Are you curious about how to download movies on MacBook without renewing your Netflix subscription?

As a result, you need to learn how to download Netflix shows on MacBook. Otherwise, you’ll never get to keep watching your favorite movies long after your Netflix subscription expires. Moreover, even if you keep subscribing to Netflix, it’s difficult to download Netflix shows so you can watch them and send them to other devices.

Keep reading to find out how to download Netflix movies with a MacBook.

Downloading Netflix shows on MacBook is extremely easy. You just need to know the right place to go to find your Netflix video downloads. In no time, you’ll be enjoying as many Netflix shows as you want without any restrictions.

4 Ways to Download Netflix Shows on Mac

According to our research, there are 4 common ways you can download Netflix shows. Let’s examine each one.

Download Netflix Shows with StreamFab Netflix Downloader

It’s true. At StreamFab, we have one of the fastest video downloaders available. Once you’ve installed the software, it will only take you a few clicks to download shows on Netflix. Moreover, you’ll be able to download videos from over a thousand other websites as well.

The way it works is that we isolate the video from the website and let you make it your own. Consequently, you can download videos in any format when you find one you like. It won’t matter how long the video is. Best of all, you won’t need to deal with annoying buffering and bandwidth issues that come with streaming on Netflix.

StreamFab Netflix Downloader

With this  downloader, you can effortlessly download videos from Netflix.
  •  Download videos from all Netflix regional sites
  • Choose your preferred audio and video quality
  • Download 1080P videos with HDR10 or Dolby Vision
  • Download either the H.264 or H.265 version of videos
  • Spare you from ads interruptions with free video
  • Save Downloaded Videos to MP4 Files to Play on Any Device
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We’ll go over how to download Netflix shows on MacBook using StreamFab Netflix video downloader a bit later.

First, you’ll need to get your StreamFab download from our website. As you will see, you get a 30-day trial for free. This will permit you to download shows and videos from hundreds of different streaming sites, not just Netflix. It’s an unbeatable value!

If your MacBook uses macOS 10.10 and above, the download should work beautifully. Once ready, you can open the StreamFab app on your desktop and begin.

How to download netflix shows on macbook:How To Download Netflix Shows on Mac using StreamFab

After you open the app, you’ll see the multitude of downloading options StreamFab has to offer. The Netflix option is easy to find. Click on it and continue.

How to download netflix shows on macbook:How To Download Netflix Shows on Mac using StreamFab

Now, the software will take you to the Netflix website. This is the time for you to sign in and enter your login credentials. When that’s finished, you’ll be able to browse Netflix freely within our app, the same way you would normally.

How to download netflix shows on macbook:How To Download Netflix Shows on Mac using StreamFab

Once you find a show or movie that you like, click on it to get the download option. Then, you’ll get a pop-up that tells gives you all the options for customizing your download. To get the highest quality, choose the 4k UHD option. You can also make adjustments for things like subtitles and video format.

Click Download to complete this process, you’ll receive the Netflix show in the folder of your choice. Wasn’t that easy?

To summarize, StreamFab is incredibly efficient. Not only do we make the download process dead-easy, but we make watching Netflix videos a breeze as well. You’ll defeat internet connectivity issues once and for all. No more issues with buffering and load time. Moreover, you can cancel your subscription with confidence knowing that you’ll never lose access to your favorite movies and TV shows ever again.

Netflix video downloader can save your favorite videos before they leave the service and will expire after a certain time period,usually 30 days。

After that, you can use PlayerFab to watch the downloaded videos on Netflix.

Download Netflix Shows with Parallels

Parallels is desktop virtualization software for Mac. You can still use it with a Windows 10 ISO on an Intel-based machine without creating a whole partition.

Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and 7, Linux, macOS* and more. No more choosing between PC or Mac.Using Boot Camp. Reuse your existing Boot Camp installation. Select applications such as Productivity Office, Games, Design PRO, Software Testing PRO, or Development PRO, and Parallels Desktop will optimize virtual machine settings and performance for you.

  • Extremely flexible.
  • Using Boot Camp in a Parallels Desktop virtual machine is as simple as following our installation assistant at startup.
  • One-click optimization.
  • Streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, etc. don't let you use offline viewing.

Download Netflix Shows with iMazing

iMazing is a Mac app that lets you pull apps from your iPhone or iPad and put them on your M1 MacBook. This did work on Netflix for a long time, but support was lost after macOS 11.3. If you are running a MacBook with software newer than 11.3, the application will no longer work.

  • Can be converted via iPhone or iPad
  • But it lost support after macOS 11.3. If you are running a MacBook with software newer than 11.3, the application will no longer work.

Download Netflix Shows with PlayCover

PlayCover is achieved by putting Netflix's app into an iPad wrapper, and the wrapper allows the app to run on the Mac.

  • Download the PlayCover and click on the DMG file.
  • Drag the PlayCover into your applications folder.
  • Double-click the PlayCover app to open it.
  • When MacOS warns you if you want to open it, click open.
  • When you run PlayCover for the first time, you will need to install Xcode Command Line Tools if you have never installed it.
  • Finally you need to use Touch ID or password to complete the installation on mac.
  • Easy to install
  • Only supports running on Mac
  • Fewer functions


Can I download Netflix movies on my Mac?

Technically no. There is no official Netflix app for the Mac version, and the Netflix website doesn't support the download feature you can find on iPhone and iPad. But there are other ways to watch movies on Netflix offline and bypass restrictions.

Why is there no Netflix app for Mac?

While Netflix has been developing a Mac app since 2010, it's not yet ready for release.

Can you download Netflix to watch offline?

Netflix only allows users to download offline movies on Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Windows machines, and Chromebooks.

Final Thoughts

If you were stressed over figuring out how to download Netflix shows on your MacBook, you shouldn’t be any longer. We’ve provided ample solutions for you to get started downloading shows on Netflix today. For the fastest download experience, use StreamFab. And after you’re done, make sure you download PlayerFab to ensure that you can keep watching these videos in high-definition while maintaining a convenient library.