More than 15 years of development has made Vimeo an outstanding unicorn among a plethora of online video sharing websites. Thanks to its rich video contents covering public materials for university classes, online tutorial classes for practical utilities and entertainment leisure videos, Vimeo has garnered the support of millions of netizens all over the world. As one of the Vimeo fans, there are times you might be fascinated by certain videos on Vimeo and wonder to know how to download vimeo videos so that you think it is worthy of your collection for offline watching.

download Vimeo videos

Under such circumstances, you will need a Vimeo video downloader to download Vimeo videos to your computer hard drives. This is also exactly what this article is intended for. We're gonna discuss different ways to download from Vimeo, including with desktop Vimeo downloader software, web-based online Vimeo downloader service and also Vimeo downloader extension for major browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Read on to find which one is the best Vimeo download solution you’re looking for.

Section 1. Download with Desktop Apps

There are many desktop Vimeo downloaders Apps out there, whose features and functions differ from one to another. In this section, we shall talk about the top 5 most popular Vimeo video downloader software that you can use to download video from Vimeo, key features of each plus a comparison table so that you can easily make your decision about which one is worth your attention.

1.1 All-In-One Vimeo Downloader: DVDFab Video Downloader

Among the crowd contenders, DVDFab Video Downloader is the most advanced and professional Vimeo video downloader software in every respect, including download video quality, download audio quality, download speed, performance efficiency, OS compatibility and extendibility, as well as the number of supported video sharing websites.

Key Features of DVDFab’s Video Downloader:

  1. Website Compatibility: Able to download video from Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion and other 1000+ websites.
  2. Video Quality: Depending on the device you are going to watch the downloaded Vimeo videos, you can download at your preferred resolution, from 144p all the way up to 8K UHD 4320p.
  3. Audio Quality: Depending on how much you care about the sound quality you hear, you’re free to choose from 128 kbps, 192 kbps and 320 kbps to go with each Vimeo download task.
  4. Download Speed: To take advantage of your home internet bandwidth, it offers a Turbo-Speed feature you can turn on to download 10x faster than normal.
  5. Performance Efficiency: When you want to download video from Vimeo in bulk, performance efficiency matters a lot. It excels at this by allowing you to batch-download Vimeo videos.
  6. Amazing Extendibility: It has a Windows version, macOS version, Android version, and even a browser plugin for Chrome, plus an inbuilt web browser that you can download without leaving the program.

Availability: on Windows, macOS, Android and as an add-on for Chrome

                                i  Free Download    i  Free Download 

Pricing plans: $19.99/mo. $29.99/year or $49.99/lifetime, you can also purchase it with two others modules (YouTube to MP3 and Video Downloader) as an all-in-one bundle at only $139.99 for a lifetime license at DVDFab Online Store.

download Vimeo videos

Additional Tips: DVDFab Video Downloader is just one product module from the 3-in-1 Downloader suite. The YouTube to MP3 module can help you convert Vimeo videos directly to MP3 audio files, and the Video Downloader is a streaming video downloader that you can use to download streaming contents from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN, YouTube TV, AppleTV and more. What’s more, the Android version and Chrome extension is totally free for paid desktop users.

Download with DVDFab Video Downloader Desktop Software

With the desktop version of this video downloader software, you can download from Vimeo in two slightly different approaches, depending on your own preference on your existing desktop browser or the inbuilt web browser. Refer to the detailed guides below to see how to download Vimeo videos with this all-inclusive software on your computer.

Method 1: Download with the Inbuilt Web Browser

Using this method to download Vimeo video can save you the trouble of using your own desktop web browser, because this downloader has its own inbuilt web browser. The biggest advantage of doing Vimeo download this way is that you can perform all the operations without leaving the software.

Step 1 > First you need to download this Vimeo downloader and install it on your computer, either Windows or macOS, just click the right Download button below to complete the installation.

                                i  Free Download    i  Free Download 

Step 2 > When the installation is complete, start up the downloader, and you can see the Vimeo logo at the default homepage listed in the Frequently Used Websites and the Popular Sites section, click either one to enter the Vimeo website using the inbuilt web browser.

download Vimeo videos

Additional Tips: As you may have noticed below, all the supported 1000+ websites are well organized and sorted out in an alphabetical table at the lower part, from which, you can find browse and find your target website, including the ones that are already displayed with their respective logos above.

download Vimeo videos

Step 3 > When you are directed to the Vimeo webpage, login with your account if you want to download videos from Vimeo. Then find and play the Vimeo video you want to download. Once the playback starts, a black Download button will appear at the upper left corner of the playback screen, click on that button to pop up the Download window.

download Vimeo videos

Step 4 > The Download window is the place where you can decide whether to download as MP4 video file or as MP3 audio file. In our case, choose the Video tab, and then the available video quality you want, next hit the Download button below to start to download.

download Vimeo videos

Additional Tips: If you want to download Vimeo videos as MP3 files, then you should click the Music tab on this window and choose your desired audio quality accordingly. But be noted to download videos as MP3 is what the YouTube to MP3 does, not the job of the Video Downloader module.

download Vimeo videos

Step 5 > To check the real-time status of each download task, click the Downloading tab from the left pane, you can track the download progress there. You can also toggle on the Turbo-Speed feature to accelerate the download process to save your valuable time.

download Vimeo videos

Method 2: Download with the Paste URL Feature

By using this method to download, you will have to copy the Vimeo video URL in advance and paste it to the URL input box manually. The great advantage of doing this way is that you can copy multiple Vimeo video URLs into a .txt file, and then load the .txt file to download in batch-mode.

Step 1 > Copy the URL of the Vimeo video you want to download. To do that, click on the Share button on that video page, and then manually copy the URL address from the popup window using Ctrl + C keys on your keyboard. You can do this with the inbuilt browser or your own browser. Totally up to you.

download Vimeo videos

Step 2 > Click the Paste URL button at the top left corner, and then manually paste the copied video URL into the URL input box, choose the output format as Video along with your preferred video quality to go with the download task, and press the Download button to begin the Vimeo download procedure.

download Vimeo videos

Additional Tips: as mentioned earlier, if you want to batch-download Vimeo videos at one go, you can copy and paste all the URLs into a .txt file, then click the Select file button to load the .txt file and import all the URLs into the URL input box. Another thing worth a mention, if you use the inbuilt browser to copy the video URL, immediately after you copy the URL, it will automatically prompt the download window and then automatically import your copied URL into the URL input box. How resourceful, sweet and considerate!

Okay, the guides above show you how to download Vimeo videos with DVDFab Video Downloader in two slightly different ways. No matter which way you choose, the downloaded Vimeo videos shall be downloaded to your comuter hard drives as MP4 files. If your playback device requires a specific video format, such as WebM, then you can turn to the video covnerter software to convert the downloaded MP4 video to WebM format.

1.2 Alternative Downloader 1: YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is a nice alternative Vimeo video downloader that is able to download video from Vimeo among many other supported websites. It also allows you to convert the downloaded Vimeo videos to other video formats to play back on compatible devices. However, in terms of feature sets and expandable functions, this downloader is a little bit short-handed. 

download Vimeo videos

Availability: on Windows only
Pricing Plans: $9.99/month

1.3 Alternative Downloader 2: aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher is a simple-to-use video downloader software that supports to download videos from Vimeo, along with some other features like screen recording, video conversion and audio capture, etc. as for the Vimeo download feature, there’s a place to insert URL, an output format selection box, and the main button to initiate the download task. You can download to a variety of formats, including 3GP, Apple TV, AVI, MPEG4, MP3, WebM, MOV, FLAC, MKV, etc., also in various resolutions.

download Vimeo videos

Availability: on Windows only
Pricing Plans: Free with user donations accepted

1.4 Alternative Downloader 3: VideoProc

The primary function of VideoProc is to edit videos. However, it does offer a simple feature that allows users to download Vimeo videos. So how to download a Vimeo video with its function? Opt for the Downloader section, insert the Vimeo video URL and click the Analyze button next to it and you are all set. VideoProc also offers multiple video quality options ranging from 144p to 4K.

download Vimeo videos

Availability: on Windows and macOS
Pricing Plans: $29.95/year, $37.95/lifetime on one PC and $57.95 for 2~5 PCs

1.5 Alternative Downloader 4: Downie

Downie Vimeo Downloader is another one that supports an impressive range of video sharing websites you can download videos from, and it can also download at 4K resolution. On top of download, it also features a basic video conversion utility to ensure compatibility with iTunes.

download Vimeo videos

Availability: on macOS only
Pricing Plans: $19.99 for a perpetual license but without free upgrade to new major versions.

1.6 Compare Five Vimeo Downloader Products

After briefing you on the five Vimeo video downloader products listed above, here we shall compare them in a table from five major aspects, including OS compatibility, number of video hosting websites supported, download speed, download video quality and pricing levels. Hope this comparison table can help you choose one from these five Vimeo video downloader desktop Apps.


DVDFab Video Downloader


aTube Catcher






Free Donation



No Upgrade


Windows, macOS, Android, Chrome Plugin



Windows, macOS


Video Sites

Over 1000


Not Specified

Not Specified


Download Acceleration






Download Quality

Up to 8K 4320p

Up to 1080p

Not Specified

Up to 4K 2160p

Up to 4K 2160p

Section 2. Download with Online Download Services

Well, there are definitely people out there who prefer to download Vimeo videos directly with an online download solution, rather than download from Vimeo with a desktop software, because they always prefer to do things in the simplest way possible. Wouldn’t that cooler to just go to a website, paste a video URL and then click the download button and then everything is done? Yes, indeed! If you happen to belong to this group, then this section is right for you. We’ll introduce two of the most popular online streaming video download services that allow you to download video from Vimeo.

2.1 Download with can help users easily download video from Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, IGTV, TikTok, LiveLeak, Aol Video,, and other popular video hosting sites! The downloaded Vimeo videos can be save in MP4, WebM or FLV at up to 4K FHD quality, depending on the original video quality on the hosting server.

download Vimeo videos

2.2 Download with

Available at, a group of Vimeo enthusiasts created this Vimeo download service website where all the Vimeo fans are free to use to download video from Vimeo. Besides to capability to download Vimeo videos as MP4 files, it also supports to convert Vimeo videos to MP3 audio files, although sometimes this feature might not work properly as it intended.

download Vimeo videos

Section 3. Download with Browser Extensions

Have you ever wondered, is using an online website the only way to download Vimeo videos directly from your browser? Actually, it is not. Despite you may not have thought that way, you can also use a browser extension. As mentioned in the very beginning of this article, DVDFab Video Downloader also has a browser extension for Chrome. This means, by adding this Vimeo downloader add-on to your Chrome, you can then download from Vimeo much easily. Be noted however, sometimes on certain videos, this browser plugin still needs to work in combination with its desktop App.

                                                  Install for Chrome

Section 4. Download Directly to Android Devices

Now that you can download from Vimeo even with an add-on to browser, so let’s make this question a little bit further, say is there any possibility to download Vimeo videos from an Android smartphone of tablet? Glad you asked. The answer is also Yes. Still the video downloader software from DVDFab, it also has an Android App! Shocking? Absolutely! The Android App of DVDFab’s video downloader software can help you with that.

download Vimeo videos

The entire Vimeo download process is almost same with its desktop App. So here we won’t repeat again. And as previously mentioned in Section 1, if you already purchased the desktop version of this software, then the Android App is totally cost-free to you. In case you get interested, click the Download button below to install its Android App on your device.

                                                  Install on Android

Final Wrap-up

As videos on Vimeo continue to grow exponentially day by day, the video sharing platform will surely attract more fans in the days to come. If you are one of the Vimeo fans who have a habit of collecting Vimeo videos for offline watching, then you can definitely use the solutions we’ve introduced in this article. No matter what you operating system is, there should be one that’s perfect for your download request.

As of our opinion, the Vimeo downloader software made by DVDFab Software can be your best option, because it offers a Windows version, macOS version, an Android version plus a Chrome plugin. Besides, either you decide you to grab the Windows or macOS version, you can use the Android App and the Chrome plugin totally for free. Why not kill three birds with one stone!

Furthermore, if you ever want to burn the downloaded Vimeo videos to blank DVD/Blu-ray discs so that you can watch Vimeo videos on your home DVD/Blu-ray player, then DVDFab’s DVD & Blu-ray authoring software is your best companion to make home DVDs/Blu-rays with native navigation menus.