Amazon Prime Video comes with an enviable content library with a plethora of movies, TV shows, Prime Originals, and much more. However, if you feel you are not making the most of your Prime Video subscription, want to save on your OTT expenditure, or simply want to cut down on your uptime, here’s how to cancel your Amazon subscription.

After the announcement made by Amazon earlier this year where they stated that the monthly fee for Prime will now increase from $12.99 to $14.99 and the annual fee will increase from $119 to $139, many users have started worrying. Although there are users who depend on Amazon Prime’s shopping platform and trailblazing delivery services to whom the price hike may not be a concern, there may be several other users who are happy with other alternatives that cost considerably less. 

Moreover, with downloading software like the StreamFab Amazon downloader, you can always download all your favorite shows from the channel and enjoy them at a later time, offline, and without having to worry about the high subscription costs. If you have been using the Amazon Prime free trial and wondering how to cancel your Amazon Prime free trial before you start getting charged your monthly subscription, here’s what you need to do. Before canceling your amazon prime subscription, you can use an amazon downloader to download your favorite videos and save them on your devices forever.

How to Cancel Prime Video from a Browser?

how to cancel prime video:How to Cancel Prime Video from a Browser?

You can follow the below steps to cancel Prime Video:

  1. In order to cancel or even access or modify your Amazon Prime, you need to hover your cursor over the tab that says Accounts and Lists. You will find this on the upper right side of the home page. Next click on Prime Membership
  2. Once in Prime Membership, you will have access to your Prime Plan along with the renewal date, and management options. Click on Manage Membership and then on End Membership
  3. You will be taken to a page that will give you the details of your Prime membership benefits, the number of days left before your next billing, etc. Here, you can choose to wait a few days until you reach the end of your current monthly or annual plan. However, if you still want to go ahead and cancel Prime Video you can click on Cancel my Benefits.

How to Cancel Prime Video on the APP?

how to cancel prime video:How to Cancel Prime Video on the APP?

You can follow the below steps to cancel Prime Video on the Amazon app, irrespective of whether you are using an iOS, Android, or tablet:

  1. Go to the app home page and tap the menu icon which is represented by three horizontal lines. You will find this on the bottom right side of the screen. Now click on the option that says Account.
  2. Once you get your account settings, scroll down the list to look for the option that says Manage Prime Membership. Find the option Manage Membership that is under your profile name and then tap on Update, Cancel, and more.
  3. To cancel the Prime Video channel, tap on End Membership. Then scroll through the listed options and benefits and select Cancel My Benefits. Check the last date of your subscription and if there are still days or weeks left before your current subscription ends, you can go for the Remind Me Later option instead. In this case, you will receive a notification from Amazon Prime three days prior to your membership renewal date when you can cancel Prime Video, but until then you can continue using your Prime benefits. 

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial?

Amazon offers interested users a free month-long trial to Amazon Prime. Please note here, that you can also cancel your membership soon after setting it up as Amazon will continue letting you enjoy all the benefits of Prime membership for the entire month. 

If you have been enjoying the Amazon Prime 30-day free trial period but are now nearing the end of that period and do not wish to continue using it once your subscription cycle commences, here’s how to cancel the Amazon Prime trial. 

  1. Go to and sign in to your account
  2. Go to “Accounts and Lists” that is there on the right-hand side of the screen and open the menu
  3. Open your Prime Membership page by clicking on Your Prime Membership
  4. Now on the left-hand side you will find all information about your trial. You will find the date on which your trial period ends, the card that will be charged on that particular date, as well as the confirmation that you are not yet charged for your membership. Check the bottom left corner of the page where you will find Membership Management. Below it there is an option that says End Trial and Benefits. Click on this to end your free trial
  5. At the bottom of the page, click on the option, End My Benefits 
  6. You will again be prompted to make sure your decision to cancel is final. This time you will see three options at the bottom. Click on Continue to Cancel 
  7. On the final cancellation page, click on Cancel Membership for your Amazon Prime trial to finally end without charging you a single penny. You will find two alert boxes on the membership page that will confirm your cancellation of Prime membership and the date on which you will cease to enjoy your benefits. 

How to Cancel Channels on Amazon Prime?

You can also cancel Prime Video channel subscriptions by following the below steps:

how to cancel prime video:How to Cancel Channels on Amazon Prime?

  1. Go to Accounts and Settings and then click on Channels from the top menu
  2. Look for the subscription that you wish to cancel
  3. Nor select the option Cancel Channel and then confirm
  4. You will be able to view your subscription end date on the confirmation screen. Once the end date surpasses, you will not be charged for renewing the subscription or have any access to the content on that channel
  5. If you had paid for your Prime Video Channel subscription through Apple, you need to cancel Prime Video channels subscription at least 24 hours before your subscription is due to renew, failing which you may be charged

If you are enthusiastic about the vast content library that Amazon Prime Video boasts, yet worried about the surging charges which are compelling you to cancel Prime Video channel, you can try an alternative. You can use a good-quality video downloader to download Amazon Prime videos on your devices for offline viewing.

Use StreamFab Amazon Downloader for Offline Watching

StreamFab Amazon downloader is a potent software and a powerful streaming video downloader that can help you download any Amazon Prime video of your choice onto your PC or hard drives. With StreamFab Amazon downloader you can not only enjoy your favorite movies and videos from Prime Video offline and anytime, but also with no regional restriction, at the high video quality, and completely ad-free. There are several other features and advantages of the StreamFab Amazon downloader that promises to make your streaming experience seamless and enjoyable.

Key features:

  • Allows video downloading freely from all supported Prime Video regional sites
  • Over 1000+ 1080p movie sites are supported
  • Videos are saved in the H.264 or H.265 formats in high quality up to 1080p and EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio
  • Allows removal of ads when downloading your favorite Prime videos
  • Features a pre-selection option of languages of audio and subtitles according to your UI language
  • You can download videos along with subtitles as separate SRT files or remux them directly into your videos
  • Features an auto-download option to add newly released episodes to a scheduled queue at a specified time
  • Allows you to arrange your media library easily by downloading metadata including movie title, cast, season, episode title, and cover
  • Feature batch download that allows downloading multiple episodes and seasons simultaneously

What are the steps to download Amazon Prime video using the StreamFab Video downloader?

Step 1: Select your StreamFab Amazon downloader 

how to cancel prime video:What are the steps to download Amazon Prime video using the StreamFab Video downloader?

Double click on the StreamFab icon and then navigate to the left column to select the DRM downloader option.

Step 2: Play any video from the Amazon Prime bouquet

how to cancel prime video:What are the steps to download Amazon Prime video using the StreamFab Video downloader?

Select a video from any video streaming service of your choice and play it

Step 3: Commence the downloading process

how to cancel prime video:What are the steps to download Amazon Prime video using the StreamFab Video downloader?

As you are watching the video that you played, it simultaneously gets downloaded automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Why should I cancel my Prime video subscription?

While Amazon Prime is a great video streaming service, it is considerably expensive. It is also not your only retail membership option and moreover, you can easily join Prime membership for free for a whole month. Amazon Prime offers free shipping which too, is a common offering by several others. 

  • How can I manage Prime Video channels?

Go to in your browser. Then move on to Your Account and click on the option that says Manage Your Prime Video Channels. You can also add or remove Prime Video channels by clicking on the Gear icon on the left side of the screen and then tapping on Settings. Go to the Prime Video Accounts and Settings page, then move on to the Channels tab and select either add-on or cancel channel according to your requirement.

  • How can I check my Prime Video subscription?

Go to your Amazon Account page, and click on the Your Account option at the top of the page. Now go to the Settings section and click on the Manage Prime Membership/ Manage Mom Membership/ Manage Student Membership link. You can now review your membership information that will feature on this page.

In Conclusion

With the rising costs of maintaining a number of different streaming platforms, you may be looking at options to economize. So if you are thinking about how to cancel channels on Amazon Prime, how to cancel Prime Video channel, or how to cancel subscriptions on Amazon Prime Video, all you need to do is follow a few easy steps. You can still enjoy buying from Amazon without being a Prime member or enjoy the Prime Video shows with the free one-month trial.