Cannot live a single day without your iPod? Bet you are getting used to taking videos with you, or with your iPod, to be exact. So, how do you find videos to take with your iPod? An iPod video converter software will convert all your videos from HDD into iPod ready videos, and there is one out there called DVFab Video Converter.


There is s step by step tip targeting on that:


Convert Videos for iPod: Step 1 -> Download and install the latest DVDFab 9 onto your computer;


Convert Videos for iPod: Step 2 -> Launch DVDFab 9, choose Converter option at the Option Interface (or from the Option Bar at the Main Interface), then load the video you are about to convert;


Convert Videos for iPod: Step 3 -> Click the Profile Box (or Profile Icon) to find iPod from Profile Library and press "OK" button, then just hit “Start” button at the Main Interface to go converting.



Note: as there are many profiles for different iPod models in Profile Library, you need find the one matches your iPod model.


Software you need: The latest build of DVDFab 9

Product you need order: Video Converter


For more information, please go to DVDFab Video Converter page.