Problems When Installing and Using DVDFab on the Latest macOS High Sierra 10.13~Catalina 10.15

If you have updated your Mac to the latest macOS High Sierra 10.13 and higher OS version, you could meet a pop-out System Extension Blocked box when you install DVDFab 10/11, or you may find the already installed DVDFab 10/11 cannot read disc and burn DVD/Blu-ray folder/ISO file to blank disc. Don't worry. Now we will show you how to deal with these cases.

1. For users who never installed DVDFab 10/DVDFab11 before
If you never installed DVDFab 10/ DVDFab 11 on your Mac before, a window like this will pop out during the DVDFab installation process. At this point, you should click "Open Security Preferences" button, and then continue as shown in the next capture.

Now you should click the "Allow" button in the red rectangle to continue the installation process. If you don't, DVDFab will not be able to read discs or burn DVD/Blu-ray folder/ISO file to blank discs.

2. For users who have installed DVDFab 10/DVDFab 11 but the software doesn't work

For users who have installed DVDFab 10/DVDFab 11 on your latest macOS High Sierra 10.13, you have probably found that DVDFab 10/DVDFab 11 cannot read or burn discs. Here is a fix for that particular problem:

First, you need to download and install the latest DVDFab for Mac (v10.0.7.7 or later) on your computer.
Then, the next time you try to open a disc, a window will pop out to prompt you to repair the problem. Click the "Repair" button, and after a while, the Security & Privacy window of Mac will pop out. Click the "Allow" and "Repair" button at the lower part on the window, and the problem should be fixed completely.

If the repair process fails, you will need to repair the problem by using terminal commands as shown below.

3. Using Terminal to repair the problem
First, click the "Go" and then choose the "Utilities" option.

Next, click the "Terminal" to open the Terminal window.

And here comes two ways, normally, use the first one should fix the issue.

One is: Copy and paste the following commands to the Terminal line by line, it shall bring up the "Allow" button which you can click on as shown on the above instruction.

cd /Applications/DVDFab\

The other is: copy and paste the following commands to the Terminal line by line.

sudo -s
type your system password here)
cd /Library/Extensions
chown -R root:wheel fabio.kext
chmod 755 fabio.kext
kextload fabio.kext

It should look like this:

Finally, the "Security & Privacy" window pops out. Switch to "General" tab and click the "Allow" button.

The problem which stopped you from opening disc or burning a disc is repaired.

Note: You can also go to Finder > Applications > Utilities to find the Terminal and open it.