Part 1: Brief Introduction to YouTube

Living under so much pressure, people always intend to watch videos to kill time as well as get themselves relaxed. Founded on February 14, 2005, YouTube has gained its influence among people day by day. There is no denying that when it comes to watching online videos, no other website is as well regarded as YouTube. Therefore, YouTube is warmly welcomed for being a good place for entertainment. As the biggest video-sharing website in the world, YouTube consists of videos of almost every category, such as films, songs, cartoons and so much more. Allowing users to upload videos as well as view videos by other users is a simple concept of YouTube. People love watching their favorite videos repeatedly wasting a bulk share of data balance. In addition, in spite of watching videos online, sometimes it is better to download them. Yet an inconvenience thing that worth highlighting when it comes to downloading videos from YouTube is the fact that YouTube forbids users to download videos from it directly. Hence, finding a YouTube video downloader would be a great solution for users.

Part 2: About YouTube Downloader HD

Do you use YouTube Downloader HD to download videos? How much do you know about this software? If not, here is a brief introduction about it.

The YouTube downloader HD is a free online software. Under the help of this software, you can download high definition YouTube videos at a fast speed without the need to register or use any browser plug-ins. Besides, YouTube Downloader HD is compatible with different operating systems including Mac, Windows, and Linux. Yet it is a pity that there is no YouTube Downloader HD app for android. Choose the right version that is capable in your device.


When you launch this program, you will find out that the main interface is so concise that you barely need guidance to use it. Three main buttons, namely, Help, Update, Convert Flv to AVI, are well labeled on the interface. The Help button leads to a tutorial page teaching you how to download from YouTube. Click the Update button, you can check whether you are using the latest version or not. As for the Convert Flv to AVI, click it, then a new page pops out guiding you to download Free FLV to AVI Converter if you have a need to convert videos.


Point one: some features characterize YouTube Downloader HD.

1. High definition.

The main distinguishing feature of Youtube Downloader HD is that users can download videos including those that are uploaded in high definition as well as Full HD videos (available on certain videos).

2. Easily download.

Users can download videos from YouTube very easily through the way of copying video URL from web browser and pasting it to YouTube Downloader HD. Different formats. YouTube Downloader HD let users save the files in five different formats. They are FLV and AVI for normal quality video and MP4, AVI HD (720P) and AVI Full HD (1024P) for videos in high definition.

3. Compatible.

To fit in different devices, YouTube Downloader HD provides three available versions: YouTube Downloader for Windows, YouTube Downloader for Mac and YouTube Downloader for Linux.

4. Convert video.

YouTube Downloader HD is not only a downloader but also a converter that can convert FLV to AVI, a format that can be compatible with most video players as well as convert FLV to MP4, a format that is compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod.

5. Completely free.

YouTube Downloader HD is completely free, no matter for downloading or converting. It definitely contains no plug-ins or virus, assuring you to download or convert videos safely.

6. YouTube Downloader HD keeps updating. In the latest version of it, some download issues are fixed and a new video format – Full HD (1080p) 60 FPS is added.


Point two: some existing disadvantages

As we all know, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So does YouTube Downloader HD. Though characterized by so many features and advantages, it still has some disadvantages/cons.

A program bug encountered when download YouTube Downloader HD latest version is the biggest drawback of using YouTube Downloader HD. For some users, they may often encounter an issue saying “No video to download” when they have updated YouTube Downloader HD to the latest version.


A drawback of YouTube Downloader HD is that this program supports some limited file formats only. For instance, some videos look great in 3D format, yet this program does not support it.

Another thing that bothers users very likely is YouTube Downloader HD is not compatible with other programs on your computer, which means, for example, your media player or your translating tools and so on may get in the way when you are trying to download YouTube videos with YouTube Downloader HD.

It is extremely disappointed for users that YouTube Downloader HD is suitable for downloading videos from YouTube only when there are still so many popular websites, like Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

It seems that except deciding the location to save the output file or the video quality, users cannot customize this program from many aspects. For example, they cannot change the language they use.

People often feel frustrated by the slow speed when downloading online videos with YouTube Downloader HD. Slow speed cannot only bothers people but also wastes a bunch of time. Therefore, it will be better if the downloading speed is a little bit faster.


Point three: how to use the YouTube Downloader HD

To let you learn about this program fully, we list detailed steps here.

Step 1: installation

How to download YouTube Downloader HD? Well, just visit the official website of YouTube Downloader HD, as a result, you can notice three versions of it easily. Pick one that is compatible with your device, and then download and install it.


Step 2: select a video

There is no denying that is quite easy to select a video that to be downloaded. Users just need to copy the video URL from the YouTube website source and paste it to this program. Before downloading, users can customize something like the location of the download as well as the video quality.


Step 3: download

When all things are settled download, users can click Download to start the download process, after which, they can check the downloaded videos from the file they have decided to save.

Part 3: Alternatives to YouTube Downloader HD

We all believe that a video downloader you are searching for should have functions to meet your needs when it comes to downloading videos from YouTube or other hot video sharing websites. It is true that YouTube Downloader HD is a completely free tool helping you download YouTube high definition online videos to your own devices for later watching, but it is also true that this program has more cons than pros according to the evaluation of users. So are there better options than YouTube Downloader HD? What are the alternatives to it? To help you eliminate your confusion, we will recommend you two related products here.

StreamFab Video Downloader

We strongly recommend StreamFab Video Downloader to you as this software is greatly welcomed and well evaluated by users and because of the fact that this software is so powerful and professional. To let you know this software in detail, we will give you more information about it here.

Normally speaking, people always focus on the features or functions of the software. What they can do is the key point considered when to choose a video downloader. So first thing first, the main features of this software are presented here just for your reference.

(1) Download online videos from 1000+ websites

As a video-sharing website, YouTube ranks first in the world. Nevertheless, other than YouTube, there are still tons of video websites characterized by different features for people to entertain. For example, Facebook. Facebook is also a platform that allows users to share updates and photos as well as short videos, engage with friends and stay connected to communities important to you. As a result, Facebook is also extremely popular among people. Therefore, only downloading videos from YouTube is far enough for video lovers. Nevertheless, all your needs are well considered by DVDFab Video Downloader. With this software, you can download online videos from any video sites without obstructions including the popular YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and 1000+ others. The downloaded videos will be saved as the original formats on your computer.

(2) Choose a video resolution based on your need

It is widely known that a higher video resolution stands for a better watching experience. DVDFab Video Downloader never stops pursuing its dream to offer users the best service. Holding this dream, this software provides users with various video resolutions, from 114p all the way up to 720p and 1080p, even 4K and 8K, aiming to let you enjoy the best watching experience. Of course, you can pick up one resolution, as you need.

(3) Fast and efficient downloads

One of the eye-catching function of this software is fast and efficient download. People always hate the spinning wheel and dislike waiting for a long time. That is why we say downloading speed matters a lot when it comes to downloading videos. Using top-notch techs, DVDFab Video Downloader is designed with a Turbo-speed button that can guarantee a 10x faster downloading speed. Other than that, DVDFab Video Downloader lets users download a batch of videos – 5 files upmost at a time, greatly saving your time and promoting efficiency.

(4) Save and download a whole playlist

Are you crazy about a famous star? Do you want to download all the videos about him/her? Have you ever thought about downloading all videos in a playlist at a time? You can achieve these things easily with DVDFab Video Downloader. DVDFab Video Downloader lets you save and download a whole playlist.

(5) Manage your videos

Considering you may download numerous videos, DVDFab Video Downloader allows you to create your own playlist and remove your videos under a playlist whichever you want. You can arrange individual videos into various playlists according to different subjects and classification. In this way, it will be more convenient for you to find your videos.

(6) Auto-download subscriptions

If you are a YouTube addict, you will be amazed by the auto-download subscription function of DVDFab Video Downloader. This is a function that enables you to subscribe to your preferred video channels and then helps you automatically download the new videos uploaded by them, which means that with the help of this DVDFab Video Downloader you will never miss a video of your favorite. Awesome, right?

How to use DVDFab Video Downloader

Since we have talked so much about DVDFab Video Downloader, are you curious about the steps to use DVDFab Video Downloader? Then let us continue to explore this software. In fact, the using methods of DVDFab Video Downloader are very simple and easy to understand.

Step 1: installation

Visit the website of StreamFab Video Downloader, you can easily find a Free Download option. After one click of this option, you can install this software as instructed. After that, you can run this software, and the main interface of it will reveal in front of you.

DVDFab Video Downloader is highly customizable. By clicking an inverted triangle located on the right upper side of the main interface, you can choose “Settings” to do some sets manually if needed instead of the default ones. For instance, with “Language” section, you can change the language you use; on the “Video Directory” section, you can change the location to save the output files; and in the drop list of “Download Video”, you can select a video resolution based on your need.

Step 2: target your video

DVDFab Video Downloader surpasses YouTube Downloader HD by offering users two methods to target a video. Instead of pasting the video URL from the website source only, users can also find a video through explores in this software.

Step 3: play and download your target video

Find your video and then play it. When a YouTube video is playing, you can move your mouse cursor to the Download option showing up on the screen and choose to download the video. To know the downloading process, you may need to focus your sight on the Downloads section located on the left column. Press it, you will notice three options among which is Downloading. After one click of it, you can check the downloading process.

As a responsibility, we need to remind you that with this software, you can download videos not only from YouTube but also from other hot websites, for instance, downloading online videos from Facebook. Furthermore, one thing may greatly cheer you up. For your convenience, DVDFab Video Downloader prepares a mobile version – DVDFab Downloader for Mobile to install on your phone. With this handy software, you can download online videos to your phone more freely.


YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is the second one we want to recommend to you. Though not as powerful and professional as DVDFab Video Downloader, YTD Video Downloader also has many advantages and can meet your basic need for video download. To let you know this software better, we prepare some features for your reference.

(1) Well-labeled interface

Four buttons, namely Download, Convert, Activity, and Play, are well-labeled on the interface, describing the main functions of YTD Video Downloader. This interface is so user-friendly that users barely need instructions to operate it.

(2) Easy to operate

When speaking of downloading videos, you need to paste the video URL to this software first. Copy a video URL from the YouTube website, then it will be pasted to this software automatically. After that, users can initiate a downloading process by clicking “Download”.

(3) Multifunctional

YTD Video Downloader is aware that a single function is far enough for a YouTube addict. Hence, this software not only offers downloading function but also converting function. It is particularly worth mentioning that users can conduct these two functions at the same time. The downloaded videos can be watched on multiple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod and other more devices. For video converting, YTD Video Downloader can convert most video formats like mp3, mp4, Flv, and AVI, etc. Furthermore, this program has an integrated video player that allows users to watch videos immediately.

(5) 50+ websites to download from

Though not support as many websites as DVDFab Video Downloader, YTD Video Downloader can support more websites than the other ones. Apart from YouTube, other hot websites like Facebook, Vimeo, and Daily Motion are also accessible when it comes to downloading videos.

(6) pro version and free version

Two versions are provided which differs a lot from each other. If you want to download multiple videos once, you may need to buy the pro version.

How to use YTD Video Downloader

Step 1: installation

Find the product page of YTD Video Downloader, and then click Free Download to install this software on your device.

After installation, users can change some settings manually instead of the default one if needed. For instance, users can go for Help option located on the right upper corner of the interface to change its language. The most important thing is you can change the location of output files for your convenience.


Step 2: locate your video

Before downloading or converting, users may need to tell this software which video they want to download or convert. As we have mentioned above, users may need to find their desired video and copy the video URL that will be pasted to this software automatically. When you have done this, it means you have located your desired video.

Step 3: download or convert the video

If users want to download the desired video, they need to go to the Download section, paste the URL and then click “Download” below to initiate the download process. When this process is finished, users can go to the Play section to play it.

If users want to convert the desired video, they need to download this video first. So repeat the procedures we mentioned when downloading a video. As soon as the downloading process is finished, users can go to the Convert section, choose this video and start to convert. Of course, the video formats can be chosen before converting. In case users want to know the downloading or converting process, this software is designed with an Activity section to show the situation of downloading and converting.


Being a video addict, we all dream to enjoy videos freely on a computer or through our phone. That is why we are eager to find a professional and powerful video downloader software to help us. Besides this, a video downloader is also needed in other circumstances. If you have a slow internet connection, you will find that streaming videos can be such a pain. There are countless video downloaders in the market but not all of them are qualified to do this job. Yet, with a right video downloader, you can set videos you are interested in to download overnight so they are ready and waiting for you to enjoy in the morning. Therefore, before you are choosing a video downloader, you had better bear in mind that always let the expert do the expert thing. DVDFab Video Downloader is highly recommended here. We recommend it because it almost can do everything you need about downloading videos and we recommend it because it is worth to be recommended.