There is no question about how popular Korean dramas are. The question is why they are at the top in the digital entertainment world. Well, there are several reasons behind the phenomenal success of Korean content:

  • Appealing good looks of the casts
  • Stylish fashion sense
  • Surprising twist in every plot
  • Funny flair of humor
  • Short & compact episodes
  • Addictive cinematography 

So, to enjoy the epitome of entertainment, Korean dramas, movies, or shows anytime on any device, you can try the top 10 free & paid Kdrama websites with the smart option to download streaming video from these sites to save and watch Korean drama permanently for your lifetime enjoyment.

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The Korean drama websites and tools mentioned in this article are both legal and secure; we do not recommend any pirated websites.

Top the 10 Free & Paid Kdrama Websites

If you are geo-restricted from accessing your favorite Korean drama or can't spend money on paid subscriptions, you can enjoy them on some authentic and exclusive free Kdrama websites. Here you go with the list of the top 10 free Kdrama websites.

1. Kocowa

For audiences in North, Central, South America, Canada, & Brazil, Kocowa is the ultimate platform to enjoy blockbuster Korean drama. This is one of the most popular, safe, legal, and authentic free Kdrama websites that offers Google & Facebook synchronization. 

Free Kdrama Websites: Kocowa


  • Subtitles support in multiple languages: English, Spanish & Portuguese
  • 17000 hours of news & classic content from Asian Country
  • All the Korean shows are available within 6 hours of their original broadcast.


  • Limited access to certain locations

2. Viki

To talk about the free Kdrama website, Viki by Rakuten is the most fascinating platform to explore exclusive Korean content online. The best part of this platform is that it offers an official app available for mobile or TV platform.

Free Kdrama Websites: VIKI


  • It is available in a maximum number of countries & region 
  • "Watch Party" option for real-time group streaming
  • Multiple language subtitles support 


  • Excessive ads annoyance 

3. Netflix

Netflix is a platform for Korean dramas developed for a global audience, however, the available Korean drama content may vary depending on your region. Netflix has produced a series of original Korean drama works such as Kingdom, Love Alarm, Extracurricular, Sweet Home, Queen Tears, etc., all of which are exclusive to Netflix.

It also holds exclusive streaming licenses for some TV shows broadcast on South Korean television stations, as well as a selection of variety shows and movies.

Kdrama Websites: netflix


  • Available for global k-drama audiences
  • Exclusive original K-drama shows and movies 
  • Multiple language subtitles support 


  • Subscription is required

4. Asian Crush

Asian crush is available in the United States and Canada regions. The majority of the Korean dramas on the platform are web series, but the content of Korean films is quite rich. You can either subscribe for a fee or use the platform for free to watch Korean dramas.

Kdrama Websites: asiancrush


  • Offer free & paid options for you to watch Kdramas
  • Have a wide range choice of asian shows, not just limited to kdrma


  • Only US & Canada users can access the service

5. Amazon Prime

One of the most commendable aspects of Amazon is the plethora of channels it offers for subscription, such as Kocowa. The range of Korean drama content it covers is remarkably extensive. However, the content provided by these channels may vary depending on your location. In my personal opinion, subscribing to Korean drama channels on Amazon is a very convenient way of watching.

Kdrama Websites: amazon


  • Offer a lot of Kdrama channels
  • Can be accessed worldwide


  • Like Netflix, subscription is required to watch k-dramas on Prime video

6. OnDemandKorea

OnDemandKorea offers complimentary, ad-supported streaming and on-demand television programs, Korean pop music, movies, and original content. In comparison to other Korean streaming services, Ondemandkorea stands out with its vast content library and affordable subscription plans.

For those seeking to indulge in Korean entertainment without breaking the bank, this is a favorable option. But the shortcoming is that most Korean dramas on Ondemandkorea lack subtitles. 

Kdrama Websites: ondemandkorea


  • Offer both free and paid options to watch k-drama
  • ODK boasts a wealth of content collections, encompassing news programs, films, and daily dramas


  • No subtitles for most korean dramas

7. YouTube

Apart from the usual entertainment and viral videos, YouTube can also be a platform to watch Korean dramas. Some major Korean media outlets, such as KBS World, have official accounts on YouTube where they release some of their dramas for users to watch for free. The quality can reach up to 1080P, and YouTube also has the capability to automatically generate subtitles.

Kdrama Websites: youtube


  • Free to watch Korean dramas for global users
  • Auto-generated Korean subtitles and translated subtitles
  • The Korean drama is up to 1080P resolution


  • The available content is limited, not as comprehensive as Netflix & Prime video

8. iQIYI

iQIYI is a Chinese streaming media company that holds exclusive authorization for some Korean dramas. Although primarily focused on Mandarin programs, it also offers children's shows, animations, and films. Subtitles are available in multiple languages, including English and Chinese. It provides both paid and free options.

Kdrama Websites: iqiyi


  • Includes a lot of Korean and Chinese dramas & movies
  • You can watch Korean drama in 1080P high quality


  • No original Korean drama series, so the content is not so diverse

9. VIU

Viu primarily caters to users from Southeast Asia and Africa, with content possibly subject to regional restrictions. Subtitles are provided in local languages, with availability varying by region. Some content is available with Cantonese dubbing (currently only in Hong Kong).

In addition, certain regions offer localized dubbing for select content, such as Thai and Tagalog dubbing. For Viu Premium users, there will be no more video advertisements during viewing sessions.

Kdrama Websites: viu


  • Offer subtitles of Korean language and the local language
  • Free & premium plan are available for users to choose


  • For free users, ads will appear when you watch Korean dramas on Viu

10. Tubi

The final website recommended is Tubi, which we have placed at the end due to its limited collection of Korean dramas, but rather extensive array of Korean films. Furthermore, its device support is relatively widespread (availability may vary by region).

Kdrama Websites: tubi


  • Wide support of different devices
  • Comprehensive selections of Korean movies


  • The Korean drama titles may not as many as Netflix has

How to Download Korean Drama From Various Websites?

1. Tool Required: StreamFab Video Downloader

kdrama downloader: streamfab

Get permanent and ads-free Kdrama to download with the Korean drama downloader to save Korean content from various websites, including Netflix, Prime Video, Viki, YouTube, NHK, MBN, JTBC, etc, with utmost customization of quality selection & batch downloading.

Key Features
  • Enjoy encryption-free & ads-free Kdrama downloads from 1000 websites
  • Explore resolution support from 480p to 8K with EAC3 5.1 audio track support for your Kdrama 
  • Explore all device playable downloads with Mp4, Mp3 & MKV format support 
  • Select & save subtitles and audio tracks of your preferred language or original Korean
  • Auto download the newly released Kdrama episodes at a set time per day or per week
  • Batch mode to add multiple Kdrama episodes or movies for fast downlaoding
  • Built-in browsing to explore the Kdrama easily

2. Steps to Download Korean Drama via StresmFab

After launching the tool on your Windows or Mac system, move to the website from where you want to save your desired Korean drama. For example, Netflix.

streamfab kdrama downloader: download korean drama 

Search, select & copy the video link of your preferred Korean content. Next, paste the link in the dedicated address section of the StreamFab program and hit the enter option.

streamfab kdrama downloader: download korean drama 

The tool will automatically locate the content using the built-in function. Then, you can customize the output profile with quality, subtitles, format, etc, from the pop-up window.

streamfab kdrama downloader: download korean drama 

Select the "Download" option to end your selected Korean content downloading process.


1. Where Can I Watch Korean Web-Dramas?

Korean Web-Dramas are short plays, typically initially broadcasted on the internet rather than traditional television stations. The length of the episodes is usually shorter than regular Korean dramas, typically ranging from 8 to 20 minutes.

Many online dramas revolve around themes of school, university, and romance. International viewers can often watch these dramas on Youtube, however, many streaming services also feature some of these episodes.

2. How to Determine whether the Kdrama Websites are Legal or Not?

Illicit Kdrama websites typically manifest in the form of pop-up advertisements and other forms of adult content advertising, such as pornography websites, with multiple domain addresses instead of a singular fixed URL. Additionally, there is a lack of professional customer support.


If you are addicted to Korean content and look for the option of where to watch Kdramas for free, you can try any of the above-mentioned free Kdrama websites. However, to add customization, consistency, and continuity in your binge-watching without device or internet dependency you should go for the flexible downloading functions of StreamFab Video Downloader.