Introduction to CBS

If you enjoy watching sports, CBS is a must-have on any TV. And with its new service, CBS Sports, you can watch every major league. The network also offers live coverage of UEFA Champions League matches and European soccer championships. Simply tune into channel 221 to watch all the action. 

What is CBS Sports Network channel?

what channel is cbs in directv

CBS is well known for its popular television programs and, if you are interested in watching your favorite sporting events, you will be happy to know that they offer a dedicated sports channel. CBS Sports Network is a dedicated pay-TV channel that was originally known as CSTV (College Sports TV). However, CBS bought the channel and renamed it CBSSN in 2006. The CBSSN broadcasts not only major sporting events, but also a variety of smaller sporting events and analytical programs. DIRECTV has made CBSSN available to almost all cable and satellite providers.

The CBS Sports Network has a large variety of sporting events, including college football games from the American Athletic Conference, Mountain West Conference, and Mid-American Conference. The channel also has a high-definition simulcast feed for NCAA basketball tournament games. In addition to broadcasting live games, CBSSN letterboxes widescreen broadcasts to be compatible with 4:3 television sets. In August 2008, CBSSN began broadcasting games in high definition, with the NCAA basketball tournament still being converted to standard definition feeds.

What channel is CBS on DIRECTV?

Does DirecTV have CBS? Absolutely yes. CBS is a news network on directv. You can watch the broadcasts live, or listen to CBSN streaming online. Directv offers several CBS channels. While their channel numbers may differ from city to city, most major providers offer the news network. Directv also offers packages with multiple services. If you have a Directv subscription, you'll be able to watch CBS online. 

DIRECTV STREAM you need to know

what channel is CBS on directv now

DIRECTV STREAM is a streaming service that offers you the opportunity to enjoy live television from prominent broadcast and well-known cable networks. DIRECTV STREAM comes with 4 different plans.

  • Entertainment: This plan offers more than 75 channels, including popular sports networks like ACC Network, ESPN, and Fox Sports 1. However, it does not include the CBS Sports Network.
  • Choice: Actually, the CBS Sports Network is not included in this offer. Nonetheless, you can access a wide selection of more than 100 channels with this alternative.
  • Ultimate: This plan offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy CBS Sports Network through DirecTV. Moreover, you’ll have access to 140+ channels.
  • Premier: This comprehensive offering give you access to TV shows, movies, and sports channels. Undoubtedly, it represents the highest-priced plan.

With all of these plans, you'll get access to local and regional channels, plus major networks, including CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and ESPN on DIRECTV. You can also watch Nickelodeon and TBS on DIRECTV STREAM.

What channel is CBS Sports Network on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV Entertainment offers a lineup of 150 channels, while DIRECTV Ultimate and DIRECTV Choice provide an even greater selection with over 180 channels. It’s important to note that the channel number for CBS may vary depending on your location.

Location CBS DIRECTV Channel
Chicago, Los Angeles, New York 2, 390, 391
Charlotte, Omaha, Philadephia, Memphis, Norfolk 3, 390, 391

Miami, Boston, Louisville, New Orleans,

Denver, Brownsville, El Paso, St. Louis, Minneapolis

4, 390, 391
Phoenix, San Francisco, Kansas City, Nashville, San Antonio 5, 390, 391
Colorado Springs, Little Pock, Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston 11, 390, 391
Birmingham, Austin 42, 390, 391
Atlanta 46, 390, 391
Fresno, Jacksonville 47, 390, 391

What Other Streaming Services Offer CBS?

Streaming Services Plan Free Trial
Paramount+ $11.99/month for Paramount Plus with Showtime 7-day
$74.99 per month for Pro Plan
Hulu+ Live TV
$69.99 per month: 75 channels including CBS
YouTube TV $72.99 per month: 128 channels including CBS live 7-day

How To Download CBS Videos For Offline Watching?

what channel is cbs in directv

StreamFab Video Downloader

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Step 1

Download this StreamFab software

Install the software on your device and open the interface

What is cbs on direct tv?

Step 2

Choose the streaming service and find a CBS video

Tap the VIP Services or the YouTube icon on the left channel to find the streaming website you want. You can also copy and paste your CBS video URL directly into the address bar on the Homepage.

What channel is cbs in directv?

Step 3

Customize the file

Search for the CBS video and play it, then a pop-up window will ask for your video options. You can choose the audio and subtitle language.

what channel is cbs sports network on directv

Step 4

Click the download button

After customization, you can download it right now or add it to the queue.


What popular sports programs does CBS offer?

  • NFL on CBS.
  • Super Bowl.
  • PGA Golf.
  • WNBA Basketball.
  • NCAA Tournament.

What channel is CBS on DIRECTV?

CBS channel is included in all DIRECTV packages as it is a local broadcast station. However, the channel number for CBS on DIRECTV may differ significantly depending on the service area. 


In conclusion, CBS can be found on DIRECTV, which may vary depending on your location and subscription package. To download CBS videos, you can visit the official CBS website or utilize StreamFab video downloader, which allows users to stream and download their favorite shows and content. Accessing CBS programming on DIRECTV and downloading CBS videos provides viewers with convenient options for enjoying their preferred CBS content.