Amazon Prime is the application to try first when you're surfing the internet to find any entertaining content or for online shopping purposes. Amazon Prime would get you everything at your doorstep at a minimum price as a subscription-based service provider. So let's see some facts that make you think of this platform at least once. 

● More than 90% of first-time Amazon Prime users stay with their service after one year. 

● Among 200 million worldwide Amazon users, 153 million are from the USA only. 

● By 2021, Amazon Prime generated $32 billion in revenue when prime day sales reached up to $12 billion. 

● Among 76.6 million American households, every household had at least one Amazon Prime membership. 

● 30% of subscribers spent around $50-$100/month on this platform. Downloading functions are only available for subscribers. However, there are still a lot of restrictions. For example, the downloaded video will expire after 48 hours. Therefore, if you want to save videos for a long time, it is better to ask an amazon downloader for help.

Now, after giving a glance at the most eye catchy data of Amazon Prime, if you are curious to know how this one platform manages to meet millions' needs with satisfaction, this article will reveal its secrets. 

How Does Amazon Prime work? 

how does Amazon Prime work:How Does Amazon Prime work? 

When Amazon Prime is a shoppers' paradise with a $14/month or $139/year subscription plan in the online shopping and shipping world, who doesn't want to take a trip to this platform. So let's see "how does Amazon Prime work" to meet diversified demands from free shipping to sharing accounts of Amazon Prime members. Before taking an Amazon Prime membership, try the 30-day free trial to start with this service. And more questions will be solved in Amazon video help.

Types of Amazon Prime Membership Account 

how does Amazon Prime work:Types of Amazon Prime Membership Account 

Prime Student membership

To avail of this membership, you must have a email ID. Here, you have the perks attached to it. 

● Six months free trial or Prime membership & LinkedIn Premium. 

● Amazon Prime Student membership costs $69/per year. 

● With this plan, students can get Amazon Music Unlimited at $1/month. ● Get a discount on textbooks. 

● Get Grubhub+ Student membership for free with unlimited delivery. 

● 10% discount on flights & hotels via StudentUniverse. 

Discounted Prime Membership 

Those eligible for special "Government Assistance Programs" such as Medicaid & EBT. It is a plan that cuts the membership cost in half. 

● This discounted plan costs $7/month. 

● All the standard prime membership benefits will be accessible. 

● Eligibility verification is required every year. 

● You can apply for this discount plan if you are eligible through an online application. 

● SNAP EBT is accepted for eligible groceries. 

● Free shipping is offered. 

Each Amazon Household With 10 Prime Membership 

● Two adults of 18 years or above are eligible to have their accounts. 

● Four teenagers of 13-17 years can have individual accounts, whereas adults can share digital contents of their accounts via parental control restrictions. 

● Four kids account where adults can share apps, eBooks, games, etc. 

Amazon Prime Benefits Delivery & Shipping 

● For one-day delivery, select the product "Get it tomorrow." 

● Only contiguous US members are eligible for free two-day delivery. 

● Same-day delivery for particular products & is free over $25 order.

● Get particular pre-order items on the release date with free shipping. 

● With no-rush free shipping, you can get a reward point for late delivery. 

● With the "Buy with Prime" option, get free delivery from any retailer website with the Prime logo on the product. 

● On Amazon day, you can shop for a week with a two days delivery option, "inside their home" delivery option in a specific zip code & monitor your delivery with the "Key by Amazon app."

● With the Amazon Fresh delivery option, you get any of your everyday household items or groceries without delivery charges. 

Discounts on Deals 

how does Amazon Prime work:Discounts on Deals 

● Get a 20% discount on baby diapers & 15% on any baby product via a baby registered account. 

● Enjoy 30 minutes before access to lightning deals & new events of 

● 10% discount on pre-ordering video games. 

● Free access to new books on the Kindle First Picks option for US Prime members. 

● Prime members can get unlimited children's content from "FreeTime Unlimited" at $2/month. 

● Get an exclusive discount on "Whole Foods" with 2 hours of free "Whole Foods" delivery via the "Prime Now" service. Amazon charges $10 for service in selective cities. 

● With Amazon Rewards Visa Card, Prime members get a discount of 5% on purchases, 2% on restaurants, drugstores, and gas stations, 1% on other purchases, and 5% cash back on whole food & get up to 20% back on selective purchases. 

● The "Just for Prime" option is available only for Prime members to get exclusive deals on electronics, home & kitchen items. 

● Free sign-up to Grubhub+ for US prime members only. 

Entertainment Perks 

● Free Amazon Prime Video access with unlimited streaming options. 

● Get add-on channels advantage with $5-$15/month additional charges. 

● Get 2 million ad-free songs, playlists & stations with Prime Music. 

● Avail discount on monthly & yearly subscription plans on Amazon Music Unlimited. 

● Get free video gaming access with free Twitch. Tv monthly subscription. You can also get a free rotating video gaming option via Luna(Amazon's cloud video gaming service). 

● Free access to thousands of magazines, books, & more on Kindle or Fire Tablet with downloading option. You can read via the Kindle app. 

● Enjoy narration of thousands of audiobooks & podcast originals in "Audible" with one premium title selection option per month. 

● If you want to know how audible works with Amazon Prime, you must know that with prime membership, you can get a one-month free subscription with two free credits & other promotional discounts. After that, you need to pay $14.95/month.

● Get 5GB of high-resolution video storage in Amazon Drive. 

● If you are curious to know how Amazon Prime Wardrobe work, you will be happy to know that Prime Wardrobe comes free with Prime membership. It gives a 7-day free clothing trial option at home & you pay only for the one you keep. 

● Access Amazon's exclusive essential items with "Amazon Elements." 

How Does Amazon Prime Day Work?

Amazon Prime Day is nothing but another perk of Amazon Prime membership. Only Prime members are eligible to access Amazon Prime Day offers. So, let's get some highlights of how Amazon Prime Day work. 

● In 2022, Amazon Prime day was the 12th & 13th of July. 

● Generally, it lasts for 48 hours. 

● It is a multi-day sale offered by mega-retailers & they offer exclusive deals on everything, including home appliances, clothes, etc. 

● These deals started to roll out from 21 June onwards with a 55% discount on Amazon devices. 

● $1 purchase of entitled small business products will get you "Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes" with prize offers. 

● Prime day offers various incentives & promotions. 

● "Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote" was the bestseller on 2021 Amazon Prime day. 

How Does Amazon Prime Video Work? 

As one of the leading SVOD OTT platforms, Amazon Prime Video offers 24,000 movies, 2,100 shows, & 100 Premium channel options. By the way, among these videos, 1883 is definitely one of the excellent shows worthy of trying, this passage introduces in detail about how to watch 1883 on Amazon Prime.

Let's look at how Amazon Prime Video work to stay in the competition. 

● This service comes free with an Amazon Prime membership. 

● The standalone Amazon Prime video subscription charge is $9/month. 

● 30-day free trials for everyone & extended six-month free trial for student subscription. 

● It supports all Android & iOS devices & web browsers. 

● Titles are available in HDR, 4K Ultra HD & Dolby Atmos. 

● Along with Amazon originals, Award-winning movies, and critically acclaimed series, you can get many MGM titles in the Prime Video library. 

● You can purchase content separately, not included with your subscription plan. 

● Get an in-app payment option on any iOS device. 

● Three simultaneous watching is possible with one Amazon Prime Video account. 

How to Download Amazon Prime Video Content: With StreamFab Amazon Downloader 

Suppose you are enjoying your Amazon Prime Video subscription for free with your prime membership. In that case, it's time to enjoy the entire Prime Video library in your offline world with the StreamFab Amazon Downloader. From ads-free watching to multiple device viewing, you can customize your watching according to your need with the high-quality Amazon Prime Video downloader


● Unlimited regional content downloading option.

● 1080p HD video & EAC3 5.1/AAC 2.0 audio quality. 

● H.264/H.265 codecs for device storage saving. 

● Ads-free downloads. 

● All device-compatible downloads with MP4 format. 

● Subtitles & metadata saving option. 

● New released scheduled videos will download automatically.

● Simultaneous downloads of multiple videos. 


Get the downloader at the minimum cost of $39.99/month, $69.99/year, or $89.99 for a lifetime. 

Downloading Steps 

Step 1: Start StreamFab on the system:

how does Amazon Prime work:Downloading Steps 

On your PC, click on the "StreamFab" icon to begin with the software & move to the left side column to pick VIP Service. 

Step 2: Video selection from the website: 

how does Amazon Prime work:Downloading Steps 

After navigating the Amazon Prime Video website, sign in to your account & choose the content that you wish to download. 

Step 3: Playing & downloading at a time:

how does Amazon Prime work:Downloading Steps 

Play your selected video & initiate the downloading process by hitting the "Download Now" pop-up. 

Last Lead 

If you are planning to try Amazon Prime membership for the first time, the platform's perks, plans & benefits will help you understand how Amazon Prime work. However, if you are already enjoying your Amazon Prime membership, this article will assist you in figuring out the missing perks, plans, or offers.