While spending leisure time in your boarding school, you can feel like streaming your favorite Netflix content. However, your school's Wi-Fi doesn't allow you to do that. You should look for the option to get Netflix unblocked at school. 

So, here you will get the best ways to get Netflix unblocked using the top 3 VPN services. You can also enjoy your favorite Netflix library at your school without restriction or dependency on your offline watch. So, let's see how to unblock Netflix to make the most out of your Netflix subscription.

netflix unblocked

Why Is Netflix Blocked at Schools or Other Public Places?

Streaming services like Netflix consume a significant amount of network bandwidth due to the large amount of data required for video streaming. In public places where network resources are shared among many users, blocking Netflix helps to ensure that bandwidth is not overly consumed, allowing for other essential internet activities.

Schools and public institutions often restrict access to certain websites or services to maintain a controlled and focused environment. Netflix provides a wide range of entertainment content, including movies and TV shows, which can be distracting and interfere with educational or work-related activities.

Top 3 VPNs to Make Netflix Unblocked

Multiple VPN services are available in the market, but all VPNs don't support Netflix streaming services. So, to save time and energy in finding the best and trusted VPN to Netflix unblock anytime, anywhere; here, you will get the top 3 VPN services with their highlights.

1. Private Internet Access 

Private Internet Access is one of the best VPNs ( Virtual Private Networks) that allows you to make Netflix unblocked on any device. This all-device-compatible VPN supports all web browsers, platforms, and OS. In 60 countries, you will find thousands of servers of the PIA VPN to get unlimited access to your favorite content from the Netflix library. 

netflix unblocked

  • Flexibility in encryption to save your data & customize encryption rate.
  • Completely open source VPN with No-Log policy to offer high-end security
  • Built-in blocker to block ads, malware, and tracker.
  • improvement
  • You can face buffering with Netflix streaming.
  • Windows installed is unverified.

2. ExpressVPN

To talk about the best VPN to unblock Netflix, you can't miss the fastest service of ExpressVPN. This multi-purpose VPN has multiple exclusive features of high-end encryption, the fastest server, unlimited bandwidth, etc., to bypass geo-restriction. All devices, browsers, and platforms are compatible with this VPN, making it demanding in the web world. 

netflix unblocked

  • Fastest servers in 94 countries.
  • Unlimited access to unlimited Netflix content without any censorship or restrictions.
  • The best encryption to keep your IP address & data anonymous
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Slow OpenVPN performance with 32 Mbps

3. NordVPN

The Panama-based NordVPN is one of the safest options for Netflix Unblock. With this VPN, your data is fully secured as this service is neither under any surveillance coalition nor forced to share data to Govt or other businesses. This is a high-speed, secure VPN at a comparatively inexpensive price. It offers a P2P sharing option with unlimited content & streaming features.

netflix unblocked

  • Multiple security & privacy options, including high-end encryption, minimum data logging & no-log policy.
  • Built-in blocker to prevent ads, malware, or tracker.
  • It offers over 5000 servers in 60 countries.
  • It supports all devices, & browsers services with AES 256-bit encryption. 
  • The static IP address needs to be reinstalled manually.
  • Software upgrading issues in Apple devices.

Operation steps to Unblock Netflix Using VPN

After selecting your best-suited VPN, you must know how to use it to make your Netflix unblocked at school or any other place. Here, you go with simple steps of using a VPN to get unblocked Netflix.

Step 1

First, you must select the Netflix-compatible VPN and sign up for your subscribed VPN service account.

Step 2

Next, download the VPN app on the device you wish to enjoy your Netflix streaming.

Step 3

Connect to any of your desired country's servers compatible with the Netflix app. Your present location will be changed automatically when you are signed on.

Step 4

Once the VPN is turned on, you are good to go with your Netflix streaming once logged into your Netflix account.

Get Netflix Unblocked without VPN: Download Netflix Content

Once you are on with your Netflix streaming through VPN support, you must also depend on your internet connection to continue your streaming. However, using the advanced downloading service of StreamFab Netflix Downloader, you can save the entire Netflix library permanently on your Windows or Mac system. 

netflix unblocked

StreamFab Netflix Downloader

With this Netflix video downloader, you can effortlessly download Netflix videos in 1080P HDR and Dobly effect to get Netflix unblocked in public.
  • Unblock episodes and movies offline watching in all Netflix regional sites
  • Download 1080P videos with HDR10 or Dolby Vision
  • Download either the H.264 or H.265 versions of the videos
  • Spare you from ads interruptions with free video
  • Save Downloaded Videos to MP4 Files to Play on Any Device
  • Batch mode and fast speed to download Netflix content

Operation steps

Step 1

Download the video downloader

Download and open the tool. Open the Netflix website from the supported services.

netflix unblocked

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Next, log in to your Netflix account and search for your favorite movies/episodes.

netflix unblocked

Step 3

Customize the file

Once you click on the movie/episode, the tool will analyze the content. Select the video quality, audio, and subtitle, as per your requirement to download the movie.

Download Better Call Saul Season 6 on Netflix

Step 4

Click the download button

After customization, you can download it right now or add it to the queue. 

What Is the Best & Safest Way to Get Unblocked From Netflix?

When you make Netflix unblocked at school or any other place using a VPN service, you always need to be very careful about the safety and security of your device and data.

Streaming Netflix on your offline watch is safer, more convenient, and inexpensive. Let's compare VPN and StreamFab briefly to make the right decision.



Internet free streaming to save internet expense 

Internet-dependent streaming increases internet expenses

One time investment to bundle plan to access multiple streaming services for offline watch

Continuous monthly subscription with limited streaming service support

Own content with permanent downloads for lifetime enjoyment 

Only online streaming depending on your Netflix subscription  plan

Free streaming without Advertisement 

Ads depend on your Netflix plan

Completely safe, secure, and risk-free watching

Always vulnerable to malware, tracker, hacker, & cybercrime

No server issue, buffering, or technical glitch

Most of the time you face glitches & buffering due to poor internet and also face server down issues.


How to Watch Netflix on School WI-FI?

Using a high-quality and authentic VPN service is the most convenient option to get Netflix unblocked at school.

How Do I Know That My Netflix Is Geo-Restricted?

If you can't access your Netflix account in your native language, or you can't see some content that others can see in your present location, or if your VPN is on and it changes your location, these are the indications that your Netflix is geo-restricted.

Is It Safe to Get Netflix Unblocked?

Using VPN to unblock your Netflix account always involves risks of malware or virus infection, data vulnerability, hacking or tracking risks, etc.


If you are using VPN to get Netflix unblocked at school or other places, you must try the unlimited and permanent downloading option StreamFab Netflix Downloader to get the best out of the Netflix and VPN subscription. So, it needs a few clicks with your suitable VPN service to make Netflix unblock.