Due to some of the problems that the tool exhibits, people are in doubt about using it and hence look for a detailed Wondershare UniConverter review. If you are one such user who is mulling over using Wondershare UniConverter for Mac, then this review will definitely help you. We will have a detailed look at the different features offered by Wondershare UniConverter. In addition to this, we will also have a look at the problems faced by users while using this tool. Lastly, we will see the best alternative to Wondershare UniConverter free. Read below to know more.

Wondershare UniConverter Review

wondershare uniconverter

While having a look at Wondershare UniConverter reviews, users always get a mixed feeling about the tool. In order to get away with that confusion, we have brought some detailed info about the tool and its features. Wondershare UniConverter is not just a converter, but also a unique tool. It comes with a video recorder and editor with the most common tools in basic video editing software, such as the feature to record your voice and capture your screen.

All this is presented in a seamless user interface that’s simple and clean and can support the drag-and-drop function for media files. If you wish to perform the Wondershare UniConverter download, you can always purchase it from the official website instead of opting for the Wondershare UniConverter crack version. Below is the list of features that the tool offers.


  • Video creator and editor

The tool allows users to join video clips together, trim a video, add or edit subtitles, crop videos, put a text or graphic watermark, and apply effects or filters on your video. In addition to this, users can compress HD video without quality loss and adjust technical aspects such as bitrate and resolution.

  • Media converter

Converting video used to be a tedious and slow process, but this tool quickens this process. Users can convert the files faster as compared to other options in the market. Users can also select from different audio, video, and image file formats, including OGG, TS, and KTX. The converter also makes it possible to create videos in native formats for easy playback on supported devices.

  • Easy UI

The tool has an intuitive, simple interface that supports the drag-and-drop feature. The layout is plain, making it simple for users to find the features that they are looking for without any assistance. The mild solid and contrasting colors also make for a smooth experience.

  • Burner and ripper

The tool lets you burn media to physical discs, such as DVDs and CDs. On the contrary, if users feel like digitizing their physical media library, they can also use it to rip media from existing DVDs and CDs. Users can also use the built-in browser extension to download and capture audio and video from more than 10,000 platforms.

wondershare uniconverter review


When it comes to Wondershare UniConverter price, there is a bit of disappointment that users might want to face. If you wish to opt for the paid version, users need to shell out a hefty sum of $39.95 for an annual plan per user.

Issues with Wondershare UniConverter

  • For certain Apple devices, the tool is not able to perform the conversion for videos and images.
  • The trimming process can be a little tedious sometimes and will be hard to trim at a specific point irrespective of zooming in on the file to make those trims in a fraction of a sec.
  • Some users have complained that they paid $9.95 for a monthly plan. Next, when they started using the tool, it would only convert 33% of the file and asked to pay $49.95 for the remaining conversion.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to adjust the conversion settings. All the options are pretty much present, but the more advanced options are sometimes hidden in a confusing manner.
  • The dashboard of the software does not look too modern and is outdated.

Best Option to Wondershare UniConverter

Seeing the above issues, it is high time for users to get the best option to Wondershare UniConverter. And what would be a better choice other than DVDFab Video Converter Pro? The tool is the best converter in the market and comes with the 3 best programs that are enough to suffice user needs.

  • DVDFab Video Converter
  • DVDFab Video Editor
  • DVDFab Toolkit

Each of the programs offers a different feature. This 3-in-1 convert is the ultimate option and the best alternative to Wondershare UniConverter.


  • Advanced Video Editor

DVDFab Video Converter Pro provides advanced video editing tools that let you add titles or subtitles with background music or special effects to the video. Users can include an intro or premium opener so as to introduce their video. It also lets you rotate video, crop off unwanted parts, merge clips into one, or trim clips from the video.

  • High Conversion Speed

DVDFab Video Converter Pro comes with a simple UI and provides an exceptional user experience using the advanced multi-core, Intel Quick Sync, multi-threading, and NVIDIA CUDA tech, thereby ensuring that any conversion task is processed in a bunch with 30 times faster speed.

  • Various Media Format Support

DVDFab Video Converter Pro has the ability to convert different media formats from more than 1000 formats. It makes certain that you get the ultimate experience by providing media meta info, as well. It offers the metadata of the file sources, particularly for TV Shows, and displays this data in the end results.

  • Screen Recording

DVDFab Video Converter Pro also provides screen recording functionality, recording all the video from your computer screen, along with system sounds and microphones. This makes it simple for you to create how-to video guides or track important video conferences.

  • Professional Tools and Features

DVDFab Video Converter Pro offers different tools for editing. You can mirror and flip as well as rotate the video. In addition to this, you can also divide any video and crop the video as per your requirements. You can also adjust speed as per your needs. Lastly, you can set the time of the end video so that you do not need to cut out the snippets.

  • Convert and Edit Audios

DVDFab Video Converter Pro can edit and convert audio with the Audio Converter tool. It can convert audio files into various formats to enjoy on any device. It can also cut off unwanted clips, amplify the volume for noisy environments, and reset audio properties, such as sample rate, channels, codec, volume, and bit rate. The program can also extract the theme song or music from any video.

  • Make GIFs and Take Screenshots

DVDFab Video Converter Pro allows users to take screenshots from movies and TV Shows. It also comes with a GIF maker that creates GIF images from videos.

How to Convert Video Using DVDFab Video Converter Pro

  1. Download, install, and launch the tool and click the Video Converter option on the main screen.

wondershare uniconverter for mac

2. Upload the source video using the Add buttons.

wondershare uniconverter free

3. Click the Choose Other Profile >> Format and Device options.

4. Now, select the format that you wish to convert the video into.

5. Next, go to the Save to option and click the folder logo to choose the output directory.

is wondershare uniconverter safe

6. Tap the Start option to convert video fast and free.


Is Wondershare UniConverter free?

Wondershare UniConverter is free to download and can be used with limited and basic functionality. If users need access to advanced features, they need to shell out money.

Does Wondershare UniConverter have a watermark?

Wondershare UniConverter offers a watermark while using the free trial version. Once you opt for the paid version, users can get rid of the watermark.

Can I trust Wondershare UniConverter?

The Mac and Windows versions of Wondershare UniConverter are absolutely safe to use. The installer program has passed scans from different Antimalware tools and Microsoft Security Essentials.

Is Wondershare UniConverter Safe?

Is Wondershare UniConverter safe? Well, as far as you download the tool from the official website and do not opt for the Wondershare UniConverter crack version, the tool is safe to use.


In a nutshell, we just had a look at a detailed Wondershare UniConverter review. We also had a look at the different features offered by Wondershare UniConverter. In addition to this, we saw the issue faced by users while using this tool. Lastly, we saw that the best alternative to Wondershare UniConverter free is nothing but DVDFab Video Converter Pro. DVDFab is the best converter in the market and comes with the 3 best programs, which are enough to suffice user needs.