Sharing an Amazon Prime subscription with friends or family doesn't provide them with all the accessible features just the primary account holder would have. Still, they can enjoy the advantages of a few important ones. For example, if you share Amazon prime with anyone, it gives them access to unlimited next-day delivery by Amazon, the main reason why most users sign up in the first place.

share amazon prime:

Other benefits of sharing Amazon prime with family include Prime video streaming service access, which enables you to share e-books and make app purchases freely, without having to purchase twice.

Amazon Household facilitates sharing different Amazon benefits with other children, teens, and adults. Although it is a prime household, the other person doesn't need to live in your home like you. The only requirement is residing in the same country. Therefore, you are free to share the Prime account with up to 4 children (in the US, there is a teens option between 13-17 age) who get additional access while completely controlling what they choose to see.

Share Amazon Prime Account Everything You Need To Know

Can you share an Amazon Prime video subscription with another person?

To know how to share Amazon Prime, follow the easy steps below:-

Step 1: Open a new tab and visit the homepage of the Amazon household.

share amazon prime:Can you share an Amazon Prime video subscription with another person?

Step 2: Complete signing in to the Amazon account and proceed as the on-screen instructions say.

share amazon prime:Can you share an Amazon Prime video subscription with another person?

Step 3: Enter the email address and the name of the person you need to share the subscription of your Amazon Prime account.

Step 4: You also must confirm sharing your wallet with the other individual. It is how the other person could access your bank cards stored on the Amazon account and vice versa. Finally, make sure to share information with the one you completely trust. 

Step 5: Select your digital content purchases, which you need to share with another individual. The next day, they would receive their Prime delivery and a prime video by default. This alternative allows you to decide if you want to share things like e-books and app purchases with them.

share amazon prime:Can you share an Amazon Prime video subscription with another person?

Step 6: Send your invite. The chosen individual would get an email to which they require responding within two weeks to set up the link from their side.

Step 7: The other individual must complete specific simple steps, including sharing the wallet with you in the agreement and selecting which purchases you can share between the accounts.

share amazon prime:Can you share an Amazon Prime video subscription with another person?

Step 8: After completing all the steps, access your shared features of Amazon Prime. It would be available immediately.

What are some shared prime benefits available with Amazon Household?

Setting up your Amazon Household with any other individual will provide them access to the below-given benefits:

● Unlimited delivery in one day 

● Deliveries on the same day in a few eligible areas

● Gives streaming access to innumerable TV shows as well as movies with Prime Video

● Limitless access to a wide range of magazines, books, etc., on any other device via Prime reading

● The early prime access makes lightning deals even more accessible 

● Gives heavy discount on baby food, nappies, and other compliments of Amazon Family

● Create a library to share games, books, and apps with others in your household on median apps and Amazon devices.

What are some complicated issues users face on Amazon Prime?

Sometimes Amazon Prime might not work for reasons unknown and can lead to any of the following issues:

  • Corrupted Video content
  • Inability to access few video content since it stops showing on your device
  • Encountering hardships in signing in to your Amazon account
  • Often clashes with another program during the launching of the application
  • Server issues
  • Keeps buffering
  • Featuring promotional unskippable ads
  • Freezing the Amazon application 

You can quickly eliminate the issues mentioned above by using a professional downloader like StreamFab Amazon downloader. Learn more about this below.

How Can StreamFab Amazon downloader Stop the Mentioned Issues?

Among different video downloaders for Amazon Prime, StreamFab, the most powerful amazon downloader, has become one of the top-class priorities of users for its exclusive features and goodness. This downloader is profoundly known for making the overall process of streaming content more accessible and convenient.

The in-built program of StreamFab makes it even more reliable. It offers an easy and intuitive interface so that even beginners can operate it smoothly. You can decide the output of your video content as you put them to download. For example, you can download your content ad-free in a high resolution of 1080p.

One more stand-apart element of StreamFab Amazon downloader is that it assures you are unbothered by the useless promotional ads since it gives you the option to skip them. Such features make the software one of a kind in the market.

Special Highlights:

● Download any Amazon recordings with Streamfab having a 1080p goal, a particular element, and openly partake in the mind-blowing true-to-life scenes from the solace of your home.

● Admittance to all the shows in Amazon films and TV shows in the wake of downloading them in MKV or MP4 design with StreamFab.

● Share your favorite films and shows with your loved ones; it will not erase the substance without the user's consent.

● Bunch mode highlights permit downloading various Amazon Prime recordings simultaneously with super speed.

● Accompanying the admirable picture quality, StreamFab offers a top-notch disconnected video experience.

● No issues with relentless advertisements in StreamFab since it naturally identifies and eliminates the promotions during the download cycle.

● Works on Windows as well as Mac.

Pricing Policies:

Now get exclusive features and much more at just $39.99 monthly. You can also opt for an annual package at $69.99 and a lifetime pack at just $89.99. The downloader also offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to download Amazon Prime videos with the StreamFab Amazon downloader?

To download top substance from StreamFab, follow the three significant straightforward ways:-

Step 1: Start by choosing the StreamFab Amazon downloader:

share amazon prime:How to download Amazon Prime videos with the StreamFab Amazon downloader?

Send off StreamFab Amazon downloader on your gadget. Select shows to your left sideboard by tapping on the VIP division.

Step 2: Choose to play a specific from your Amazon Prime:

share amazon prime:How to download Amazon Prime videos with the StreamFab Amazon downloader?

Sign in and complete the information exchange process on your Amazon Prime record. Guarantee you have a Prime membership to continue with this. Select any video of your choice from the numerous options accessible to download.

Step 3: Start the downloading system of the video:

share amazon prime:How to download Amazon Prime videos with the StreamFab Amazon downloader?

As the video begins playing, you will see a popup window. Tap the 'download now' symbol on your window to start the video downloading process.


Amazon Prime Video gives admittance to the most extensive streaming libraries that anyone could hope to find on the lookout. Moreover, you could share Amazon Prime with your near and dear ones. Among the referenced gadgets, you can have a seamless experience undoubtedly.

It precisely works how you envisioned it. Users can partake in the substance of Amazon Prime in addition to a library, stream TV shows or films bought through it, and even search for ones they need to watch. Notwithstanding, the Amazon Prime video application is viable with practically all cutting-edge gadgets.

However, users occasionally face a few issues that could exhaust their video experience. But with the help of StreamFab Amazon Video downloader, you can fix these issues and stream all your Amazon Prime videos smoothly.