The first "Halloween" movie is one of the most enduring horror films ever made, but it's not the only one about Michael Myers. This franchise has grown beyond its original film to include several sequels and a television series. This article will cover the first movie, the sequels, the timeline, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The first "Halloween" movie

"Halloween" is the first of two movies starring Michael Myers. In the first movie, Myers is first seen in a Harlequin costume. In the sequel, he returns in a mottled and dirty mask. However, the sequel is disappointing and lacks the energy that made the first film so popular.

The first "Halloween" movie was released in 1978. Michael Myers is a psychotic serial killer who murders and mutilates people. He is the main character in the Halloween franchise and his name has become synonymous with Halloween season. John Carpenter's script also refers to Myers as "The Shape." The actor who played Laurie Strode in the original movie is famous for her role as Laurie Strode.

The sequels reveal more details about Myers and Lisa and reveal the reasons for his stalking. In Halloween 2004, Michael Myers returns to haunt Laurie Strode. This time, he is accompanied by Dr. Sam Loomis, who tries to protect her from the psychopath.

The sequel also reveals more secrets about Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. While she tries to hide from her dark past, Laurie Strode also tries to evade him by living under another name. However, Michael Myers does not spare Laurie.

In 1978, the first "Halloween" movie introduced Michael Myers as a young boy who killed Laurie Strode's older sister Judith. He was later sent to a mental institution, but he escapes the facility and kills a truck driver on his way back to Haddonfield. The third "Halloween" movie introduced him as a grown up.

The original 1978 horror film was a critical and commercial smash, and spawned a long-running franchise. There are four films in the series, including the first one, as well as two sequels. There are many Halloween movies on DVD, streaming, and rental services.

The sequels

The original Halloween was supposed to be the first of a series of Halloween films, and writer-director John Carpenter originally planned to make three. However, the third film was a disappointment and received mixed reviews. Instead, he decided to create an anthology of Michael Myers movies, beginning with Halloween III: Season of the Witch. This film has the same premise as the original film, but it takes place 20 years later.

The sequels to Michael Myers' Halloween films have been met with mixed reviews. Most have received mixed reviews, with many fans claiming that this one is the best Halloween film since the original. Others say that this film portrays Laurie better than the first film. Despite these mixed reviews, audiences are still glad to see Laurie Strode get a better ending than she did in 2002.

The sequels to Michael Myers' Halloween films are mostly based on the first two films. In Halloween II, Laurie Strode had a daughter named Jamie, but she died in a car accident prior to the events of the film. In this film, Michael is in a coma and is looking for Jamie Lloyd, who grew up with her foster parents.

While the first film ended in a shocking death, the sequels are often set in the same universe. For example, the 1978 film concluded with Laurie Strode being saved by Loomis, but this time, Loomis is still trying to find the killer. In this sequel, Michael Myers returns to finish the killing spree he started in the first film, but this time, the numbers are even higher.

While the original Halloween film ended with Laurie Strode dying from the trauma of the killing, Halloween II takes a different approach. The new movie follows Michael Myers/The Shape by examining the relationship between Michael and Laurie. Laurie has moved on from the incident, but a new guy named Corey stumbles upon him in the sewers and begins a killing spree.

The timeline

The first Halloween movie was released in 1978 and launched the Halloween franchise. The sequel, Halloween II, picks up where the first film left off, with Michael Myers stalking Laurie Strode at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. In the second film, Dr. Samuel Loomis seems to kill Michael Myers, but the doctor actually perishes in the fire. The film's plot is similar to the original, but it changes several elements, such as the time frame of the movies.

The third Halloween movie, "H20," introduces a different timeline for the Michael Myers story. In this film, Michael comes back to Haddonfield 20 years after the first movie. This is a dramatic twist that takes the storyline beyond the original. In this film, Laurie has been unable to find Michael for almost three years.

The fifth Halloween movie is the only one to ignore the previous four movies. Instead, it takes a "no-nonsense" approach to the return of Michael Myers. It also introduces a much older Michael Myers. It's a fun and effective way to get the series back on track.

While Halloween 4 followed a similar storyline, Halloween 5 focuses on Jamie Lloyd, a woman whom Michael had raped. After the previous film, the Cult of Thorn kidnapped Michael, and used him to impregnate Jamie Lloyd (who was recast from Danielle Harris to J.C. Brandy). Afterward, Michael kills Jamie with farm equipment, but his murderous act is unavenged because he cannot find Jamie's child.

After the first Halloween movie, Michael Myers has gone on to kill countless victims. In the sequel, the villain is still on the loose, but the movie tries to resolve that by reversing the story. In Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, Michael Myers is now an elderly woman who has died. This movie also marks the 20th anniversary of the first film.

Jamie Lee Curtis

"Halloween" movies follow a standard pattern: Laurie Strode, a young woman, narrowly escapes Michael Myers' vengeance on Halloween night. Twenty years later, she meets Michael again. The sequel to "Halloween" reveals some of the killer's secrets, while ending Strode's story.

After Laurie is killed in the fourth film, Michael appears dressed as Laurie in Halloween 5. Jamie Lee Curtis makes a brief cameo in this film and gives Michael a final farewell kiss. In the fifth film, Michael returns to Haddonfield and terrorizes a group of kids filming a reality show. Eventually, Michael is framed for the crime, but he escapes by breaking out of prison with the help of an unknown Man in Black. The Man in Black shares the same tattoo on his wrist as Michael.

After 15 years, Jamie Lee Curtis reprised her role in the fifth movie in the Michael Myers franchise. The movie was released in 2018, with Curtis serving as executive producer. The fifth film picks up about 40 years after the first movie. It is a highly entertaining movie that is a must-see for horror fans.

While "H20" reignited the Halloween franchise, it was a hit on the box office and on the critical front. It was also the catalyst for a sequel, and Curtis was persuaded to reprise her role as Laurie Strode. The sequel takes place two years after the original film, and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is once again reunited with Michael Myers. In this sequel, Laurie is still obsessed with his escape, and Michael takes advantage of Laurie's fear.

This sequel is a great addition to the Michael Myers franchise. Although it does follow the original, this isn't a good film to watch if you've never seen the original. However, it is more fun than the first, and is a worthy sequel.

Rob Zombie

The Halloween movies are usually a hit or miss affair, but Halloween is no exception. Rob Zombie's reboot of the original horror classic opens with a recollection of Michael Myers' childhood, showing him as a young boy who loses his mind. This opening scene is not one of the film's many highlights and has been criticized by many Halloween fans.

Rob Zombie took over the franchise five years after the first Halloween film, Resurrection, and rewrote the script. This remake features Danielle Harris and the same premise, though the plot is different. Rob Zombie brings a different style to the franchise, rewriting the film to make the story more contemporary and relevant.

The "Halloween" franchise has been notorious for confusing continuity among its many sequels, remakes, and standalone entries. However, the 2008 remake of the John Carpenter classic is an exception to this rule. The sequel, "Halloween II," diverges from the original film's original course, and has its own timeline.

The first Halloween movie introduced the Cult of Thorn and attempted to tie Michael Myers' reign of terror with an ancient Druidic curse. The Producer's Cut developed this storyline and changed the fate of Dr. Loomis as the new leader of the Cult. This changed the fate of many of the characters in the franchise.

The Halloween movies are not chronological, and can be seen in any order, depending on your personal preference. The third entry, "Halloween Ends," is due for release on October 14, 2022. The Halloween movies are also sometimes remade or directed by different filmmakers. While many of them have different storylines, they do follow the same basic premise.