Watching movies on your laptop or desktop is one of the things you like doing in your free time. However, the main issue that most of us face is the software compatibility. There are several software present in online that you can easily download and play movies seamlessly, apart from the basic video players. Like for example, the Windows Media Player from Microsoft – it is good for .mp3 and few video formats, but when it comes to add subtitles and play different kinds of format it is not functional. Here’s where you need a reliable video player, and DVDFab Media Player is surely one of them.

DVDFab Media Player is a simple4K video player which is used for playing DVD, Blu-ray (including unprotected 4K Blu-ray), UHD and 4k quality videos. The salient feature of Media Player is that it can play DVDs or Blu-rays with native navigation menu support. There is a good news that Media Player can be used as a free player. If you are a Windows user, you can use this Media Player to play any DVD/Blu-ray ISO files (even including Cinavia protected ISO) and video files freely; if you are a Mac user, you can play all formats videos without a penny spent.

In contrast with other media players, DVDFab can easily offer you a home theater experience on your PC or Mac. Luckily, this DVD and Blu-ray playing software keeps up the HD video and sound found on Blu-ray Disks, and you'll have the capacity to set it up to your preferences easily. DVDFab Media Player is amongst the best video players that you can keep in your computer with a phenomenal video playback.

Few Blu-ray motion picture players are available with copyright labels, but playing these movies with DVDFab makes it easy to write it off with all the details and store in other HDD and DVDs. As compared to other media players like PowerDVDs and WinDVDs; DVDFab Media Player has suitably filled the gap of a good media player that helps you watch even the latest of the movies without any hassles.

This media player is highly straightforward and effortless in use and these traits makes it one of the best software for movie watching experience. To discover the features it lays within a simple right-click would open doors to tons of amazing things that is in DVDFab Media Player's interface. This incredible 4k video playergives out different formats with super ease like as an mp4, avi, codec, and mkv. It's not really an all-inclusive player, but it surely possess some undeniable features. As a media player that not only helps you to explore and play the latest movies with ease and lets you write timeless classics for your personal use DVDFab Media Player is a fantastic tool.

As per sound output, you can expect amazing sound quality like the DTS and Dolby with all the proper encryptions. For first time users, there won’t be any glitch when several titles are played at one stretch. However, the support for few of the features is absent for even most of the straight and sound documents, however, when it comes for video playback it runs smooth like a horse.

Coming to the DVDFab Media Player's interface – it is totally sparkling. By and by, you won’t see any major requirements when a whole list of movies are added to the list of the added to the playing list. It can be said more subtle in a wider view, however, moderation has to be kept in mind. Potentially the best element of DVDFab Media Player is the "Brisk and Simple" route, which enables you to sidestep all the garbage you regularly need to view when you play a DVD or Blu-ray disc. Simply stack the disc, hit play, and the motion picture starts.

To conclude and give a verdict it can be easily said that DVDFab is a brilliant 4k video player and has all the tools that you need to watch a Blu-ray or any UHD movie right away, without any glitches. The controls are easy to use and located easily at the media bar (like other media players) on the base gives all of you the ordinary video controls, and on the off chance that you need to skip ahead to a particular section, you can open the section menu. Sound output wise it gives excellent Dolby and DTS sound configurations, which makes movie watching a happy experience on DVDFab, especially if your headphones are on. You can play films from Blu-ray Disk, DVD and video recordings easily. A good installation in your computer and you should definitely try this.