supports audio conversion along with videos.
  • Very easy and efficient to use.
  • High-resolution quality is available for videos.
  • A great hevc codec with a free trial and provides crystal clear quality in pictures and videos.


  • Not available.

Process of Converting HEVC Video Codec for DVDFab HEVC Converter

Step 1: Launch DVDFab after HEVC Codec Download and load the conversion file.

Once the software is downloaded you need to double click the same to launch it. The options bar will show you a converter module. As soon as you reach there drag and drop the desired video of HEVC format in the user interface. The add buttons also let you navigate through the software and add files for conversion. The HEVC codec free version allows limited features but does the job for beginners.

Converting HEVC Video Codec

Step 2: Choose the profile and start the customization of the output video

Once the video starts uploading there is an option of choosing another profile from the drop-down menu. Herein many formats and device options are given to choose from. However, in case you wish to change the output video format Advanced settings can help you do the same along with the presets. The output video can be highly customized with the video editor built in this one.

Once you get finished with the process you have the option of saving the settings along with opening the folder icon. It will take you to the output directory. From here you can share the video to youtube, Facebook, or anywhere else and you can use the HEVC codec for windows media player as well.

HEVC Codec

Step 3: Start the Conversion

Once the preset settings are set you now have to click on the start button to get your DVDFab converter windows 10 hevc codec started. Once you click the button the process starts immediately and takes a few seconds to convert your favorite video into a more desirable video format. The process starts on your screen and you can cancel it too if you wish at any time. In case you are looking for an automatic shut down as soon as the conversion is done, you can set it. Moreover, there are options for the exit, hibernation, and even leaving the program running on its own available to be chosen as per preference. As soon as the conversion is done the resulting file will land up in the output folder.

A piece of information: Every HEVC Codec converter download works in more or less similar ways. The steps we have listed above works similarly for every or at least most of the hevc codec software.

Cyberlink Power DVD

This wonderful software gives full support to the hevc video codec and allows the Cyberlink cloud option for all your storage needs. With multiple angle support for your MKV files you also get amazing WASAPI support for your audio needs. If you are looking to view your youtube videos later then with this software you can opt for offline viewing.


  • It supports a 360-degree view of a video which can be accessed from Youtube as well.
  • It allows casting the converted videos to larger screens as well.
  • The CyberLink cloud option allows for cloud storage of 10 GB that can be used over a year.
  • It allows downloading youtube videos that are available offline as well.
  • It supports SRT subtitles that are embedded in mp4 files.
  • Has a wonderful interface that can be customized.

Price: Ultra Version at $99.95 / Pro Version at $79.95 / Standard Version at $59.95


  • A variety of plans are available.
  • The amazing interface can be customized as per preference.
  • SRT subtitles are supported in mp4 files.


  • Does not allow a good playback on Windows 10.

Winx HD DVD Converter Deluxe

If you are looking for a full-featured hevc codec for windows 10 then this one will not disappoint you. With a better and easy storage facility, this software allows online sharing of videos as well. The no quality loss feature converts the video at a 47X faster speed in real-time. Moreover, optimization is possible for various devices too.


  • It allows conversion based on the profile of the device taken for watching the video.
  • It supports hyper-threading and GPU acceleration which results in no lag faster speed.
  • No quality loss feature allows for perfect sync of both video and audio in the file.
  • Conversion is possible for formats other than the hevc codec as mp4.
  • It supports bulk conversion and merging facilities for multiple videos.

Price: $29.95


  • Availability of slide show for different photo formats which is available for video format too.
  • Availability of bulk conversion.
  • Compression is possible without a loss in quality.


  • It may be less affordable for some people.

Any Video Converter Ultimate

It is a great software for HEVC Codec for Windows 10 and Apple devices as well. This software supports the conversion of batch files at 30 times faster speed. You can customize settings for bit rate, encode pass, frame rate, etc. If you wish you can use it for downloading a variety of videos from Youtube and burning videos to any DVD too.


  • Assists recording of videos in great quality and efficiency.
  • Allows conversion for more than 200 formats of video across a variety of devices.
  • Helps in using special effects, cut, trim, and other facilities over a video.
  • Easy conversion is available at 30 times faster speed.
  • Easy batch conversion is available for files with customization.

Price: Free trial version / $49.95


  • Upgrades are available from time to time.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Batch conversion of files at 30x faster speed.


  • The paid version may not be set on the budget list for some people.


If you are looking for an open-source hevc codec for windows 10 software then you are right to go with Handbrake. It includes many advanced options as Full HD and 4K UHD conversion for video along with supporting x265 which makes encoding for HEVC a lot easier. With a long list of presets, you can use the hevc codec on Windows 10 for free and it also works with android, PS devices, and a lot more.


  • Crops the video and resizes it too.
  • Helps in restoring low-quality and old video format as well.
  • Removes any kind of combining artifacts that are created as a result of telecine and interlacing.
  • Easy interface to work with all kinds of video formats including Hevc codec
  • Allows proper adjustment of volume levels for audios.

Price: Free


  • It is a good hevc codec that works for mac, Linux, and windows too.
  • Helps in preserving subtitles of videos and you can even add or delete them.
  • Avails surround sound for files.
  • Converts any format of video including the hevc 265 codec.


It does not help to combine a bunch of files into one file.


Are there any free options available for conversion of the HEVC codec for MAC?

The Handbrake software is a free option that is available for the HEVC codec for Mac. Moreover, the hevc codec for VLC can also work for you with a minor software update.

Is the quality of videos gets reduced by using the HEVC codec?

Instead of reducing the quality of the videos, the HEVC codec brings a 50% reduction in bitrate and makes them easy to store. By using VLC you can alter the hevc codec and can get videos at a reduced size.

Are there any options available for conversion of HEVC Codec for Windows 10 for free?

Yes, Handbrake can be used for conversion of HEVC Codec for Windows 10 for free. Additionally, the VLC hevc/h.265 codec pack also allows free conversion of videos,


With the availability of the latest trends of HEVC files, the users can get the most of information at a reduced bit rate in the same quality. There is multiple choice of software that is available for HEVC codec for Windows 10, Mac, and other devices as well. Some are available for free as HEVC codec VLC or Handbrake while some are available at a price like DVDFab providing you with a good price range to play with as per your requirements. It is up to you to decide on the best one. Now, since you have gathered information about major software that can be used to convert hevc codec it will be easier to decide any one of them as per your suitability.