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Top 10 Southern Rap Songs of All Time

2020-04-03 07:48:00

   Posted by Gabriel


Summary: Here is the list of top 10 best southern rap songs of all times, from which you can get some wonderful listening experiences. Go to check them and find the tool to download them.

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Many people may think that southern music and rap don’t really mix. However, those in the know would definitely be aware that there are several songs in the southern rap genre. There are some huge southern rappers, especially in recent music history.

If you don’t believe us, you can check out the list of top southern rap songs below. These are the result of several musical influences and blends that result in a highly rich combination. Read on below to know about some uniquely wonderful listening experiences as well as some pictures to give you an idea of their essence:



1. “Hi Life” by UGK

This song is a great way for many listeners to both escape from their life and find a meaning within it. The lyrics are relaxing and would enable you to live in the moment. There have been many other rappers and rap lovers that have drawn a great deal of inspiration from this track. This easily makes it among the top southern rap songs in this day and age.


2. “Crumblin’ Erb” by OutKast

This song is ranked among the top southern rap songs for several good reasons. It’s immensely relatable, has a thumping beat, and expresses sentiments that every rapper is ultimately trying to convey. While the rappers may only have been teenagers when this track was recorded, they manage a colorful, lyrical, and philosophical essence that made their potential extremely apparent.



3. “Ha” by Juvenile

This is a highly passionate and raw song that has a music video to match its power. It’s great for when you need a motivating, inspiring, and hungry experience.


4. “Banned in the U.S.A.” by 2 Live Crew

This is one of the top southern rap songs that are simply fun to listen to. You might find your hands and feet tapping along, even if you weren’t in the mood for dancing before. The video is also highly entertaining to watch, with everyone partying and running wild most of the time.


5. “No Limit Soldiers” by TRU

This song is among the top southern rap songs that represent the age-old rap tradition of breaking every rule in sight. TRU’s Master P is someone who showed everyone the basics of how to own the streets.


6. “Comin’ Out Hard” by 8Ball & MJG

Among the top southern rap songs is this smooth and warmly experimental track. It’s absolutely worth a download and a place in your official playlist.



7. “Nann Nigga” by Trick Daddy

This is one of the most classic top southern rap songs you can lay your hands on. It’s the one where Trick Daddy got Trina to make her debut, which has since gone down in rap history. It’s also one that many listeners related to way back in the day.


8. “Bling Bling” by B.G. feat. Hot Boys and Big Tymers


With a music video featuring shining, materially valuable items, this track is one that every rap lover should listen to. While the term ‘bling-bling’ is inextricably linked to rap, this song is one that gives it that awesome bounce. You can easily set this up at any party and be sure that it would be a great hit.


9. “My Mind Playing Tricks on Me” by Geto Boys

The songs that Scarface produced had something supremely impressive about them. These top southern rap songs include this one, which is a stark illustration of what the producer was going through. Some reviewers have called it a highly complicated display that was a result of his paranoia. The Geto Boys had a signature sound to begin with, but this track took it to a whole other level. It also has a humanizing factor that many listeners would enjoy.


10. “Tear da Club Up” by Three 6 Mafia

The list of top southern rap songs ends with this starkly horrifying number. Southern rap historically has a dark, menacing side that isn’t usually known to the mainstream rap audience. This song was among the scariest of the bunch and is well worth at least one listen.





If you think the top southern rap songs sound interesting, it’s time to build a proper playlist! There are several ways in which you can listen to each and every one of these tracks. For listening to the songs along with their fantastic videos, YouTube is definitely the best option.


However, visiting YouTube and searching for the song you require can get old very quickly. Save yourself some time and effort by downloading your favorite southern rap songs using a handy program like DVDFab YouTube to MP3 downloader! It would get you several songs on your phone or music player. This way, you can listen to whatever you want during your downtime or when on the go.

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