Recording a computer’s screen extremely required when you make some video tutorials. With computer screen recording facility making the video tutorials for a particular software program becomes easy and meaningful. So if you are looking to record your computer screen then in this article you’ll get to know about several free computer screen recording tools. These computer screen recording tools are absolutely free but come with certain limitations. You can check all the tools listed here and then choose the best one for you.


Part 1: How to Record Your Computer Screen For Free


1. Windows 10 Game DVR

 If you are an existing Windows 10 user then this computer screen recording tool is exclusively for you. Windows 10 Game DVR is absolutely free and can even record video game screen on your computer. The Windows 10 Game DVR is easy to use and doesn’t have any confusing options. Here’s a quick tutorial to use it.

·         Open Windows 10 settings and go to ‘Gaming’.

·         Click ‘Game bar’ on the left panel and enable ‘Record game clips, screenshots and broadcasts using Game bar’.

·         Now you’re all set. To start recording just press ‘Win Key + G’. A popup will open asking you to select ‘Yes, this is a game’. Put a check on it.

·         The Game DVR will open and you’ll see a dashboard like this below.

·         Press the recording button to start recording your computer screen.

·         You can customize the settings by going to ‘Settings>Game DVR’ and customize the FPS, recording length,  audio and video quality.


·         Windows 10’s built-in screen and game screen recorder.

·         No frame drops and records high quality video.

·         Supports internal game audio recording.

·         No limit to record.


·         Not available for prior versions of Windows OS.

·         Records only one screen at a time. If I am recording a browser window then it will only record it and will skip all the dialog boxes and software windows opened during recording.


2. Bandicam

Bandicam is the most advanced computer and game screen recorder available for Microsoft Windows 10 right now. Bandicam has every feature that a computer screen recorder should have. First of all it supports high quality computer screen recording keeping the file size low (a great feature). Secondly it lets you draw lines, graphics on the screen during recording to highlight something important. This highlighting feature is extremely required for making tutorials for software IDEs, animation software, photo and video editing software.  Here’s a quick tutorial about Bandicam.

·         Download and install Bandicam on your Windows PC.

·         Open it, you will see a dashboard like this below. Select the recording screen size and hit the recording button.

·         While recording move the mouse pointer to the top center of the screen and click the ‘Pencil’ icon to open on-screen drawing tools.

·         Bandicam supports multiple resolutions that you can customize yourself.

·         It also shows mouse click effects which are extremely useful and help others know where you are actually clicking on the screen. To enable mouse click effects check the ‘Video’ option under ‘General’ settings.



·         High quality computer screen recorder with on-screen drawing tools.

·         Keeps the recorded video size low.

·         Mulitple and custom resolutions supported.

·         Supports two video formats AVI and MP4.

·         Support device recording via HDMI.

·         Allows webcam overlay.


·         Video recording is just limited to 10 minutes only in free version.

·          The recorded video will also have a watermark.


3. Debut by NCH Software

Debut is a powerful free computer screen recorder tool that is available for Microsoft Windows only. It not only records your computer screen but can also record footage from CCTVs, and TVs.  It can record screen in multiple video formats like AVI, MP4, 3GP, WebM, MKV, MOV etc. The free version has no limitation to screen recording nor does it applies a watermark. This is tiny software and weighs on 2.2MB. Here’s a quick tutorial to use Debut by NCH software.

·         Download and install Debut by NCH software from their official website.

·         Open it and select the screen size. It provides three screen recording sizes. In ‘Record screen as’ select your desired video format.

·         Just like Bandicam it also provides mouse click effects. Enable ‘Show cursor while recording’ and click ‘More Options’ to customize the mouse click effects.

·         Click ‘Options’ to customize the settings according to your needs. After making all the settings click the record button to start recording your computer screen.

·         Recorded videos can be found in ‘Videos>Debut’. Videos is the main Windows 10 system folder for videos.


·         Completely free.

·         No limitations and watermarks.

·         Apart from computer screen recording, supports webcam and CCTVs recording and other devices connected to PC via media cables.


4. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is another useful and powerful tool to record your computer screen. It is also available for Mac OS. It lets you record your computer screen in high quality and multiple video formats. It also provides on-screen drawing and highlighting tools. And it also provides mouse click effects. The free version is limited to 5 minutes only with a watermark on the recorded video. Here’s a quick tutorial to use it.

·         Download and install the Icecream Screen Recorder.

·         Open it and click to ‘Settings>Video’. Here select the video format and enable mouse click effects.

·         Now hover the mouse over ‘Capture video’ and select the screen recording area. A dashboard will open like this below.

·         Click the record button to start recording your computer screen. Click the ‘Draw’ button and use shapes, and arrows to highlight something.


·         Easy to use computer screen recording software.

·         Has on-screen drawing tools.


·         Icecream screen recorder has a limit of 5 minutes with a watermark.

·         Free version only allows WebM format.


Part 2: How to Record Screen of iOS Devices (iPhone or iPad)

DVDFab iOS Screen Recorder and Editor is the best and the easy way to record your iOS device’s screen. DVDFab iOS screen recorder and editor uses a plug and play approach. Just launch the iOS recorder software and connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac with USB and start recording the screen. Putting a video overlay over iOS device’s screen is so easy. This video overlay is used to record yourself from your PC’s webcam. This video overlay is useful for tutorial and to show your expressions while recording. You can also edit the recorded iPhone screen video with the inbuilt editor with editing tools like crop, cut etc. You can export the recorded video in MP4 format too. After exporting the video you can share it on sites like YouTube or Facebook too.



So, in this article you read about several free computer screen recording software. Nowyoucan easily choose one for your purpose.  However if you do have an iOS device,then do not forget to try the DVDFab iOS Screen Recorder and Editor. This is an extremely useful tool for recording the screen of your iOS device in MP4 format.