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Top 6 Best YouTube to MP4 Converters Online

2020-06-16 06:30:04

   Posted by Ada; Starry


Summary: Though you can spend hours watching videos online at your convenience, you will still need a powerful downloader in case of offline environment and later convert them with a video converter to the compatible formats that suit your playable devices. Here we make a list of top 6 best YouTube to MP4 converters online for you to convert YouTube clips and video URLs to MP4 videos freely and easily. However, among all given online converters, DVDFab Video Converter is a speedier and more advanced desktop YouTube converter you possibly need.

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YouTube is one of the largest and most popular video websites for people to share and watch videos online, but there are sometimes when you want to download your loved videos with a video downloader like DVDFab Downloader and later convert your favorite videos to MP4 format, enjoying them on your portable devices like tablet, smartphone and more offline. While there are handy online YouTube to MP4 converters that allows you to download and convert YouTube videos to MP4 freely and easily. Here in this article, we have chosen top 6 best YouTube to MP4 converters online for you to convert YouTube clips and video URLs. If you need a speedier and more advanced converter to convert large YouTube videos regularly, you can try the desktop YouTube to MP4 converter, DVDFab Video Converter. Read on for more details.


Part 1: Top 6 Best YouTube to MP4 Converters Online


1. is a free and fast online YouTube to MP4 converter that can convert YouTube video links or downloaded YouTube video files to MP4 videos with high quality. You do not need to install any program, and you can start the conversion process only with several mouse clicks: paste the YouTube URL link, choose the MP4 format and click the “START” button. It offers advanced options for you to choose the video quality and trim the video. Other portals like Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. and other output formats like AVI, WMV, MP3, etc. are also supported.




2. is another free YouTube downloader online and converter that can convert YouTube links to MP4 videos and MP3 audio files. When converting YouTube to MP4, it lets you the resolution and size (you even can choose 1080p) you want and change the file name; when converting YouTube videos to MP3, it provides a preview window for users to cut the video conveniently and allows you to edit the ID3 tags. So it would be a good choice if you want a YouTube to MP4 converter with the feature of creating MP3 audio files, you can choose





YOUTUBEMP4 is the easiest YouTube to MP4 converter online which doesn’t provide any advanced tools apart from the different download links with different resolutions. You just need to copy and paste the video link to the input field, click the “CONVERT” button and choose the download link you want. It comes with a YouTube video window, which enables you to watch the video on its site. Unlike other online converters which include many ads, the page of YOUTUBEMP4 is clean and you cannot find any ad on it.




4. is not only an MP3 converter but also an excellent online YouTube to MP4 converter. Similar with other online converters, it can convert YouTube video links to MP4 with different resolutions (up to 1080p). But it also comes with a search engine, which allows you to search the videos on YouTube directly. Besides MP4, it can convert YouTube URL links to AVI, WMV, 3GP, MP3, AAC and more as well.




5. is a free YouTube to MP4 downloader and converter that provides a lot of download options. With, you can convert YouTube videos to MP4 videos ranging from 144p to 1080p. Except for MP4 format, it also can convert YouTube files and links to other video formats like AVI, WEBM, 3GP, MKV, MOV, and even DVD format. Many other sites like Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and more are supported.




6. is a free online video converter that allows you to download and convert YouTube video links to MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, MKV, MP3, M4A and AAC. It is said that it supports 4K format, but it can only output 4K MKV and WEBM, and cannot convert a YouTube source to 4K MP4. While 2K and 1080p outputs are supported. It lets you cut the video by setting the start time and end time of the video. It also comes with a "Download" button that lets you download YouTube videos directly without converting the Youtube source.




Part 2: The Best Desktop YouTube to MP4 Converter – DVDFab Video Converter


DVDFab Video Converter is a much too fast YouTube to MP4 online converter possessing many customization tools that the above online video converters don’t have.  Due to its support to hyper-threading, hardware acceleration (Intel & Nividia) technology and multi-core processor, DVDFab Video Converter is several fold faster than an online YouTube to MP4 converter and can even convert a YouTube clip in a few seconds. With this YouTube to MP4 converter, you can easily obtain 1080p output videos online. Besides, DVDFab Video Converter is more powerful than those online counterparts and gives advanced options for you to tweak your settings and to crop, trim the YouTube video, add watermark or external subtitles, and adjust the picture values.



Before converting a YouTube video to MP4, you need to download the video first with a reliable video downloader. DVDFab Video Converter comes with a YouTube video downloader (under Utilities module), and can help you download YouTube videos in any formats to your computer easily and quickly.


When the download is complete, you can click the “To Converter” button to add the video to Converter module for a conversion.

DVDFab Video Converter is not only a YouTube to MP4 converter but a full-featured video converter which allows you to convert any video files to general video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, etc., currently popular formats like 3D, 4K, H265, etc., audio formats like AAC, FLAC, M4A, etc., and various devices from Apple, Google, HTC, LG, etc.



The interface of DVDFab is intuitive, user-friendly and straightforward, and anyone can learn how to use it easily. Should you need more information about converting operation, please click on how to convert videos with this universal converter if you are interested in. Last but not the least, DVDFab Video Converter provides a 30-day free trial. Please feel free to download it and have a try, for it won't let you down, on the contrary, will give you a stunning experience. 


With this simple recommendation, you might have gained a better understanding of prevailing YouTube to MP4 converters, and have further mastered how to convert videos to MP4 with the best YouTube to MP4 converter, DVDFab Video Converter. Anyway, do not forget the constructive video download tool, DVDFab Downloader, for it can help you download videos as many as possible.

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