Imagine that one night, you’re scrolling through Netflix. Your subscription is about to expire, and you aren’t going to renew it. You want to find one last video to watch on your MacBook. The only problem is, you’ve found two.

How are you going to watch both in one night? You can’t. You don’t have time.

As a result, you need to learn how to download Netflix shows on MacBook. Otherwise, you’ll never get to keep watching your favorite movies long after your Netflix subscription expires. Moreover, even if you keep subscribing to Netflix, it’s difficult to download Netflix shows so you can watch them and send them to other devices.

Keep reading to find out how to download shows on Netflix with a MacBook.

Can You Download Netflix Shows on MacBook?

Yes, downloading Netflix shows on MacBook is extremely easy. You just need to know the right place to go to find your Netflix video downloads. In no time, you’ll be enjoying as many Netflix shows as you want without any restrictions.

Can You Download Netflix Shows On Laptop? Whether or not your laptop is a MacBook, you can still download Netflix easily. As long as you have a relatively recent version of Windows or macOS installed on your laptop, you’ll be safe.

4 Ways to Download Netflix Shows on Mac

According to our research, there are only 4 common ways you can download Netflix shows. However, not all of these examples are equally realistic. Let’s examine each one.

Download Netflix Shows with StreamFab Netflix Downloader

How to download netflix shows on macbook:Download Netflix Shows with StreamFab Netflix Downloader

It’s true. At StreamFab, we have one of the fastest video downloaders available. Once you’ve installed the software, it will only take you a few clicks to download shows on Netflix. Moreover, you’ll be able to download videos from over a thousand other websites as well.

The way it works is that we isolate the video from the website and let you make it your own. Consequently, you can download videos in any format when you find one you like. It won’t matter how long the video is. Best of all, you won’t need to deal with annoying buffering and bandwidth issues that come with streaming on Netflix.

We’ll go over how to download Netflix shows on MacBook using StreamFab Netflix video downloader a bit later.

Take a Screen Capture

If you want to save a video for later, it’s always possible to record your screen while you’re watching it. This tactic is commonly used by bootleg video sites when they pirate videos. Once the video is finished, you can save the recording on your MacBook to watch later.

To achieve this on a MacBook, there are several screen recording options. The most natural one is to use the built-in Screenshot toolbar on Apple devices. You can reach this toolbar by clicking “Shift” + “Command” + “5” on your keyboard. Once you enter those keys, you’ll have access to the toolbar, including recording options.

Alternatively, you could use an app like Movavi which enables Mac users to record their screen with ease.

Install Windows on your Mac

In the worst-case scenario, many would say that it is much easier to use a Netflix downloader or to record your screen on Windows than on Mac. That’s up for debate. However, we generally warn against installing Windows just for the sake of watching Netflix. After all, downloading Windows on an Apple device takes some technical savvy. Don’t take this decision lightly.

Apple allows you to install Windows 10 on your MacBook and other devices, just follow their guide. Once you’re finished, you’ll have the ability to alternate between both operating systems with ease.

Stream from iPad or iPhone

Of course, this solution doesn’t allow you to download Netflix shows on Mac. That said, if you’re having issues streaming Netflix on your MacBook, you might want to switch to a different Apple device, if you have one.

Once you’re on the other device, it’s easy for you to download your Netflix stream to watch offline later. However, you still won’t receive the ability to transfer the file like with the StreamFab app. Instead, you’ll need to transfer the stream to your MacBook using Apple’s airplay functionality. Although, this strategy still requires an extra app on your mobile device.

How To Download Netflix Shows on Mac using StreamFab

As we mentioned earlier, the download process on StreamFab is quite quick. So, we’ll only need to break it down into a few steps.

First, you’ll need to get your StreamFab download from our website. As you will see, you get a 30-day trial for free. This will permit you to download shows and videos from hundreds of different streaming sites, not just Netflix. It’s unbeatable value!

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If your MacBook uses macOS 10.10 and above, the download should work beautifully. Once ready, you can open the StreamFab app on your desktop and begin.

How to download netflix shows on macbook:How To Download Netflix Shows on Mac using StreamFab

After you open the app, you’ll see the multitude of downloading options StreamFab has to offer. The Netflix option is easy to find. Click on it and continue.

How to download netflix shows on macbook:How To Download Netflix Shows on Mac using StreamFab

Now, the software will take you to the Netflix website. This is the time for you to sign in and enter your login credentials. When that’s finished, you’ll be able to browse Netflix freely within our app, the same way you would normally.

How to download netflix shows on macbook:How To Download Netflix Shows on Mac using StreamFab

Once you find a show or movie that you like, click on it to get the download option. Then, you’ll get a pop-up that tells gives you all the options for customizing your download. To get the highest quality, choose the 4k UHD option. You can also make adjustments for things like subtitles and video format.

Click Download to complete this process, you’ll receive the Netflix show in the folder of your choice. Wasn’t that easy?

To summarize, StreamFab is incredibly efficient. Not only do we make the download process dead-easy, but we make watching Netflix videos a breeze as well. You’ll defeat internet connectivity issues once and for all. No more issues with buffering and load time. Moreover, you can cancel your subscription with confidence knowing that you’ll never lose access to your favorite movies and TV shows ever again.

Netflix video downloaderfree today. And get access to hundreds of video downloaders for a wide variety of websites. What are you waiting for? You get 30 days for free!

Top Netflix Alternatives in 2022

Although it’s great to have access to so many different videos and movies, Netflix is quite pricy. Check out some of the top Netflix alternatives here. The best part is, that you can download videos from each streaming service using StreamFab!

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of Netflix’s biggest competitors. Going beyond TV shows and movie streams, they also offer music streaming options. As a result, many of Netflix’s long-time customers are gravitating toward Amazon Prime. Better yet, they offer all these features at an affordable price.

The only downsides? Many users claim that the interface is difficult to use. Moreover, they feel somewhat limited in their video selection, depending on which category they prefer.


Hulu offers a lot of shows that are in demand. From The Handmaid’s Tale to Brooklyn-Nine-Nine, there’s a reason why so many people choose this platform.

That said, Hulu has some significant drawbacks. If you want to watch shows without ads, you’ll need to pay almost double the basic subscription. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for users to experience issues with buffering time. Some even claim that they can’t watch a movie in a single sitting because it takes days for a video to load.

Whatever the case, you’ll certainly benefit from StreamFab’s Hulu downloader to help you ease the pain of buffering issues and watch the entire movie in one sitting.


Like Hulu, HBO has the rights to some of the most popular shows around. Indeed, some are Hulu originals and can’t be found on any other streaming service.

As a result, you might appreciate choosing an HBO subscription over Netflix. Although, their platform still suffers from several bugs that are common to streaming services. Once again, you might prefer to use StreamFab to download videos from this service instead.

Disney Plus

If you’re looking for Disney shows and movies, from Star Wars to Captain Marvel, Disney Plus is your best bet. They have dozens of popular shows that appeal to both children and adults.

That said, it doesn’t necessarily make for a good Netflix replacement. That’s because they’re limited to Disney and Pixar shows. Those wanting shows from other studios won’t get their fix from Disney.

How to Watch Netflix Download Shows

Whatever streaming service you pick, we’ve made it clear that you can use StreamFab to download movies off the platform. However, have you considered where you should watch those movies when you’re done? After all, Netflix and other streaming platforms are quite nicely organized.

How to download netflix shows on macbook:How to Watch Netflix Download Shows

Enter PlayerFab all-in-one. You can use this tool to play your videos on your MacBook no matter which format your videos use. Download Netflix shows, Amazon Prime movies, and HBO series with StreamFab, then watch them using PlayerFab.

With PlayerFab, you’ll be able to create your own library of videos and sort them into categories. That can help you replicate the environment of a streaming service like Netflix without needing to pay the extra cost. You could sort by categories like comedy and romance, or you could sort by the season and series of various shows.

Not to mention, if you’ve already paid for StreamFab, then PlayerFab only costs $69 for a lifetime download.

Final Thoughts

If you were stressed over figuring out how to download Netflix shows on your MacBook, you shouldn’t be any longer. We’ve provided ample solutions for you to get started downloading shows on Netflix today. For the fastest download experience, use StreamFab. And after you’re done, make sure you download PlayerFab to ensure that you can keep watching these videos in high-definition while maintaining a convenient library.