Jinxed at First

The Korean drama Jinxed at First follows the story of a poor man named Gong Soo Kwang who is known for being unlucky and who finds himself in a world where everyone is unlucky. He meets a young woman named Seul Bi, a girl with special powers, who is also unlucky. She lives with her mother and has a tendency to attract bad luck. She eventually falls in love with the boy, and both of them get married.

Jinxed at First in vikitv is based on a web novel, "The Jinx's Lover" by Han Ji Hye. The drama is available on the streaming service Viki, but availability is subject to regional restrictions. It is a romantic comedy with a lot of cute moments and some mystery. You'll find plenty to love in this viki Korean drama.

This drama is a must-watch for all fans of Korean dramas. The plot is compelling and the characters are memorable. The main character, Soo Kwang, has a history of bad luck, and he decides to live a relatively quiet life, despite his misfortune. His stoic attitude keeps him from complaining about his misfortunes, and he never holds grudges. He is a real prince charming, despite his luck.

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Hospital Playlist

This supernatural medical drama follows doctors and ghosts at a large university hospital. The main character, Cha Young-min, is a brilliant surgeon who falls into a coma after a tragic car accident. He is helped by Ko Seung-tak, a surgical resident who is part of the family that owns the hospital. The two doctors work together to cure patients in need of their skills.

The hospital staff is plagued by a variety of crises. One of their patients, who is dying of a rare disease, is a young boy who is severely injured. One of his colleagues, Jung-hyeong, is struggling to get through the day and finds himself frustrated by an employee. Another staff member, Jang Yun-bok, sees a side of Song-hwa that is very different from the one he usually sees. Ahn Jeong-won, meanwhile, does not seem to care much for Jo Jung-suk's character. When he meets Jang Gyeo-ul, he is incongruent. He is forced to make a tough decision. A troubled patient's wife, Seok-hyeong, is also put on edge.


The upcoming Korean drama Snowdrop is set in Berlin. It revolves around a North Korean spy named Soo Ho, who masquerades as a graduate student from a Berlin university and comes to South Korea to complete his thesis. It's interesting to note that Soo Ho's character is based on a real-life South Korean musician, Yun Isang, who was falsely accused of spying.

The show is set against the backdrop of the 1987 Democracy Movement in South Korea, a mass protest against the authoritarian government. This led to democratic elections and the establishment of the Sixth Republic of Korea. The story revolves around Im Soo-ho (Jung Hae-in) and his girlfriend, Eun Young-ro (Kim Hye-yoon), who are both disillusioned by their jobs and decide to take action to fight for freedom.

The cast of the show is already starting to take shape. The first romantic poster, pictured above, depicts the pair dancing in a ballroom. According to a report by Yonhap News Agency, the show will have 16 episodes. Two episodes will be aired each week on Saturdays and Sundays. The premiere is scheduled for December 18th. Fans can expect the drama to air on weekends at 10:30PM KST.

The show has already received mixed reviews online. It's been panned by netizens as being too critical of the democratic movement in South Korea. But the show's producers have been quick to respond to critics by clarifying the plot. According to JTBC, the criticism of the show stemmed from sentences that were taken out of context from the incomplete synopsis.

Snowdrop is a Korean drama that combines spy, romance, and politics. It's an exciting watch that has many highs and lows. And with a cast that includes Jisoo, Snowdrop is set to be one of the best shows of the year.

Snowdrop will debut on the JTBC television network on December 18. It will also be available on Disney+ on December 19th. While it's not clear exactly when Snowdrop will debut on Disney+, the first episode will premiere at 12:10 AM KST on that date.

Viki is a great platform for drama fans and will soon be releasing more series. It's also a good platform for new K-Dramas. With a growing list of dramas, it's never been easier to watch your favorite series on the internet.

The main characters are young men who are struggling to balance the demands of their jobs and their love lives. As a result, they must navigate the awkward dating situations that come along with it. However, despite their difficulties, both men are passionate and committed to their relationships. Moreover, the drama balances the fairytale elements of falling in love with the reality of dating in the modern world.