Disney Plus recently doesn't offer any free trial for its new subscribers, and therefore you have to go through the details of the Disney Plus price increase to make your best choice. At the end of March 2023, Disney Plus had reached 161.8 million subscribers worldwide, and Average Monthly Revenue Per Paid Subscriber was $ 3.93. By 2026 Disney Plus is expected to overtake Netflix subscribers to be the next most popular SOVD service.

With $7.423 billion annual revenue at the end of 2022, Disney Plus has extended its service to 42 countries and 11 different regions. So, with the expansion in different dimensions, Disney plus price increase is also a significant factor. So, it's time to know what changes Disney Plus has made in its subscription plans.

Disney Plus

What is the Chronology of Disney Plus Price Increase?

Disney Plus has been increasing the price for the past few years. In November 2019, when this streaming service was launched, it started with the basic plan at $6.99/month with a one-month Disney Plus free trial option. Later Disney + turned down the free trial plan from 30 to 7 days, and in 2022 this platform ended its free trial subscription. Instead, you have to take the new increased Disney Plus subscription plan to enter its library of thousands of movies and libraries.

In 2021 this service increased its price from $ 6.99/month to $ 7.99/month. After December 2022 onwards, Disney Plus again increased its price in its different plans. Disney offers ads-free and ad-supported versions of its different plans. It has also introduced a standalone ad-supported plan in its revised new plan for economic subscription. So, let's begin with the old Disney Plus plan to compare it with the new one for your best selection of subscriptions.

What Was the Old Disney + Price & Plans?

Before starting with the new Disney Plus price increase details, let's clearly understand its previous price and plans. This will help the new customers to choose the most appropriate plan from the new one after analyzing both plans depending on your requirement.

  • Disney+ Basic: $7.99/Month
  • Disney+ Bundle: Disney+Hulu( Duo): $9.99/Month
  • Disney+Bundle Basic: Disney+ Hulu+ ESPN (Trio + With Add): $12.99/Month
  • Disney+Bundle Premium: Disney+ Hulu+ ESPN (Trio + Without Add): $ 19.99/Month

What Is The New Disney Plus Increased Plan?

You have to prioritize your preference to take the revised Disney Plus plans with increased prices. There are different types of plans, including basic, bundle, premium, ad-supported, and ad-free. Disney Plus has tried to target the widest range of audiences with different interests and budgets.

From basic economic plans for budget-friendly entertainment to exclusive premium plans for more trendy subjects and sports lovers, you will get various new Disney Plus prices and plans. So, let's get the details of the Disney Plus price-increased plans. The new pricing started in October 2022. If you are wondering how to get Disney Plus free trial, this article may be helpful to you.

Disney + Plan

Disney + Price


Offline Downloads

Offline Viewing

Disney + Basic Monthly





Disney + Basic Annual





Disney + Premium Monthly

$10.99/ Month



10 Devices

Disney + Premium Annual

$109.99/ Year



10 Devices

Disney + Bundle Basic Duo With Hulu





Disney + Bundle Basic Trio With Hulu & ESPN



Download available only on ESPN

10 Devices

Disney + Bundle Premium Trio With Hulu & ESPN


Disney+ & Hulu: Ads-Free

ESPN: Add-Supported


10 Devices

What are the highlights of the new Disney Plus Plans?

If you don't like to spend extra on your Disney Plus subscription, you can stick to the ad-supported basic plan at $7.99/Month and bear with the ads to enjoy an economic subscription. However, if you are not a sports lover, the Disney+ duo plan is perfect for enjoying two leading streaming platforms in a single budget-friendly package with little advertisement.

When Hulu's basic stand-alone plan is $7.99/Month, with the Disney+ Bundle Duo plan, you can save $5.99/Month. ESPN's ad-supported basic plan also costs $9.99/Month, and in the Disney+ Bundle Trio plan, you can save $12.98/ Month while enjoying three major streaming services at $12.99/ Month. However, according to sources, it is expected that the Disney+ Bundle Basic Trio plan can be upgraded from $12.99/Month to $14.99/Month.

How does Disney Plus cost in different countries?

Despite having a standard price and plan, Disney+ price varies from one country to another. Pricing varies depending on the currency value of any particular country. Here, you go with some significant countries with prices where Disney Plus has earned its popularity.

  • Europe - €8.99 a month
  • Canada - $11.99 a month
  • US - $7.99 a month
  • UK - £7.99 a month
  • Australia - $11.99 a month
  • New Zealand - $12.99 a month
  • Malaysia - RM 54.90 for 3 months
  • Japan - ¥990
  • South Africa - R119 a month
  • Philippines - ₱159 a month

How to download Disney content from any Disney+ Plan With StreamFab

How to download Disney content from any Disney+ Plan With StreamFab

Whether you have an ad-supported or ads-free Disney+ subscription plan, with this Disney Plus Downloader, you can get permanent downloads from any ad-supported or ads-free plan. So, with this downloader, you don't have to pay extra for your Disney Plus subscription.

Take any budget-friendly, ad-supported Disney plus price-increased plan and save the entire library without ads in your desired audio-video quality, format, language, etc. For example, while downloading the video on your Windows or Mac system, you can watch them on any device, including a smartphone, tablet, TV, etc. In addition, you can share your downloads to as many videos as you want to enjoy simultaneous streaming with your friends & families. For how to download Disney Plus movies on your laptop, head here to get the comprehensive guide.


  • Save ads-free Disney+ content from any region.
  • Get unlimited downloads in 720p video resolution or EAC3 5.1 audio quality.
  • It supports Mp4 & MKV formats to get you all-device-accessible downloads.
  • Save subtitles to break the regional language barriers.
  • Download metadata to customize offline libraries.
  • Enjoy auto-downloading of scheduled episodes of the series.
  • Save several videos simultaneously in one go.

Downloading Steps

Step 1: While processing with the software on your system, you should go to the left-hand side "Streaming Service" section to select the "VIP Service" option.

Vip services of streamfab disney plus downloader

Step 2: Choose the Disney+ website from the website lists and log into your subscribed account. Find the Disney + content you want to save for your offline streaming and play the video.

Find the Disney + content from streamfab inbuilt browser

Step 3: After playing the video, you should start customizing the output profile with the format, languages, quality, etc. Finally, hit the "Download Now" option to get the permanent & customizable Disney+ downloads.

hit the Download Now option to get the disney videos offline using streamfab

Last Word

If you already have a Disney+ subscription or plan to take a new one, you must go through the different Disney + plans and prices in detail to get the right one. After you know the in and out Disney Plus price increase info, you can stick to any budget-friendly ad-supported plan and take the downloading support of StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader. After downloading the entire Disney + library, you can take the Disney + subscription whenever needed.